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File 130766952194.jpg - (140.46KB , 1408x1200 , 1306574735868.jpg )
1075 No. 1075 [Edit]
I want to try making a water cooling system for my CPU. But I have no clue where to start! How should I go about doing this?

I don't know how you'd power the pump (will I need a transformer? Do I power it separately or use the power from the computer's own transformer? If I do, will I need to change some kind of settings?). I want to try not using a radiator, instead replacing it with a huge water bottle reservoir, but I wonder if that'll work? And finally, I don't know how to change the settings in DOS so I can get the thingy to overclock..
>> No. 1076 [Edit]
I think you might find better guides on than here on Tohno-chan.

Just don't use simple tap water for your watercooling, please.
>> No. 1077 [Edit]
Do you really need water cooling, though? I mean it's pretty obsolete these days. Even if you OC your hardware, you should have enough airflow in your case that it can keep the thing cool. Water cooling was useful like..early 2000s when chips were getting a lot better.

That said, check this out. Did you know you can essentially submerge your system in a tank of cooking oil to cool it?,1203.html
>> No. 1078 [Edit]
You can't really change the settings in DOS or your bios to overclock something, they set your processor at optimum levels and don't let you change it. You'd have to get a program that will hack your CPU to change it's clock speed.

Actually water cooling is still used, and is pretty common in high-power rigs.
>> No. 1079 [Edit]
Actually, as far as I know you can change your FSB speed in your BIOS to OC most modern CPUs, except Intel's sandy bridge.
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