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File 152963376791.jpg - (37.42KB , 930x523 , phone.jpg )
31640 No. 31640 [Edit]
People think tech is getting better. CPUs are faster, storage is cheaper, internet connections are faster. But I think it's getting worse.

I feel like the internet has lost its charm. It used to have a magical, positive, wild-west feel to it. Now it seems so commercialized, and you also have to be careful about what you post, since there's always a new flavor-of-the-month outrage issue.

Every site tracks you. Privacy is dead. You're expect to put more and more info online, yet there are tons of huge data breaches all the time.

If you post something that isn't politically correct, even if it's really mild, there are people who will try to doxx you, swat you, get you fired, publicly shamed, and so on. Twitter is especially bad about this. You can make an off-hand comment once and then a legion of angry people will try to ruin your entire life.

Everything is increasingly politicized now too. And now people who are at any political extreme will say shit like "everything is political" and "ignoring issues is tone deaf" so they're trying to convert neutral people to one side or another. The whole "you're either with us or against us" mentality is bullshit, but it's more pervasive than ever before.

But not just that, the internet is everywhere. It's not just confined to desktops and computer rooms. People are always on their phones. If you do or say something someone doesn't like, they can instantly record you and put it online, getting their followers to harass you.

But even aside from people harassing you, I just hate how everything gets posted online. You hang out with someone, then they take a selfie and you're in the background so your picture is online. Instantly. Maybe I don't like the way I looked at that particular moment. Maybe I don't want everyone knowing where I am and what I'm doing. But photo etiquette has shifted from it being rude to taking photos of people to being rude if you object to having your photo taken. It's like people think that you can't just hang out or go somewhere without documenting proof that you did it. People are creating their own dossiers. The NSA doesn't even need to exist. People are willingly posting all the intimate details of their life online, often completely publicly.

And not only that, but people get petty about stupid tech shit too. I have an iPhone. It's not the newest, but it still gets the latest iOS updates. But people have actually made fun of my phone before. It works just fine, doesn't have any cracks on the screen, still gets updates for the OS and apps, has enough storage for me, etc. But apparently phones are lame if you don't have the absolute newest ones. Culture and purpose have been replaced with disgusting hyper-consumerism.

A lot of this seems straight up dystopian and I hate this feeling.

Can you relate to this at all? What have your experiences with tech and the internet been like?
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>> No. 31642 [Edit]
Plenty of good observations there. One thing I can say for sure is that social media, in any form, is not to be used, and ignored for good. Social media is causing politics to be shoehorned into so many things, it's the reason that mindset you mentioned is so common. It's all absolute bullshit, and people don't realize that. It's only people with strong opinons, thinking they are important, and others believing them. Combine that with constant access to a stream of bs (from phones) and the reach is as wide as ever. Computers and phones are definitely neat pieces of technology, never before could you do most basic things on a computer you can take everywhere in your pocket, but man the way they are used is just so stupid a lot of the time. The thing with people posting every bit of their lives online, though, is that if you don't use those social media platforms, you aren't going to notice people are doing it. Of course I notice while out that everyone is practically glued to their screens, but I don't see any of it so it's not something that crosses my mind much. I remember back in high school, when this sort of thing began with people, as more and more people had smart phones. I believe this behavior is most easily found in schools, or colleges. After I finished, however, I didn't have to observe them any longer. After that time I noticed a lot less of the online whore mentality. Thankfully, it is all voluntary. Thankfully, not everyone needs confirmation from their peers over little thing they do. If only it were a little less common.
>> No. 31644 [Edit]
It's a massive problem.

The companies in charge of these technologies make it so their product is as addictive as possible. Facebook is a particularly egregious example, utilizing the "Like" button to give users a sort of Pavlovian response to the everyday minutiae they're constantly posting, so they'll constantly use the service because of how good getting likes on their posts feel. It perpetuates a culture of narcissism, and (as we have seen with the hanky panky going on in the US) it also has an impact on political systems.

China, with their "social credit" system is an example of how bad things can get. The idea that you are going to be refused certain civic services based on what you say about the "socialist market economy" or the government on the web is actually dystopian.

They are literally getting people addicted to social media and there's zero accountability. You can't exactly blame the user when the company is using psychological manipulation to make them behave a certain way. It's having a highly negative impact on the world. The internet has merged with reality, which is something that should have never happened.

In addition to ALL of that, these same companies are taking data on the user and abusing that privilege for the sake of targeted advertisements, with no regard for what they're actually advertising, who exactly is behind the product they're advertising, or how shitty it makes their website look. It's all about the bottom line, which is money and control (so they can keep making money). They just don't care about the masses, very few people in the position to make life easier for us lesser folk do.

The pace at which we consume information has grown out of control. The most depressing fact is that it's a Pandora's box - It cannot be stopped at this point, this trend will continue and probably grow worse, until the decline of civilization and may very well be the cause of it.

I'm no Luddite by the way: I absolutely love the internet. It's a wonderful and nearly magical thing. However, I don't think we use the internet anymore, we abuse it and that fact is, in turn, being abused by the powers that be for the sake of money and social control.
>> No. 31928 [Edit]
>But apparently phones are lame if you don't have the absolute newest ones. Culture and purpose have been replaced with disgusting hyper-consumerism.

There is also an attempt to cover up that things have changed. I believe I've noticed that YouTube pushes the videos made in the first three quarters of its history out of the search results and recommendations. The top results are now the newest, and it definitely is something they changed, to cover up change. Assuming it's not paranoia, and others can see it too.
>> No. 31931 [Edit]
You just feel that way because you have been using the internet near constantly for several years and became desensitised. The internet is a much bigger place than a decade ago. That means more social media stuff you don't like, but it also means its far easier to obtain the things you do like, such as quality media, fansubs, niche communities etc. Look at hentai doujin from 2003, most of them are poorly drawn. If you wanted to commission art you would have to settle for a bad artist. If you wanted to download fansubs you would have to use horrible weeaboo fansubs with tons of watermarks, etc.
>> No. 31932 [Edit]
> to cover up that things have changed
I'm pretty sure that's just youtube trying to stay relevant and show people what's fresh cool new and trending, which is what generally people want.
>> No. 31935 [Edit]
Youtube's ranking algorithms are gamed to hell and back. They've changed it from returning what used to be relevant results to returning videos that their memechine learning system thinks will maximize addiction, watch time, and revenue.
>> No. 31936 [Edit]
File 154716771862.png - (0.97MB , 1773x1094 , Screenshot at 2019-01-10 19-46-39.png )
Use an element hider to get rid of them completely, been doing it for years. Was even able to get the front page completely blank except for the search bar.
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