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File 148453496325.jpg - (68.56KB , 500x500 , 1274672343927.jpg )
29860 No. 29860 [Edit]
Right, so we've been trying to find a use for the discord chat, and we've come up with Tohno-chan karaoke night!

What do you guys think?

We still need a time to do it and a DJ to play our tunes.
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>> No. 29861 [Edit]
not interested
>> No. 29862 [Edit]
>we've been trying to find a use for the discord chat
How about burning it??
>> No. 29863 [Edit]
The prize for the best singer will be Lesh's entire drawer of Mexican candy.
>> No. 29864 [Edit]
Do you mean "We" as in "We normals"?
>been trying to find a use for the discord chat
That's your first mistake.
>we've come up with Tohno-chan karaoke night
That's your second mistake.
>What do you guys think?
I think you exit the premises immediately and never return. With that said, I think it's a terrible idea since it seems to me the vast majority of the users here and introverted and like keeping to themselves socially. I don't speak for everyone else, but I think you're barking at the wrong tree.

And serious question: Are you that much of a normie that you weren't able to realize this was a terrible idea on your own?
>> No. 29869 [Edit]
I don't even know who you are, and believe me I've spent a lot of time on /tc/.
>> No. 29872 [Edit]
Sounds nice, very ambitious for this place. Too ambitious, I would say.

Thing is: if we had such enthusiasm in general, we probably wouldn't be here.
I mean, we can't even post enough to prevent Tohno from crying.
>> No. 29878 [Edit]
Erase yourself from this place.
>> No. 29890 [Edit]
I've been here a while, I don't post as much though with my trip Here's an old post with an old tripcode >>>/mai/31

If discord is too much you can join the cuddle party in irc and feel the love as Tohno beats you with jumper cables.
>> No. 29891 [Edit]
>jumper cables
>> No. 29892 [Edit]
we're getting invaded by reddit and 4chon users it's over tohno-chan is finished the sanctuary is defiled
>> No. 29894 [Edit]
File 148506049272.jpg - (121.29KB , 600x600 , 1299394621303.jpg )
How about a D&D group?

Most of us are lonely, some social interaction might help for some. If you don't want to join you don't have to, we're only wanting to help you fucking mongoloid. I love you all.

The fact that you understood that would say that you're from reddit.

We're all from 4chan, they're the only ones who know we exist.
>> No. 29895 [Edit]
File 148506253746.jpg - (67.06KB , 459x641 , SuQiXTB.jpg )

How about a gaming general? Whenever some Tohnos want to get together to play a game with each other they can do so in the discord chat. Easy and convenient.
>> No. 29896 [Edit]
File 148506306031.png - (23.26KB , 411x651 , tohno.png )
That might work, now if only we can get Tohno to join us....
>> No. 29897 [Edit]
Might help if you included a link or something to it.
>> No. 29900 [Edit]
File 148510493585.jpg - (77.68KB , 704x353 , 1263938105510.jpg )
You got it
>> No. 29904 [Edit]
wow, it's fucking shit
>> No. 29907 [Edit]
File 148548425756.jpg - (58.97KB , 429x410 , 1270168120465.jpg )

Post edited on 26th Jan 2017, 6:32pm
>> No. 29908 [Edit]
No thanks.
>> No. 29909 [Edit]
File 148556347069.png - (85.51KB , 500x500 , 1367028137545.png )
How about a cute sailor uniform?
You're mising out on fun.
>> No. 29910 [Edit]
there are already a number of competing off-4chan /jp/ alternates for this kind of shitposting.
why can't you go there instead of insisting on posting here where it isn't welcome?
>> No. 29911 [Edit]
I don't think Tohno will be very happy you're telling people to not post here.
>> No. 29912 [Edit]
Meh, I'm used to it.
>> No. 29913 [Edit]
File 148564269311.gif - (495.67KB , 500x478 , 1293503423143.gif )

because this is the original place for off /jp/ shitposting, and we need more people. We need to get this shit more active.

