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File 155246839721.jpg - (117.79KB , 1200x1200 , arbys-lolicon-waifu-mascot-chibi-01.jpg )
32150 No. 32150 [Edit]
Arby’s has created a chibi character mascot with an “#ArbysWaifu” hashtag.
Retards on twitter are calling it pedo and racist and so on. What do you guys think of this?
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>> No. 32151 [Edit]
Arby's account administrator was always an absolutely overt otaku, with most of their posts referencing anime and gaming trends. This strategy worked for them for a long time, now.
The timing was a bit poor, what with the THQ Nordic controversy having happened just a few days prior.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a chibi character like this. I guess people who argue against it see calling someone a "waifu" as inherently sexual, which is far from the truth to anyone who's spent more than five minutes in those circles.
Either way, people upset about the word "waifu" would be a lot more upset if they realized its popularity is in no small part thanks to Kimura-sensei.
It's just another part of the social media PR craze large companies buy into - in the case of fast food brands, controversy to a certain degree is absolutely fine as long as it makes people crave for your food again.
>> No. 32152 [Edit]
I'm disgusted by it for other reasons. Capitalists are milking otaku culture(well that may be a bit of a stretch) for all it's worth.
>> No. 32153 [Edit]
Otaku culture was always fueled by ruthless capitalism. From criminally low pay of animators to all of the cross-merchandising opportunities, the two have never quite been separable.
>> No. 32154 [Edit]
They weren't American capitalists though.
>> No. 32155 [Edit]
It’s cute, I don’t mind it. Other restaurants are not going to copy this single kind of obscure reference. I guess I am not upset because it is an original character meant to represent the heart of the restaurant, while others throw the word around for every new season female character.
>> No. 32156 [Edit]
I don’t really see what’s wrong with it after the success of the Wendy’s thing
This is really more taking advantage of a western meme than anything else, I really doubt most Twitter users use waifu in the ultra serious way tohno does.
And yes, foreign money has always been in the industry. It’s soulless.
>> No. 32157 [Edit]
>They weren't American capitalists though.
So what you're upset about is Americans culturally appropriating Japanese pop culture? Let's pry further - Is it fine when, say, the French do it?
>> No. 32158 [Edit]
This honestly disturbs me. I menntioned this in another IB so I suppose I will just copy paste it word for word:
"I think the most unsettling example of all of this is that it is leading to this dangerous trend of corporations being humanized. How many times have you personally seen people praising Wendy's or Hostess for having "dank" twitter accounts? I remember a couple of years back, Wendy's made this ad that used internet memes in it and everyone flipped their shit, but apparently when they do it now, it's perfectly fine. This is leading to people having actual conversations on twitter with fatcat CEOs (ex: "bruh, Wendy's just roasted me on twitter. Imma get a double baconator lol") not realizing that this is all an advertising campaign. I find this example particularly disturbing because this is a culture that WE created that is now being used against us.
This trend of internet culture and real life merging is all a plot by big tech to make you submissive and accepting to the upcoming cyberpunk dystopia. Or at least that's the way I see it, and it bothers the living hell out of me."
>> No. 32159 [Edit]
>Other restaurants are not going to copy this single kind of obscure reference
Give it time.
>> No. 32160 [Edit]
Please do not bring nationality into this conversation more than it has to be.
>> No. 32161 [Edit]
Another cheap attempt to ridicule "losers"
>> No. 32162 [Edit]
It doesn't really look like ridiculous, more riding a social media trend after the Wendy's thing.
>> No. 32163 [Edit]
Side from they themselves saying the word "waifu" what does this have to do with /mai/?
>> No. 32164 [Edit]
I think the Arby's mascot is really cute and I find it optimistic that they seem to try to attract otakus as customers and don't seem to care if they lose some bitter SJW and NPC customers. Also, isn't it positive if they try to normalize so-called "pedobait" characters so that the filthy SJWs and NPCs finally can leave anime, manga and bishoujo games the fuck alone? Because they will not stop as long as people allow them to get their nonsensical concerns listened to. By the way, it's really telling about these people, who are calling this promoting "pedophilia".... it really says a lot about them when they cannot portray a "child" in any way other than sexually (by the way, the Arby character actually is in the mid-fifties and it's not even a loli but a chibi). Most of these people who are saying it's "pedobaiting" probably themselves have issues with being sexually attracted to little children and think everything connected to anything of the sort should be made illegal, as they also lack any self-control and maybe even have fondled children in the past, before. Only very fragile people want loli to be made illegal.
>> No. 32165 [Edit]
It really isn’t. It’s just a nontroversey thread.
>> No. 32166 [Edit]
Really, the word waifu being misused here doesn't bother me so much as this corporate social media crap getting attention. This kind of marketing generally rubs me the wrong way, specially when people seem to eat it up. The mascot itself is not harmful, but the way its used as a marketing tool to gain favor of people is, when the company behind it obviously doesn't give two shits about otaku subculture or what have you.
>> No. 32167 [Edit]
>actually is in the mid-fifties
That was a joke referring to how old Arby's (the company) is.
>> No. 32168 [Edit]
>Also, isn't it positive if they try to normalize so-called "pedobait" characters
Depends on what you mean. If you mean simple moe characters, that is slowly becoming accepted anyways so no harm there. But if you mean lolicon becoming accepted then no. Lolicon isn't even socially accpeted in Japan so I sure as hell wouldn't want it being accepted here in the west. Not saying it should be illegal, I just don't think it should become accepted and/or celebrated.
>> No. 32169 [Edit]
westerners cant draw Anime for shit, it looks like an ugly cartoon to me. That's the worst part, not that it seems "underaged"
>> No. 32170 [Edit]
>westerners cant draw Anime for shit
I see it like language. People in the west learn to speak English with specific methods to do so. The way sentence structure and the way sounds are made will differ compared to similar sounds and words in other languages. Those other languages invoke a very different mindset for communicating. This is why you get accents when people try to speak in a language that isn't their native tongue. They're so used to speaking one way that it's hard to resist carrying that over to the other language. East vs west art is the same. Western artists can't help but incorporate their western techniques into their anime art. A prime example of this is noses which make for a dead give away that an artist is western taught. In eastern anime art they downplay the nose but western artists highlight it, often times making it big round and red. Artists I've spoken to about this say it feels wrong not to do this, sometimes they're stubborn and don't even care if it doesn't look right. With enough practice I think western artists can minimize the accent or maybe eliminate it nearly all together but that takes more time and effort than most are willing to put in when their more western looking anime art does the job just fine to them and their circles.

