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File 143130678587.jpg - (277.61KB , 900x900 , c3665384763d929a8135c6ae10cc0403.jpg )
20050 No. 20050 [Edit]
Do you have dreams in your life? Did you ever in the past?
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>> No. 20064 [Edit]
I can understand this. Basically belonging somewhere.
>> No. 20065 [Edit]
I used to want to work for Nintendo making video games, but I quietly shelved that dream in elementary school. Someone told me that you could make video games with C++, so when I was at a book store, I found a book on it. Not really fully understanding what programming was, I thought it was a book on making games (not a hard logic leap when you're 9 or 10), so I flipped to somewhere in the middle, saw some complicated shit, and then forever disregarded it.

I'm actually not bad at programming, I just don't really know any languages, nor have any drive. Right now, my dream is to just roll with life and survive reasonably. I live with my parents, so I'll probably do that for as long as possible, then whenever they pass on, inherit the house, any money they leave me, and use any money I have saved up to basically "retire." If that means fucking about with meager parttime jobs for 2-3 decades, that's fine I guess. Jobs and careers make me overworry and overstress, and I want to avoid that.
>> No. 20066 [Edit]
I wanted to write and record my own music but I didn't know where to start. Trying to learn music theory seemed daunting.
>> No. 20067 [Edit]
Didn't you learn how to read music notes in high school?
>> No. 20068 [Edit]
I have a vague dream about finally being able to have a book published by an official publishing house. Self-publishing just doesn't cut it.

It has gotten to the point where people I don't know contact me and talk about what I wrote online, and that is a start, but I don't know if it will get any better than that.
>> No. 20070 [Edit]
Not really. The music department wasn't that great. We only learnt how to understand basic rhythm. Hardly ever covered stuff like pitch, tempo or tone. I had the option to study music as a module towards the end of high school but at the time I wasn't really that interested in music until I was about 14-15.
>> No. 20071 [Edit]
Not the poster you replied to, but is this really a thing? My school never covered this unless you were specifically in band or something.
>> No. 20072 [Edit]
Lots of them, most prominently becoming a mathematician. Also finishing a novel, writing music and living somewhere where the weather doesn't suck.
>> No. 20101 [Edit]
I used to, absolutely unrealistic shit though, not even sure if I could call them dreams or plain delusions. First I wanted to become a millionare like bill gates, then a philosopher who uncovered the ultimate true meaning of life, then a game-changer scientist like Einstein, then an F1 pilot, then an engineer working for Ferrari or McLaren, then an IBM employee and so on. As years passed I tried to aim lower and lower because gradually I understood just how many hundreds of shortcomings I had, I was always bad with people, with math, terrible eyesight, unoriginal, poor, ugly and many more. I guess if I tried to cling to the possibility of one of those dreams becoming true it was because I was ignorant of myself and because of my dumb mother that told me I had a bright future ahead and could become anything I wanted. I was just too naive.

Today... I just dream of being able to leave my house, get away from my family an live by myself somewhere far away. And it also seems just as implausible as my old dreams.
>> No. 20104 [Edit]
In my school it was compulsory to take music class for your first and second year in high school, even if you didn't play an instrument.
>> No. 20105 [Edit]
Man, my high school was fucked up. We didn't even have sex ed. The closest thing we had was a small section from the Driver's Education class for some reason devoted to a guest speaker or two ranting and raving about how if you had sex even once you would get a million STDs and your dick would fall off and your vagina would turn into a cavern with stalagmites. We also had powerpoint slides showing super extreme closeups of what STDs can do to the body.

So basically through my schooling we never had proper sex ed, just a brief two week long scare tactic used in high school.
>> No. 20118 [Edit]
File 143184507937.jpg - (69.07KB , 521x700 , a1eb072373a87e5b847af70620d07840.jpg )
I'm not really sure what I want to do in life. Without passion or direction, my career prospects look pessimistic.
>> No. 20119 [Edit]
>> No. 20162 [Edit]
Almost all my dreams are about school and the people I used to see every day. It's heartbreaking and also annoying. I wish I had dreams about grander things, like exploring other planets and such. Sigh.

At least I have dreams consistently now. There was a period for many years when I didn't. I took some substance and it seemed to have awoke the potency in me once more.
>> No. 20163 [Edit]
Are you talking about sleep dreams?
>> No. 20164 [Edit]
Nope, I'm not.
>> No. 20271 [Edit]
I want to be a rich neet in japan and watch anime on tv
Also play piano and violin
>> No. 20273 [Edit]
When I was young I used to dream about working on the X-files. I would still dream about that if I didn't have a job waiting for me, eating my dreams like some sort of spider from a novel I can't recall.
>> No. 20274 [Edit]
Of course I've had. I've had plenty, so many I can barely count how many I've had. Maybe I could vaguely remember how many by looking at how many things I have around my bedroom or closet that I don't use anymore; various things for their respective hobbies that I ended up giving up on after a week or a month or two. I still remember when I stopped having dreams about life though. I remember I mentioned it to my older brother the same day, and he said he had passed through that as well. After you give up in the seeing the beauty in life, you can normally spot people like you in the crowd in a city. It's amazing how many people there are out there that probably live life simply out of habit.

Right now I have no dreams about life, and I probably won't have them anymore. All I want is to live life quietly somewhere being able to continue without many hardships until I die.

