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File 158593073047.jpg - (202.75KB , 850x1226 , __original_drawn_by_yuzuki_gao__sample-e749a5b9b61.jpg )
34491 No. 34491 [Edit]
I'm out of the loop and I wanted to talk about this for a while. What's this "alt-chan alliance" thing and why is it bad?
>> No. 34492 [Edit]
Sounds made up.
>> No. 34493 [Edit]
This might've been something else, but I'm probably thinking of the right thing.

Last I heard it was a bunch of small imageboards ("chans" because they're retards) grouping up together to be more popular.
Back when 8chan was still down and people still had hopes about it being any good when it came back up, they tried to recruit some of the bunkers into their popularity club. One in particular, Julay World, leaks this, and then they get made fun of for their really big egos and dreams of POPULARITY.

In short, basically what you'd expect from guys calling themselves the alt-chan federation. Nothing you'd need to worry about, given that nobody is worrying about those splintered bunkers or 8chan's "future" (if you can call it that) anymore.
>> No. 34494 [Edit]
I think they're referring to basically the webring [1] formed by various imageboards after the 8chan fall. If you go to e.g. and click "boards" you'll see a bunch of other boards that are roughly independent, being on separate domains (and hosts I presume) but are linked together. Unsurprisingly they're all hot garbage.

>> No. 34495 [Edit]
Bunkers just referred to themselves as "the webring", if anything. I never heard the term "alt-chan federation" be used for any of them.
Although the whole webring thing comes with its own amusing drama, like the board owner of /v/ constantly being kicked out of it because the guy who owned /cow/ didn't like him.
You're right on the "every single board on it is shit" point though. Especially the ones on They're somehow the most autistic imageboard out of any I've ever visited.

At risk of advertising autism, there is actually a website for the alt-chan federation it seems.
>> No. 34496 [Edit]
Is this something like Freenet, where you're hosting other people's (potentially illegal) shit?
>> No. 34498 [Edit]
No, this is all on the public internet and there isn't anything illegal; it's just a bunch of imageboards all linking to each other.
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