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I have decided to take a break from hallucinogens for at least a month, feels good. I think I'll start eating a sandwich to replace them, that way I might last two months.
Ideally I want to acquire DPT, LSD, DMT and JWH-250 and save myself for a combo of those four.

Any fans of mixing hallucinogens and cannabinoids here?
I had the silliest experience once on lsd and jwh-250, I was listening to various anime OSTs and I came across the open heart theme from Shugo Chara (http://youtu.be/b5FzlWL_nsY) just as I took a mouthfull of nitrous oxide and I instinctively raised my own hands like she does and this amazing charged feeling filled my body and poured out from my chest into a pink laser beam that I shot through my hands, and when I opened my eyes it for a second or two looked as if I blasted a hole through the roof.
I spent the rest of that night laughing at how silly it had felt.

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