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File 131579161487.jpg - (141.18KB , 740x555 , 10030d1232682444-wtb-black-macbook-img_0952.jpg )
952 No. 952 [Edit]
I'm seriously considering buying a used MacBook. What's holding me back is compatibility issues. So I wanted to ask any otaku Mac users how they fair with their Mac. Can it play games like Touhou or Melty Blood relatively easily? Are most visual novels denied to you? How's watching HD/BD anime?

Visual novels are what I'm most concerned about. I wouldn't even call myself a gamer save for those rare occassions. If it really comes down to it, I can stream my anime. But I want to be able to play VNs (working on Fate/Stay Night and Ever 17 right now) even if I have to use voodoo magic on the command line. I suppose I could dual boot, but I would prefer not to. Besides all that, I just use my computer to browse the web and write documents.
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>> No. 953 [Edit]
>Can it play games like Touhou
Depends. There are some Mac ports for Touhou which work fine, and of course Boot Camp or Parallels works, but other things like Wine have weird compatibility issues. I can play other games, but one day all my Touhou games just stopped working. I haven't played SWR in forever. ;_;
>or Melty Blood
Haven't tried it, but it should work.
>How's watching HD/BD anime?
Perfectly normal. I use QuickTime with the Perian plug-in; the only problem is I can't turn off subs, but if I really want to, there's still a bunch of alternatives.

Wine works fine for most things you'll try; the only programs that haven't worked are things made in GameMaker, and of course Touhou.
>> No. 954 [Edit]
>What's holding me back is compatibility issues.
Then why get a mac?
>> No. 955 [Edit]
Saw this coming a mile away. Because of the OS. I like to play around with computers and have finally decided to try OS X. And a change of scenery is nice every now and then.
>> No. 956 [Edit]
MacBooks are a x86 correct?
you can always install windows on it.
Though if you just want to use OS X, you could also always install it on a regular PC/Laptop AKA make yourself a hackintosh.

If this used Mac still has you paying some sort of Apple Premium I suggest you just buy a regular one and save yourself the money.
>> No. 957 [Edit]
File 131582955820.jpg - (360.75KB , 1920x1080 , 東方.jpg )
Touhou works fine in Linux though, so since it's not that taxing on the hardware I guess you could run a VM with either Linux or Windows if you want to play it. Same goes for VNs, really.

>MacBooks are a x86 correct?
Yes, modern Macs are essentially just regular x86-PCs with an Apple logo and a 30% higher price.
>> No. 958 [Edit]
>Can it play games like Touhou
Sure, why not?

As for your decision, the Mac is just an ordinary PC with a shiny case that's overpriced as fuck. The OS is also restrictive as fuck.

If you want a change of scenery that much, install a GNU/Linux distro.
>> No. 959 [Edit]
Doh! I can't believe I forgot about virtual machines. Thanks! I guess that solves any problems I may encounter.

Already running Linux, actually
(Ubuntu, because I never get around to learning Arch). I'm fully aware Apple loves to charge an extra hundred or two for their pretty case and logo (which admittedly contributed to my decision to get a Mac), which is why I'm getting a cheap MacBook. It's okay to indulge yourself once in a while, too.

Is it really that restrictive? I was under the impression it was just a step or two worse than Linux (considering the OS X shell is UNIX with a Mac flavoring). Either way, that's why sudo, su, chown, and chmod were created, so that's not a problem.
>> No. 960 [Edit]
File 131585966025.jpg - (85.86KB , 850x637 , Yuyuko_took_the_first_bite.jpg )
The MacBook I'm looking at has the Intel GMA X3100 video card, which is apparently shit. Should I be concerned?
>> No. 961 [Edit]
>Either way, that's why sudo, su, chown, and chmod were created, so that's not a problem.
Eh, no that's not? That's like saying legs were created because cars can run out of gas. It's an utterly ludicrous anachronism.
>> No. 962 [Edit]
One of my older laptops has that same chip, along with a 2.0GHz Celeron and 1GB RAM. IIRC Touhou ran fine on it up to Subterranean Animism.
Recettear was unplayable.
I don't think it's enough to play certain newer VNs like the Kikokugai remake.
>> No. 963 [Edit]
If it can't be helped, it can't be helped. If there's a problem, fix it. If you don't have the right permissions, add/get them. I don't know why you see this as a bigger problem than it really is.

Nothing I'm playing right now is real fancy. Fate/Stay Night with its moving camera view is as crazy as it gets. Mine (bought it and awaiting its delivery) has 4 GB RAM and a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, so maybe those little boosts will give me better results? Thank you for the information.
>> No. 964 [Edit]
I finally remembered this thread I created. I had to replace some hardware and upgrade to Snow Leopard, but I got my Mac running everything I want it to (Wine is a gift from the heavens). No stuttering problems with F/SN like I had on my old laptop. Here's a list of pros and cons I've come across while using my MacBook:

1. Pretty UI and build
2. Almost no compatibility problems
3. Apple goes to great lengths to make OS X easy

1. So little freeware it hurts
2. Apple thought it would be hilarious to lock this model's HARDWARE from accessing 64-bit mode. What the hell, Apple?
3. The average Mac user doesn't know anything about their own OS. Needless to say, the community is of little help with problems you can't lol point n click away.
4. fdisk has been mutilated to the point that I'm not even sure how to use it.
5. OS X gives me a big FUCK YOU whenever I try to boot from a USB. Someone tell me of another OS that doesn't let you boot from a USB! What the hell kind of shit is this!? This pisses me off to no end!

I will be installing Ubuntu on my MacBook. I can't deal with how unfriendly this OS is to people who want to do tasks beyond media editing. I wanted to believe people were exaggerating when they said OS X was restrictive. I believed in the goodness of Apple. I was wrong.
>> No. 965 [Edit]
No cookies, and I didn't set a password to my original post. Would one of the Powers That Be be kind enough to delete this thread for me?
>> No. 966 [Edit]
What the hell is it with Apple taking ownership of all the products they sold to you that you supposedly "own"? That is my number one issue with them.

I wish I could take a diehard apple fan's keys, make a copy, and then send a team of Apple people in to rearrange his kitchen drawers, the layout of his furniture, the colors of his walls and all the outlets his appliances are hooked into, because that's the way Apple does things, and, from now on, that's the way he is going to do things as well. And every time he loads iTunes, the team is going to come in and fix whatever he's changed in his house.

Something tells me he'd welcome it.
>> No. 967 [Edit]
While I can understand Apple wanting to idiot-proof their system, they should provide a key for all the locks they put in place. Deciding absolutely on what can and can't be done is tyranny, especially when their customers pay so much to own, not borrow, one of Apple's computers.
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