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File 151529321766.jpg - (130.73KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Gabriel DropOut - 02 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
23241 No. 23241 [Edit]
This country is not only financially bankrupt but morally as well. This nation has become a den of depravity debauchery, greed, gluttony and degenerate behavior. Worst part is, people here actually take pride in it. It's a place where bad is good, where people think it's cool to be a trouble making hoodlum. A common saying is that rules are made to be broken. People here have no respect for anything, but of course they'll demand it all the same.

Meanwhile you have this wide spread hug box mentality where everyone is over sensitive and easily offended. you aren't allowed to be mean or say anything hurtful, question anyone's life styles, or really disapprove of anything. The modern day treatment of racism makes a complete mockery of everything people fought so hard for just decades ago. They call this the land of the free in spite of the fact it's economy was founded on black slave labor, the transit system and expansion was built on the backs of Chinese, meanwhile Americans systematically slaughtered the natives to the point of near extinction while destroying their culture and breaking their spirit, turning them into fat drunken drugged up wastes of human lives. Only to then oppress women too in the many years that followed. Land of the free my ass. Used to be racism meant segregated bathrooms or not allowing blacks into schools. Racism was refusing to hire or sell to someone based on their race. Now people call you racist if you ask someone their race, if you don't have x amount of colored people working for you, if you say "colored people" or even say "black people". They want you to say "African American" enough though many black people here have never been to Africa or have any ties to the continent. Used to be it was sexist to not allow women to vote or drive, now you get called sexist for telling a girl she looks good that day. They'll even call games sexist if the girls in them look cute and not fat/ugly like themselves. Just mistaking a person of one race for another will get you labeled as racist, as if to put you in the same boat as kkk members who burn crosses in front of people's homes.

People here are paranoid to insane degrees about anything that might harm their children and baby them to an extreme while banning everything in sight that so much as has a sharp corner to it. To them everyone's a pedo child abductor rapist in their eyes but they can't be bothered to actually raise these kids of theirs and attack anyone who comments on their poor parenting. It's a very anti cute culture where only children of about -5 are allowed to take part in or like anything cute, and they'll think there's something wrong with you past that point. It's not just cuteness but beauty as well. There's very little beauty here and people get offended and call you names if you want to see any. Everything's ugly and that's the way people like it. Things that are rough gritty and unrefined are pleasing to people here. It's easier to make your surroundings ugly than it is to make yourself look better, and lord knows Americans are a fat lazy lot. The only sources of anything cute or beautiful are found in nature. Forests, mountains, animals ect. So of course you're gonna get stupid americans rolling into forests in their oversize RVs to make a mess and graffiti tag 10,000 year old trees and structures.

No one takes responsibility for their wrong doings or admits guilt. If Americans aren't trying to pass the blame onto someone else even when blatantly in the wrong then they're trying to force people to accept their wrong doing as a good thing. For example, blaming fast food for their lack of self restraint, if not attacking people for fat shaming or slut shaming them.
They refuse to take care of themselves and instead get fat, cover themselves in ugly tattoos, treat each other like disposable sex toys, have dozens of relationships that they end for little or no reason, such as being bored or finding someone more attractive to upgrade to as if people are phones or something. Then they act surprised when they have a hard time forming long lasting relationships with people and complain about how shitty the dating pool is in their 30s without stopping to ask for a single second what they have to offer. Maybe they'll manage to get married getting desperate and dropping their standards, but then the act of marriage seems to mean little to Americans. Cheating on each other is common place, and divorce is so common the chances of it happening are the same as a coin flip. It's so common and infused into American culture now that no one cares anymore if their partner has had half a dozen failed marriages and children from multiple partners. Everyone is so garbage people will take what they can get and act as daddy for kids that aren't their own like it's no big deal.

It's a country in financial ruins where in people thought electing a greedy self absorbed billionaire known for making a spectacle of firing people on TV and costing countless people their jobs on a whim would somehow make for a good president and somehow make everything better.
When your couture encourages people to worship money like it's their god above all else (including friends and family) and teaches people to ruin each others lives if it means making a buck, of course all the money in the nation is going to find itself in the hands of fewer and fewer people till you're left with that 1% vs 99% problem. The richest people in this country could easily fix it, but they don't give two shits about anyone but themselves and only donate to charities for the sake of their image, all while everyone else struggles more and more. Meanwhile the prisons in the country are mostly privet owned with legislation in place forcing the state to keep them filled. Everyone in this country could turn into a saint overnight but people would still keep getting arrested and tossed in prison to meet the requirement.

