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File 157136577487.jpg - (96.30KB , 850x601 , __blanka_cammy_white_han_juri_and_rainbow_mika_str.jpg )
33488 No. 33488 [Edit]
I think video games are a malignant force in otaku culture, at least in the west. While plenty of game franchises were made in the west, many of the most seminal in "gaming culture" such as metal gear, street fighter, neir , etc are from Japan. These types of games are generally more accessible than other aspects of otaku culture.

What this leads to is tons of faggots like spoony who have some awareness of otaku media, but not the mindset needed to appreciate and enjoy most of it. Whenever games and the rest of otaku culture overlap, which inevitably happens, there ends up being a conflict where people who don't enjoy things less accessible to normalfags are exposed to it and react to with outrage or scorn. This kind of thing is plainly visible on image boards. People who only like games infest places related to otaku culture and expect everybody to obey their standards.

Post edited on 17th Oct 2019, 7:30pm
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>> No. 33489 [Edit]
I never really noticed anything like that even when I used to post on 4/jp/ or 8/jp/ and I don't even know who spoony is. I think people who enjoy metal gear probably know that it isn't really a reflection on Otaku culture as a whole, there are people that play these games and hate Japan and Otaku culture.
>> No. 33490 [Edit]
File 157137574296.jpg - (25.28KB , 500x294 , 1548703247236.jpg )
It's to be expected on most /v/ boards because there is such a large video game industry in the west whereas with anime you have no choice but to watch something made in japan so it inherently discourages the anti-japan crowd. I would have hoped that the creation of all the /a/ and /jp/ spinoffs would have fostered a culture of otaku game discussions but for some reason /a/ doesn't seem to care too much about video games which is damn shame because there are a lot of good ones, especially when it comes to galge. /a/ loves their CGDCT but they don't really care about romancing cute girls seemingly.

/jp/ spinoffs on the other hand don't tend to be anything more than shitposting with cute anime pictures, so you can't get any good discussion there either. So the only place you can really talk about them in the end is on /v/ with all the anti-japan crowd. Otaku video games will never get the justice they deserve. Shouganai, I guess.
>> No. 33491 [Edit]
Japanese games are great, so I don't think they should take the blame for an awful Western industry. I don't think that's quite right in general though, as every medium has its high-profile accessible parts that normal people can consume while still feeling above it enough to shit on the more niche things. For instance, with anime you have popular shounen shows or Ghibli films.
>> No. 33493 [Edit]
File 157139860047.jpg - (93.37KB , 850x1082 , __kasumi_dead_or_alive_and_etc_drawn_by_kim_hyung_.jpg )
>with anime you have popular shounen shows or Ghibli films
The difference is that they aren't interested in joining groups of people which do like more niche stuff, or stay in their own circles for the most part. Besides /v/, most of the /b/ crowd also likes video games. They don't like any other "degenerate" media, but they love their overwatch or whatever. Even if they don't go on /jp/ or /an/, they're still on the same sites.

I think there's a lot of these guys and they're influential on the internet as a whole. Image boards tend to set trends, at least they did in the past. The reason anybody who wouldn't enjoy it knows about stuff like dead or alive beachball or senran kagura, is because video games as a whole became so popular.
>> No. 33494 [Edit]
I think there's plenty of people who only like Toonamicore that post on imageboards.
>> No. 33495 [Edit]
I'm a little confused, are you talking about 4chan?
>> No. 33497 [Edit]
Jesus I want get my ass beaten up by Kasumi so much...
>> No. 33498 [Edit]
I didn't say those types weren't also a problem, but they seem less influential to me. Video Games are big everywhere, unlike toonami shit, and image boards are ground zero for a lot of trends.

Dead or alive's too realistic for my taste.
>> No. 33499 [Edit]
This. But I guess it's time for another regularly scheduled struggle session.
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