Someone should advertise on 4chan for us.
>> No. 29914 [Edit]
There is a difference between telling someone not to post something, and telling someone not to advertise.
>we need more people. We need to get this shit more active
We? What are you talking about? -Your- discord has nothing to do with this board, per your own admission. It's nothing but an attempt to create a circlejerk that -you- can control. And if that's all this discord garabge does, then why isn't the IRC good enough for it?
>Someone should advertise on 4chan for us
Stop linking your pursuits along with those of the board (and its members).
>> No. 29916 [Edit]
File 148564607535.png - (52.03KB , 249x238 , 1263006725360.png )

So much anger within you young one. We don't know who owns the discord, or how long ago it was made, but at some point someone made a Tohno-chan discord and linked to it on here. I can't control shit on it and none of us who have tried have had any luck talking to the owner. I also don't care who does what on it, I'm simply trying to give people on here another option that was recently found where they can do something besides post on here, and as something that was created for the board, albeit by a third party.

The only thing it has that irc doesn't is a voice option and multiple rooms, which we hoped we could use to do things without clogging up the irc. Otherwise we all just use irc.

All places like this are circlejerks anyway, people come here, talk about animu and how much they hate normal people together and thereby strengthern their own ideas. Further proof of this is that when anyone comes around with something new or that threatens people's ideas about the place and what it should be or is to them, people like yourself come along and attack it. If you don't like it I'm sure a trip back to tumblr can be arranged for you.

Activity on here has been on the down-slope for a while now, so yes getting new people by some means would be good, otherwise the site would become inactive and Tohno would shut it down. So yes some form of getting new users is important, despite some people's fears of what that might bring. We have good enough mods to take care of them if they cause trouble.
>> No. 29917 [Edit]
Don't project your own emotions onto what I write. I have no strong feelings about this but rather the way you present it and yourself, so don't attempt to belittle my posts under the pretence of emotionality.
>I also don't care who does what on it
I doubt you don't; and you should care; a discord channel both named after the board and presented as an extension of it should submit to the owner's rules.
>I'm simply trying to give people on here another option that was recently found
But there was a thread about it already, that people properly ignored, whose topic you chose to push back up, in another new thread, in another board, with a tripcode, without granting the author the common decency to link to the actual thread (, so please don't claim it was a new thing and much less imply you were trying to help.
>the only thing it has that irc doesn't is a voice option
I won't go as far to say voice chat is for normals only, but alright...
>multiple rooms, which we hoped we could use to do things without clogging up the irc
The only reason I can think of that would warrant using discord for "multiple rooms" is to talk about things that are forbidden in the IRC, e.g. Women and relationships (in normal-talk), drugs and other vices, or linking 3D porn. All three are degenerate and have no place here.
>All places like this are circlejerks anyway
Very debatable, as long as people remain anonymous. But either way there is a difference between a circlejerk based on an attitude (per your example, "Tohno-chan") and one based on individuals and their interaction (discord and irc).
>When anyone comes around with something new
>If you don't like it I'm sure a trip back to tumblr can be arranged for you.
Isn't that contradictory? "If you don't like it leave?" The argument you make is precisely the one you're fighting without realizing: The board is fine, and if you deem it isn't, then leave. You even cite tumblr, from all places, when you're the one suggesting an idea (Karaoke night) that is the epitome of depicted Japanese congeniality and default normal activity.

Post edited on 28th Jan 2017, 4:23pm
>> No. 29925 [Edit]
You're getting upset over nothing. Just another way to connect with people with similar ideals.
>> No. 29937 [Edit]
>another way to connect with 3dpd

nobody here wants that
>> No. 29964 [Edit]
File 148764049575.jpg - (195.17KB , 640x931 , 1264567562324.jpg )
Apparently the Discord in slowly turning into a place where everyone plays Paladins together. Come play Paladins with people maybe if they're on.
>> No. 29965 [Edit]
i don't want to spend any time with you
>> No. 29967 [Edit]
please ban me and ignore everything else I might say.
>> No. 29968 [Edit]
Swing and a miss.
>> No. 29973 [Edit]
>stupid tohno-chan thread
>devolves into bitter walls of text immediately
Never fails. Don't ever change, Tohno-chan.
>> No. 29974 [Edit]
would you rather have smart threads that devolve into moronic shit posting?
>> No. 29975 [Edit]
Why not have both?
>> No. 29976 [Edit]
I'm not so sure this thread can "devolve" when it was a shitpost in the first place.

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