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File 155829131899.jpg - (120.88KB , 500x500 , anime question girl.jpg )
32317 No. 32317 [Edit]
Why do people enjoy talking about themselves so much?
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>> No. 32318 [Edit]
Everyone is the main character in their own life's story.
>> No. 32319 [Edit]
File 155829184556.jpg - (54.63KB , 640x480 , I have a name.jpg )
Why did someone (poorly) edit Yumi's unifom in the OP pic to make it look like one from Haruhi no Yūutsu?
>> No. 32320 [Edit]
Not to mention flipping the image for some reason.
>> No. 32321 [Edit]
More like everyone wants to be the main character in everyone's life story.
>> No. 32322 [Edit]
You mean here or IRL?
>> No. 32325 [Edit]
The self is all we have.
>> No. 32330 [Edit]
Self-disclosure is gratifying, and makes the part of your brain that reacts to having sex or taking drugs active, albeit in a smaller way.

On here, people probably just can’t relate to anyone else and enjoy having similar company
>> No. 32331 [Edit]
Maybe they don't have anything else to talk about so that is easy for them. Plus there is a feeling of value that is implied by somebody wanting to have you talk about yourself.
>> No. 32332 [Edit]
My guess is due to living in a culture that increasingly encourages sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies, particularly in first world countries.

Shut-ins and NEETs live in their own bubble so it's difficult to talk about things outside of it, if they haven't experienced it and/or are far behind their peers. But I believe the divide between experience for those who aren't ones and those who are isn't all that great. Everyone else just sugarcoats themselves more. It's a society of always trying to make yourself look good.
>> No. 32334 [Edit]
I don't think it's even a modern phenomenon necessarily. Time to talk about myself: my grandmother and most of her remaining friends are off the charts self-absorbed by today's standards. People enjoy this narrative of cultural decay: "things suck now because of social media, the internet, television, radio, books, ..." but I'm firmly in the human nature camp. Although Western culture is ostensibly individualistic, and technology can enable and amplify expression of both good and bad tendencies.
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