There's no grace or charm or dignity to be found anywhere. Instead people act like children desperate for attention, acting loud and obnoxious to try and get it. They pride themselves on having the loudest and most annoying cars/bikes as if screaming to the world "LOOK AT ME!!".
They all dress like slobs, litter and spit and make messes everywhere they go. Americans are will be loud and rude to store employees while considering themselves entitled to being treated like royalty simply because they spent a dollar or two at the business. Police here act like baby sitters half the time, writing tickets to people doing stupid things when they should know better, people who will keep doing it the moment the cop is out of sight. That's when cops aren't acting like school yard bullies who pick on people for fun and abuse their power. But what do you expect from a country that thinks allowing citizens to own guns is more important than free healthcare? People claim the right to own guns is one of the things that makes this country so great, but as it's been proven before when shit his the fan and you need them the most, police will go door to door and take them from you.
They think it's weird that Asian people wear face masks. Americans are too selfish to even consider the idea of someone wearing something like that to avoid passing on germs, and instead assume the opposite that the person is trying not to catch something or is hiding something.

None of this would bother me as much if Americans weren't convinced of their own superiority over the rest of the world and proudly boast this is the best country even though there's nothing to support that statement. People call it the land of the free, and claim "freedom" if asked what makes it so great, but I can promises you if I posted this anywhere else I would get banned and it would be deleted on the spot by site staff who are in corporate pockets. Land of the free where you're free to get a permit to have a yard sale, a permit to make changes to your house, where there's 20,000+ laws and ignorance of the law is no excuse, where you've got freedom of religion unless you're atheist. It's a country where the government will bulldoze your property if it's in the way of a stadium, you're not allowed to kill yourself, you can be drafted into wars you don't support. In some states it's illegal to abort your pregnancy even if it's by a rapist, and you pay a tax on just about everything that can be taxed in a country founded on getting away from unfair taxation, and can be sent to prison if you don't.

Post edited on 6th Jan 2018, 9:29pm
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>> No. 23242 [Edit]
File 151529793664.png - (219.60KB , 616x584 , angry yukari_waifu2x_art_noise3_scale_tta_1_waifu2.png )
>No one takes responsibility for their wrong doings or admits guilt.
I agree fully but the worst thing about it is that it feels kind of hard to argue why this is wrong, making it something that is much easier to let slide for most people.
>people thought electing a greedy self absorbed billionaire known for making a spectacle of firing people on TV and costing countless people their jobs on a whim would somehow make for a good president and somehow make everything better.
I think a lot of people just did that as a meme, actually. Which kind of makes things even worse. I think it should be worth keeping in mind that the alternatives weren't too great either with perhaps the exception of that one guy that was called a cuck a lot for some reason but maybe there is something behind that. Though that may be giving his opposition too much credit.
It's kind of annoying when people say stuff about how great America is for winning wars or landing on the moon even though those were all quite a while ago.

Post edited on 6th Jan 2018, 11:19pm
>> No. 23243 [Edit]
Oh please, just go live in Russia for a year and you'll be happy about your shitty life in America. In Russia you not only get all the disgusting shit and first-world problems you find in America, but you also have the worst that third world countries could offer too, and then people act like it's the best place in the world just because some dictator faggot is photoshopped riding on a bear.
>> No. 23248 [Edit]
File 151542833887.jpg - (86.74KB , 449x604 , 1469871820690.jpg )
'America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization'.
- Georges Clemenceau

'I heard an Englishman, who had been long resident in America, declare that in following, in meeting, or in overtaking, in the street, on the road, or in the field, at the theatre, the coffee-house, or at home, he had never overheard Americans conversing without the word DOLLAR being pronounced between them'.
- Frances Trollope
>> No. 23265 [Edit]
While mainstream American culture is absolutely horrible, America is still a free country, and therefore is what you make of it.
If you want wholesome family life and devotion to God, you can always join the Amish:

Or if Christianity isn't your thing and you don't want to go quite so strictly low-tech, you could go join these neo-nazis:
I truly envy Americans. Living like this would be impossible in my country, if for no other reason than that homeschooling is illegal here. Not to mention the fact that they'd all go to prison if they publicly spoke their mind about their political opinions.

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