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File 150993477624.jpg - (346.08KB , 628x800 , 0d7682e295f612be87a41072098c4e29db10a90d.jpg )
30771 No. 30771 [Edit]
What is your favorite holiday, Tohno-chan?
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>> No. 30774 [Edit]
At the risk of sounding emo or something, for me it's Halloween without a doubt.
Cool creative costumes, fun movies, and all that candy. My god the candy...
>> No. 30787 [Edit]
Thanksgiving and Halloween. Both involve a lot of creativity and they take place when it's not too hot, but not too cold. Irony is they take place just before Christmas comes in which is a holiday nobody likes. Every time it approaches we suffer a massive zombie outbreak that isn't cured until the new years light has shone for a week.
>> No. 30796 [Edit]
File 151009825643.jpg - (513.17KB , 2048x2048 , DNeRhsPVAAAGd14_jpg large.jpg )
I don't really celebrate either, but I do love both Halloween and Christmas.

For the former I think it's a celebration that should be cherished by every single person in this planet, no matter what religion they have, if any, or to what culture they belong. From everything you could celebrate, there is nothing┬╣ as sublime as fear because it has so much input into our lives and we should be glad that we have such emotion that keeps us safe and alive, and motivates people into becoming more. Taking a day of the year off to dress up as something that scares or scared us is only the most natural take on a holiday.

For the latter, it's more of a consumerist enjoyment. I like Christmas decorations, the seasonal food in the markets, the lights on peoples' windows, etc. It's cute. I even like Christmas Carols. It's like a seasonal event made with the purpose of enjoy comfiness itself, and that aligns with my tastes and sensibilities. To be honest, though, it's not like I go outside enough to "enjoy" the sighs, but it seems a lot of people do, so I don't mind them getting a decent holiday.

┬╣Love is worth celebrating more, of course, but I believe relationships are exalted when fully and thoroughly intimate, with zero participation from any other individual... so a worldwide celebration defeats the point.
>> No. 30807 [Edit]
Gonna have to side with the rest and say Halloween. No meeting relatives and no giving/receiving presents, unlike Christmas. I can't think of any other holidays aside from Easter which I forgot existed these past few years until I stumbled across this thread.
>> No. 30808 [Edit]
Halloween and Christmas seem like the only ones people truly bother to get festive for. The rest feel halfhearted. It'd be cool to see people decorate their homes for other holidays too. At best people might put up some flags for the 4th.
>> No. 30811 [Edit]
I'd say people get a bit festive for thanksgiving. Not as much as the others but it's still a pretty big day for many people.
>> No. 30848 [Edit]
>for many people.
For many US Americans, matey. The rest of the world has no idea what you guys even do it for.
>> No. 30850 [Edit]
Plenty of Americans don't understand thanksgiving anymore... that is to say, it's been an odd holiday for a long time but in the past few decades people have been waking up to realize it's all based on lies and fucked up themes.

For the non Americans who don't know, we're thought in school that the 'America' (this is what dumb lazy people call the US who don't realize or care that the Americas are continents) was first discovered by Christopher Columbus, which has long since proven to not be true as viking explores were the first to "discover it", ignoring the fact that the natives "discovered" it long before them (but fuck those guys right?). So Columbus gets called a hero, gets his own day, and not long after European settlers decide to move in and call the Easter parts of the US home. Story goes they worked with the natives to help them survive in this harsh new land and had a grand feast to celebrate their new found friendship where they shared eachother's native foods and learned a great deal about eachother's cultures. Then those settlers ended up introducing a wave of horrible diseases to the navies which killed off a mind numbing about of them. This was caused by the settlers having come from filthily living conditions in over crowded cities where they built up immunizes over time to things these navies were only just now being exposed to all at once. As if that wasn't bad enough the settlers then decided to start raping and murdering the remaining natives while taking all the land they could be force. Repeatedly making deals and promises with the natives only to break them time and time again, eventually driving the natives to near extinction. Now the US government keeps them on small chunks of land they deam useless called reservations and gives natives a monthly allowance of money to support the drug and alcohol addictions most modern navies have. Needless to say the renaming true natives hold nothing but contempt for white men. I stress the 'true' part due to the blood lines being deluded to the point you have people white as snow claiming to be native, just because they have 0.00016% native American blood in them.
So yeah, it's kind of amazing we still celebrate the day that essentially kicked off a genocide. People don't usually get that festive for it anyway. There's a famous parade, some football game I think, people eat a lot of food, and reunite with family that might live far apart. Traditional foods include the turkey, pumpkin pie, yams, sweet potato, and cranberry sauce. Schools might have plays reenacting the original feats, and turkey themed decorations can be seen around with autumn colors. Really though it's basically just a prelude to Christmas for the most part.
>> No. 33311 [Edit]
File 156953223823.jpg - (124.04KB , 1200x675 , 20190929.jpg )
All Hallows Eve
>> No. 33315 [Edit]
Why is it your favorite holiday?
>> No. 33316 [Edit]
File 156955347292.jpg - (228.32KB , 850x1203 , __original_drawn_by_mandrill__sample-5c0ce14fd4bee.jpg )
Different guy. I don't like halloween for the costumes or shitty, chemical filled sweets. I have my own traditions though. Back when I was in grade school I would steal a pumpkin when I had the opportunity and save it until the 31st. Then I would carve it with something elaborate like stars or crosses. I put a lit candle inside, kept it in my kitchen instead of outside and watched it for hours. After, I'd stay up late and watch something scary while glancing out the window to the empty street every so often. My neighborhood was pretty secluded, so we didn't get any kids. Good times.... Now I just buy a pumpkin.
>> No. 33412 [Edit]
I too prefer fruits to sweets made by processed chemicals...
>> No. 33413 [Edit]
File 157041703722.jpg - (52.54KB , 677x771 , Katyusha 028.jpg )
I hate Halloween, but then actually I don't think I like any holiday. They are superficial and only serve to interfere with my life.
>> No. 33414 [Edit]
What isn't superficial?
>> No. 33415 [Edit]
Well they weren't always superficial and in some places to some people they still probably are not, but here we are largely atheist so Easter is just a time to get chocolate eggs and Christmas a time to get presents, nobody actually cares for the meaning of the celebration.
>> No. 33420 [Edit]
People always liked holidays primarily because of their fond childhood memories. The meaning was never as important as how they made you feel. The "birth of Jesus" is superficial compared to a time to spend with real people who you have a real relationship with.
>> No. 33474 [Edit]
File 157111735730.gif - (40.84KB , 311x224 , 20199988.gif )
Any holiday that gets me a day off is fine..
>> No. 33524 [Edit]
File 157181466286.jpg - (306.52KB , 1200x850 , 7peroni.jpg )
Every person should get their birthday as a day off....
>> No. 33530 [Edit]
I enjoy working on my birthday because it distracts me from the yearly reminder that I'm indeed alive.
>> No. 33730 [Edit]
>> No. 33748 [Edit]
I hate the consumerist aspect of Christmas, but the idea of a day to celebrate charity, kindness, and goodwill is appealing to me. Likewise, I like the concept of Thanksgiving being a day to express gratitude and reflect on the things we are thankful for, but people just eat a huge turkey dinner and go buy half-priced garbage the very next day. In general, I think it is very regrettable that normalfags typically prefer celebrating days like these by purchasing cheap garbage, eating excessively extravagant meals, or selfishly enjoying the receipt of things from others.
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