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File 142407193049.gif - (647.83KB , 500x357 , my computer irl.gif )
1249 No. 1249 [Edit]
How do you name your computers? Is there a convention you use? Do you name them after characters?
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>> No. 1250 [Edit]
Whatever comes to mind and seems fitting, but I'm not that creative.
I named my laptop 'folder', Never really gave one to my pc but the name 'blackbox' seems like it's be appropriate.
>> No. 1251 [Edit]
The two working computers I have are named after star sapphire and luna child. If I had a third working one I'd name it after sunny milk
>> No. 1252 [Edit]
File 142414655773.jpg - (904.04KB , 1200x850 , 20624421.jpg )
I named my pc milla when I finished building it.
Honestly I almost forgot I gave it a name.
>> No. 1256 [Edit]
File 142416779973.jpg - (63.13KB , 557x439 , [2012] Stage 05 (FINAL Stage).jpg )
My second PC was called "Beauty" when I first got it. Then she went through years of hard life and changes and after one major reboot she turned into "Dirty Old Hag". My 2 previous laptops didn't have names, but my current one (even after one major reboot) is called "Hadaly", just like my Dollfie Dream and Butterfly collection, as the character has huge presence in my inner world.
>> No. 1258 [Edit]
The name of a previous computer I used was Bobby.

I also name my brain. His name is Larry.
>> No. 1259 [Edit]
Mine is named Steve. No particular reason.
>> No. 1267 [Edit]
I named them after the characters of Unteralterbach. So my laptop is annemarie, my desktop is henrike, and my phone is laura. My router is bernd.
>> No. 1269 [Edit]
I name mine after fictional scientifically advanced "bases". aperture (duh), discovery (2001: A Space Odyssey), excelsus (Metal Gear EXCELSUS), auto (Autopilot from Wall-E). I just kinda like to pretend my computer is the mainframe for whatever it's named after.
>> No. 1270 [Edit]
For some reason I do scientists and philosophers for physical devices and song or album names for virtual machines.
>> No. 1271 [Edit]
Are you for real?
>> No. 1274 [Edit]
File 142488024357.jpg - (137.86KB , 308x462 , The_Sandman-_Endless_Nights_Poster_by_Frank_Quitel.jpg )
I name them after their function

main PC = Mainframe
laptop = Mobile Command Center
phone = Communicator

I remember a guy on /g/ years ago posted that he named his after the endless from "the sandman" (comic), their names: Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire, Delight/Delirium
>> No. 1315 [Edit]
I use anime characters I like.
>> No. 1316 [Edit]
Fictional computers.
deepthought, praxcelis, abulafia, AM, runcible
>> No. 1353 [Edit]
I named my desktop HEL, after the metropolis character.
>> No. 1355 [Edit]
I name them after sailor senshi, my current main is named Sailor Jupiter, my laptop Sailor Neptune, and my old one Sailor Uranus. Phone is called Sailor Pluto cuz pluto is not a planet in the same way as my phone is not a pc

My hard drives are named after j-pop idols, which Im not very happy with, but eh, whatevs.
>> No. 1360 [Edit]
I just name all of my devices navi
>> No. 1380 [Edit]
I named my current pc Helios, based off the name of the case I used (super helios).
My previous pc was named Gateway, that should be self explanatory.
My pc before that was given the name Frankenstein by it's previous owner, said it was because they pulled parts from half a dozen systems to build it. My laptop is called x220 because fuck it I'm lazy.
>> No. 1391 [Edit]
I've named a few of my computers after the Sailor Senshi, but I used their civilian names. My current computer is named after Siduri, the alewife in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
>> No. 1392 [Edit]
I named my PC "Blackbox" too, LOL
>> No. 1498 [Edit]
Name it the german way~ A0 to Z9

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