This can change someday however as more and more children in the west may grow up with more exposure to anime art thanks to the internet and localized games being more common than ever. Unfortunately at the moment many art teachers in the west are literally punishing students for drawing "anime style" in classes, which will leave them with those art accents should they try to get into anime art latter down the line, but with any luck the current generation of art teachers will be phased out as they retire, allowing more open minded teachers to take their place.
>> No. 32171 [Edit]
That's a simple fix and any artist worth the name would have no trouble adapting to it. I feel the main reason is that they don't want to and don't try.

There are more and more western anime artists however and many of them are getting quite good technically but their art often lacks something as western comprehension of Otaku culture in general does and it tends to be more degenerate. However, often their art actually takes on a unique style and can be much more detailed than Japanese works.

I think a large part of it is motivation and resources. The Japanese have a whole industry revolving around this and countless detailed and quite good guides on it. You could become amazing at it in the west and still not even be able to make a living out of it, yet to make good work takes ALLOT of time, and that is not counting the years it takes to even reach the level where you can make good work. I think that is why western artists often tend to come from places like the Philippines. You could actually live of it somewhere like there.
>> No. 32172 [Edit]
besides use of the word waifu is this really /mai/ related ?
>> No. 32173 [Edit]
It isn't at all, really.
>> No. 32174 [Edit]
How is that not enough? A large corporation is exploiting the waifu concept on main stream media and OP was asking how people with waifus feel about that.
God forbid we give the waifu board a bit of activity and show the board doesn't have to just be people talking endlessly about their personal waifu, nah we have to go and toss this into the catch all board that already gets plenty of posts while screwing up all the post replies in the process. Thanks a lot.
>> No. 32175 [Edit]
Isn't it just one twitter post? I hardly consider that mainstream media at all, considering that maybe a few thousand people maybe saw it. Not like it was being shown in ad campaigns on TV or something. It's pretty obvious what most people here think about others misusing the word, some dislike it and get annoyed while others don't care much. The discussion is mostly about the other aspects of it, bashing corporate marketing BS and how people on other parts of the internet view it in other ways as the OP mentioned pedo/racist/whatever.

Post edited on 24th Mar 2019, 10:55pm
>> No. 32177 [Edit]
File 155351710996.jpg - (295.08KB , 1600x977 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I get really triggered when people misunderstand art like that.
Thanks for making the explanation short too, I was about to write a giant rant trying to clarify why the classic ("western") way of art training is the correct way but that's unnecessary I guess.
>> No. 32178 [Edit]
I don't think they are even claiming to give a shit about otaku subculture. The moe subculture has become an internet meme and a lot of normalfags are changing their twitter pfps to cute anime girls for brownie points on social media. Arby's saw this was a new trend and jumped on it.
The point I am trying to get at is that no one really gives a fuck about otaku subculture anymore except us and other small internet communities. This is all a game to them, especially to Arby's considering that they can make money off of being "hip with the kids".
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