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File 150984294555.png - (287.74KB , 600x660 , 5f2c1ee140e23fcf4a4b0e2ff2d1e34e00b3bb80.png )
30761 No. 30761 [Edit]
I don't think many people talk about this but what kind of eyebrows do you prefer, if you have a preference?
Do you like them thin?
Do you like them curvy?
Do you like them thick?
Do you like them straight?
Do you like circular eyebrows?
Do you like them natural without any maintenance?
If you have a favorite, tell me about what kind you like!
>> No. 30786 [Edit]
I'm fine with most eyebrows so long as they aren't both long and thin. They just look like rat-people then and it's disgusting.

If I had to prefer one I'd go for medium on women but thick on men.
>> No. 30793 [Edit]
I'd like to say I prefer natural styles, but unibrows are eww.
Around here Hispanic women do this thing where they shave off their eyebrows and draw new ones on in their place. It looks fucking stupid and horrible and ugly. The way they do it makes them look perma pissed off too. I have no clue how they think that's a good idea.
>> No. 30797 [Edit]
(If I'm wrong, ignore this) - I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you are the same person who has been making threads here and there, based on the writing style and the following odd pattern: Why do you always abandon the threads? Why don't you answer the same questions you present? It's nice you care enough to try to spark activity, but it's discordant with the abandoning.

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