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File 138187582265.jpg - (57.63KB , 778x1023 , 1341284387369.jpg )
23041 No. 23041 [Edit]
â‘  your country
â‘¡ are you a NEET?
â‘¢ did you ever shit on the floor?

OP starts:


not yet, but i pee in a 500ml pyrex measuring cup that i dump out the window. almost overfilled it a few times
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>> No. 23086 [Edit]
1. usa
2. neet till I die
3. no
>> No. 23089 [Edit]
â‘  Australia
â‘¡ Yes
â‘¢ Nope
>> No. 23092 [Edit]
Either USA is full of NEETs or Tohno-chan is full of USAians.
>> No. 23093 [Edit]
TC is full of NEETs, not the USA. Given that this site is a gathering spot for English speaking NEETs and/or hikikomoris, it's not too surprising that a lot of them are from the highly-populated USA.
>> No. 23094 [Edit]
1. USA
2. No, I'm in college, but I do know what it feels like to be a NEET
3. No, I'm too much of a clean freak to do that.
>> No. 23095 [Edit]
â‘  USA
â‘¡ No. 15-20 hours parttime job.
â‘¢ I considered pissing in the trashcan once during a particularly intense night of MMO playing. I decided against it and just went to the bathroom normally.
>> No. 23107 [Edit]
I just remembered I actually have shit in my room, but in a cup, in an emergency

Someone was marathoning a shower while I was in the middle of a UC attack and I had to shit in a glass. I didn't have the chance to sneak it out of my room for disposal for a couple weeks it was the worst thing in the world
>> No. 23120 [Edit]
â‘  US
â‘¡ No, I am in uni
â‘¢ No, but I plan on just to say I did so (bathroom is right by me and I have a 'single' dorm)
>> No. 23123 [Edit]
â‘  Canada
â‘¡ Recovering(?). I'm trying my hardest at the job my parents somehow lined up for me and trying to put myself through university, but's it's really really hard. Especially after 2 years of pretty much no outside contact.
â‘¢ No way, my room is one of the only things I really care about.
>> No. 23124 [Edit]
â‘  RF
â‘¡ I'm geek and weaboo
â‘¢ No
>> No. 23159 [Edit]
â‘  Finland
â‘¡ Since 2008 mostly yes, currently not.
â‘¢ No.
>> No. 25573 [Edit]
File 141721927817.jpg - (119.63KB , 1119x623 , 136712083892.jpg )
1. america fuck yeah!
2. yes. 3 years since. I make money off stocks my parents bought me out of pity a few years ago any they have become successful. if they fail, i don't know what i would do.
3. lol no.
>> No. 25574 [Edit]

Not anymore.

I shat on the ground behind a cactus at my grandma's house. I also just peed on the carpet in my room a couple times when I was a kid. I just didn't see any reason to go all the way to the bathroom at the time.
>> No. 25575 [Edit]
â‘  Canada
â‘¡ No
â‘¢ Once, when I was a little kid. Sometimes pee in a 2 liter bottle if I'm really drunk.
>> No. 25578 [Edit]
â‘  Finland
â‘¡ Yes, on autismbucks since 2009
â‘¢ No
>> No. 25584 [Edit]
I did it 2 or 3 times but I'm not going to shame my country
Also I am a neet but probably not for long
>> No. 25642 [Edit]
â‘  murrrrica.
â‘¡ nope.
â‘¢ never have, no.
>> No. 27860 [Edit]
â‘  The United States of America, Nevada
â‘¡ Yes
â‘¢ In my trash can once, piss bottle daily
>> No. 27861 [Edit]
â‘  Canada
â‘¡ No, living with parents uni student.
â‘¢ No
>> No. 27862 [Edit]
File 144633660385.gif - (1.45MB , 640x358 , 1442773205247.gif )
â‘  Canada
â‘¡ Yes, PTSD/autism and other trauma based shit messed me up too much to be able to work.
â‘¢ What kind of question is that? Of course not.
>> No. 27863 [Edit]
1. Canada
2. Not anymore, unfortunately.
3. No, but I shat on my seat during a six hour night bus ride to Kyoto.
>> No. 27892 [Edit]
â‘  America
â‘¡ Nope. I've been one on and off for while now but I won't be again anytime soon.
â‘¢ God no.
>> No. 29627 [Edit]
File 147753673771.jpg - (206.81KB , 1280x720 , 1477515245612.jpg )
â‘ Argentina
â‘¡Yes, but I do temporary jobs
>> No. 29628 [Edit]
â‘  The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
â‘¡yes for 4 more days and I'm terrified
â‘¢almost, I shit in a japanese squatting toilet thing which is in the floor, and I shat myself once
>> No. 29633 [Edit]
1. United States of America
2. Yes.
3. No, but I have pissed in bottles.
>> No. 29636 [Edit]
File 147788199823.jpg - (140.07KB , 480x270 , welcometothenhk_shortdescription_02.jpg )
>â‘¡Yes, but I do temporary jobs