I remember I saw once that a trappist monastery some hours away from where I live accept everyone that wants to join them for a month or so. You won't join the trappist order of monks, but you can live with them in their monastery if you tell them before from when to when you're going to be living there. They say, though, that you'll end up living a monk's life for a month: praying, working and sleeping and that's it, but at least you'll have a bedroom and clothes and things to do all the time. I thought about visiting them once but never had the initiative to actually do it.

Post edited on 24th Jun 2015, 5:00pm
>> No. 20278 [Edit]
No. None. No heros either. I just exist.
>> No. 20282 [Edit]
I always find it odd how people could overlook the flaws of people they idolize and place them on a pedestal.
>> No. 20334 [Edit]
I can't say I really have any dreams. I had a profession I wanted to pursue as a child, but I can't really say that I understood what work entailed then or that I didn't conflate interest with occupation at the prodding of my parents / other adults.

My only real goal is to not be a total idiot in about ten years. I'd like to be more rigorous and discplined above all. I've quit using porn or eating shitty food in the past for three-four months at a time but I always relapse eventually for a month or so before starting the binge-purge cycle again. Real mental mastery and financial independence is the only real thing I want out of my life, though someone to cook me food would be nice as well.
>> No. 20428 [Edit]
Some people just like romanticism and fantasy. It doesn't seem that odd to me.
>> No. 20443 [Edit]
I always wanted to do something in the military.
Ofcourse i am neither patriotic, quite the contrary and im too indivdualistic for that too, not to mention an obvious fuckup.
Fortunetly for my sake games should keep those fantasies more in check than reality ever could and if i really get bored il buy me a gun and some ammo and just shoot at practice targets.

Il probably get bored of it some day and find somethign else.
>> No. 20444 [Edit]
>My only real goal is to not be a total idiot in about ten years.
This. My dream is to not die ignorant.
>> No. 20464 [Edit]
I want to become rich enough so I can live as a shut in for the rest of my life. That will problably never happen though so I want to die. My survival instinct is too strong for me to commit suicide so I'm stuck here until the RNG kills me somehow.
>> No. 20470 [Edit]
>I want to become rich enough so I can live as a shut in for the rest of my life.
This too. I can't kill myself either it seems, even though I have barbiturates and all I would have to do is swallow them. If I can't die I wish I could just sleep for 50 years or something.
>> No. 20471 [Edit]
>I have barbiturates
Tell me your secrets. Are you a wizard?
>> No. 20472 [Edit]
No real dreams. Every day is a gift.

Some doctors like em, some don't..
>> No. 20473 [Edit]
What do you mean?
>> No. 20483 [Edit]
Ordered them from China, my man.
>> No. 20484 [Edit]
Source from the Peaceful Pill Handbook? I've found a scan of the sources listed there.
>> No. 20485 [Edit]
Yeah. J, the first on the list.
>> No. 20490 [Edit]
While this isn't technically encouraging suicide, you sure don't have any scruples in assisting people along the way. As far as the boundaries of the internet goes anyway.
>> No. 20495 [Edit]
Well, I certainly wasn't encouraging it and I would never tell anyone to kill themselves. However, if someone asks about something specifically I'm hardly going to withhold the information. I'm grateful that the information was made available to me so I won't have to die a painful death, and it's the least I can do to offer it to others.
>> No. 20510 [Edit]
Up to recently I couldn't remember ever wanting anything significant in life, which felt a bit boring, so I decided that the one thing I was going to do was to make sure that I kept changing, since I've always enjoyed having new thoughts and feelings. As a part of that I picked up drawing about half a year ago, mostly to prove to myself that I could do something every day without giving up. I think I'm starting to look forward to being better at drawing.
>> No. 20789 [Edit]
I just actually read the pdf and realized it costs $450. Great...
Also, I assume you got it sent to a PO box. Did you do it under a false name? If so, how did you get it delivered to a false name? From what I understand, unlike a home address, PO boxes only will accept mail delivered to one of the people registered for it.
>> No. 20793 [Edit]
living away from society in some comfy bunker with my cat
>> No. 20795 [Edit]
Extinction of humankind would be awesome.
>> No. 20796 [Edit]
Excellent idea, you go first
>> No. 20797 [Edit]
What makes you think he wouldn't be extinct too?
>> No. 20798 [Edit]
I want to have a 3D printer which knows how to make robots that know how to make comfortable human settlements from raw materials.
And a rocket to Mars
>> No. 20799 [Edit]
I wish this planet and everything on it would just randomly disappear leaving nothing behind
>> No. 20800 [Edit]
I want to have a gauna waifu
>> No. 20837 [Edit]
I used to have a couple and put them in a dream journal, but lately they've been getting so strange, I don't even really bother anymore.

I probably should so I can share some with you guys.
>> No. 20859 [Edit]
All my dreams as a kid and well up until my mid-late teens bordered on delusional. A cool hero, talented warrior ect.

I never had any dreams related to the real world, if I did they've died a long time ago. I feel so sad at the moment my stomach hurts.

The only dream I have now is dying in my sleep, I think I'm too far gone to ever be happy again.
>> No. 22470 [Edit]
I'm craving for the past now a lot too even almost 4 years after high school, mostly memories of 11th-12th grade. I was never the type of guy that did the normal fun social activities but for some reason I just haven't moved on from then.
>> No. 22488 [Edit]
Me too buddy, me too.
>> No. 22493 [Edit]
>Dreams in my life
You mean, Martin Luther King-type shit or the one where I'm in high school with no clothes on and the teacher is Bill Nye and he wants me to roll a donut?
>> No. 22510 [Edit]
reading this, I realised it was my post from a year and a half ago
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