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File 146527960959.jpg - (57.51KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 14 [2651FDA4]_mkv_.jpg )
29102 No. 29102 [Edit]
For those of you who work, what do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it?
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>> No. 29105 [Edit]
I drive a steam train at a small family run amusement park by a lake. I might get cleared to run the boat as well.

I mostly get to interact with nicer old people and children.

I guess it's pretty cool.
>> No. 29108 [Edit]
I work in a small place that's basically outsourced IT for small businesses. All our clients are either in the city or subarbs.

I'm mostly the point man, I handle tickets and what monitoring things we have as well as phones. I occasionally tackle things I don't know when I have time to try to learn new things. Honestly I like it, a bit stressful at times, but I can deal.
>> No. 29109 [Edit]
I work at a similar place, only we also do repairs for non-business customers as well since that's how the shop started.

I like the IT work, it's easy, it's what I went to school for, and the people I interact with tend to be smarter, nicer, and more computer-literate on average. Most of the work I do involves things like bringing computers/printers back online, installing software, setting up new computers onto a network, etc.

I hate the non-IT work, though. Lots of idiots and assholes, many customers are way too chummy and talkative for me, and I have to be a salesman, which I'm horrible at.
>> No. 29110 [Edit]
I sell drugs. I love drugs and most of the druggies are pretty OK, but I don't like parting with drugs even though its my job.

>> No. 32707 [Edit]
File 156392765916.jpg - (113.57KB , 1140x530 , a9T.jpg )
I work retail..
>> No. 33503 [Edit]
File 157146285389.jpg - (106.37KB , 900x900 , 20191020.jpg )
I'm trying to acquire capital but it's expensive...

>> No. 33506 [Edit]
I'll be working security. I'll be able to work at supermarkets in time, I just need my license. For the time being, I can work simple security roles where I basically stand by, watch for suspicious activity and report it via walkie-talkie if its perceived as well as guide people to destinations if they have questions and are lost.
I expect it to be a job where I don't really do anything other than stand around. I'm a "maladaptive daydreamer" so this kind of job is completely fine for me.
>> No. 33507 [Edit]
I work in the same sector, don't know how is it in your country but here it's all about the place you have to work since it's all on whatever the client wants you to do.
It has been the best work I ever had. But still, it's shit. Working is always shit and I hate it.
>> No. 33540 [Edit]
I do logistics. Tis boring.
>> No. 33584 [Edit]
File 157247373299.jpg - (254.66KB , 1067x600 , zengo.jpg )
I do digital marketing. Mostly prototyping websites, online campaigns, copywriting and graphic design, analyzing analytics, and maintaining the manager and clients updated.
It's a rather cozy job. My company is the type that lets employees be as long as objectives are being met. Coworkers are respectful too. Either way, I promised to myself that I would never complain about an office job once I finally had the opportunity to quit my previous factory job.
College here is not a life indebtment as it is in the US, nor as intensive, so it was a good call.
>> No. 33585 [Edit]
>College here is not a life indebtment as it is in the US, nor as intensive, so it was a good call.
It's overly expensive, but it's not as bad as many make it out to be. Scholarships are easy to get, and many companies will offer some reimbursement for entry level (or otherwise) employees who choose to go to college. There's also the common route of going to a junior college and then transferring to a four year school to save a good amount of money.
Further, any figure shown that's used as an example of large college debt is typically deceptive. One tactic is to use the average instead of the median; thus, large debt accrued from, say, aspiring doctors (Who will easily be able to pay it back.) and students who make bad financial decisions (Because they're foolish.) will pull the average number upward.
Generally, if you're determined and are at least of average intelligence, getting a degree that's in demand (or will be) will result in an income that'll make the initial investment (debt) rather trivial.
>> No. 33587 [Edit]
By far the majority of woe over the seeming "debt crisis" in the US seems to be from people who thought that taking out money to spend 4 years studying art history or the like was a good investment.
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