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File 129670370527.png - (260.28KB , 238x650 , 129662817841.png )
1091 No. 1091 [Edit]
Do we have any future IT guys or programmers on /tc/? I've been considering going to school for something in the tech field since computers are some of the only things I'm good with.
>> No. 1092 [Edit]
I've been going to school for computer science, hoping that after I get a bachelor's I can find work as a game programmer. I hate doing all these basic courses, though, because 80% of them have nothing to do with math or computers, the only two subjects I'm really any good at.

I'd do the whole indie thing, but all I'm good at is programming. My art skills are terrible.
>> No. 1093 [Edit]
I'll probably eventually get a job involving computers, since jobs like that seem to be the ones with the least social stuff
>> No. 1094 [Edit]
Networking and Communications Management. From fukken DeVry. Don't go to DeVry, trust me.

But a degree is a degree, and I usually learn by doing anyway, and DeVry did have some hands-on labs, so I guess I can't complain.
>> No. 1095 [Edit]
What's wrong with DeVry? I have a pretty decent shot at most places I would like to go, and finances aren't that big of a deal due to veteran death benefits, but I have trouble picking where would be good for maintaining my NEET-like style.
>> No. 1096 [Edit]
Trust me, a community college is much better. Because a degree from Devry does not mean shit to employers. In fact, it's practically worthless as employers take any resumes or CVs with any mention of a for-profit school and just throw it away or ignore it. (It's really better to not mention ANY for-profit school at all in a resume/CV.) And you'd spend less money at a community college compared to Devry. At least you'd get an associate's degree from a community college.
>> No. 1097 [Edit]
Yes, DeVry, like most for-profit schools, don't offer good education and your money and time is far, far better spent at a good university.
>> No. 1098 [Edit]
Will be attending the Zenos IT Academy starting Feb 28th. My secondary school left me with lots of nice little crappy paper qualifications, but no actual skills.

I'd prefer a career in music (bassist) but it's not stable enough. I could see myself doing a lot worse than IT, so I'm jumping at the chance. I find computing in general fascinating anyway.


I agree.
>> No. 1099 [Edit]
I don't know if anyone else here is into game programming like I am, but a guy from /v/'s game dev threads has been maintaining a server with resources on the subject. It's at if anyone wants it.
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