ah yes, the working NEET, very common.
tends to work only part time because between school, vocational training sessions, going out with friends and fucking his 3dpd, there just isn't enough hours in the week for a full time career.
closely related to the gregarious outdoor hikki
>> No. 29637 [Edit]
You shouldn't assume just because someone works that they also party and fuck sluts. I shouldn't have to explain that working is a necessity for the vast majority of people on this planet. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born into a state of perpetual retirement supported by their parents or government. If you have some way of never having to work again that doesn't involve being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, I and the rest of the world would love to hear it.
>> No. 29638 [Edit]
How hard is it to understand such a simple definition?
>[N]ot in [E]mployment, [E]ducation, nor [T]raining.
If you have a job, even if it's 1-hour day, you're not a NEET.
If you are going to classes of any type, you're not a NEET.
If taking training courses (e.g. government-mandated), you're not a NEET.

> I shouldn't have to explain that working is a necessity...
It is, but if you work you're not a NEET.
>Not everyone is lucky enough to be born into a state of perpetual retirement...
True, but if you work you're not a NEET.
>If you have some way of never having to work again...
What does that have to do with the fact that you working disqualifies you to be a NEET?
>> No. 29639 [Edit]
That's all super cool and fantastic, but that doesn't explain why you would assume someone who has a job is also going out with friends and fucking his 3dpd.
>> No. 29641 [Edit]
Yeah, that part is NOT implied by not being a NEET. That's just someone accusing another person of being a normalfag, like on Wizardchan. We aren't them, so please don't do it like that. We don't do sexual stuff with 3DPD.
>> No. 29642 [Edit]
Where did I state such assumptions? Are you confusing me (>>29638) with >>29636?
What are you talking about? >>29636? was mocking the Argentinian non-NEET for hijacking / appropriating the term. Also, it's not like there aren't people here who have engaged (or seek to engage) in romantic or carnal interactions with 3DPD.
>> No. 29643 [Edit]
I have never been involved with a 3DPD.
>> No. 29644 [Edit]
I didn't write nor imply you did.
>> No. 29646 [Edit]
I would also ask when it was I stated that someone who works can still be a NEET. Not once in the post you responded to (>>29637) did I ever even say the word NEET. I said working is a necessity of life for most people, like eating or sleeping. The point being that it's wrong to assume someone is a normalfag for doing these things.
>> No. 29647 [Edit]
Can I be a part of this argument please?
>> No. 29648 [Edit]
File 147795585996.png - (161.62KB , 480x640 , 1433451976124.png )
â‘  UK
â‘¡ Yes.
â‘¢ No but I have unironically used piss bottles.
>> No. 29650 [Edit]
No,give me one good reason why you should be allowed to.
>> No. 29651 [Edit]
Because I'm lonely and I feel like shitposting.
>> No. 29653 [Edit]
â‘  Australia
â‘¡ Yes, for 2 or 3 years now, I don't remember.
â‘¢ piss and vomit, yes, but I've not yet accomplished shit.
>> No. 29685 [Edit]
â‘  USA
â‘¡ No
â‘¢ No

I'm sorry, maybe I don't belong here... ._.
>> No. 29686 [Edit]
go back to canv.ass moot
>> No. 29690 [Edit]
I remember that. Weird.
>> No. 29692 [Edit]
>> No. 29708 [Edit]
一 Glorious Germany
二 No. I'm in Education and start working soon.
三 No. I have no problem with going to toilet.
Will never understand piss bottles.
>> No. 29709 [Edit]
>I'm in Education and start working soon.
What do you want / plan to teach?
>Will never understand piss bottles.
Some people apparently get extremely anxious when leaving their room, specially if the house configurations makes it having to encounter people on your way to the bathroom, specially when their parents, siblings, room mates, etc. have visitors.
>> No. 29710 [Edit]
>What do you want / plan to teach?

I'm a student at university not a teacher."Education" as the first E in NEET.
Will likely do some small job at university soon.

>Some people apparently get extremely anxious when leaving their room, specially if the house configurations makes it having to encounter people on your way to the bathroom, specially when their parents, siblings, room mates, etc. have visitors.

I'll never understand this anxiety, I just ignore people when I don't want to talk with them.
>> No. 29711 [Edit]
>I'll never understand this anxiety, I just ignore people when I don't want to talk with them.
It has more to do with their mere presence than [potential] conversation.

A fear of other human beings is probably nigh-impossible to imagine if you don't have it, but that also applies to virtually every phobia, along with certain elements of other neurological disorders (for example, the fact that many people on the autism spectrum are completely unable to perceive sarcasm, irony, and metaphors).
>> No. 33648 [Edit]
What's the deal with question 3?!?
>> No. 33652 [Edit]
â‘  Australia
â‘¡ Yes
â‘¢ No, I'm not an animal
>> No. 33670 [Edit]
â‘  france
â‘¡ yeah
â‘¢ no, even if I were camping and I had to I can't
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