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File 129131808679.jpg - (61.75KB , 610x416 , bacteria_arsenic.jpg )
1027 No. 1027 [Edit]
Nasa announced it has discovered a bacterium that consumes arsenic and even uses it to construct its genetic material
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>> No. 1028 [Edit]
I think it's neat. Here's what a fox news viewer thinks:

>There is no evidence of life outside our planet and there will never be. Just as there are a gazillion living beings on our planet, yet we are the only intelligent life form on this planet, there maybe a gazillion stars and planets in the universe but we are the only one that has life. We are a special creation from God.
>> No. 1029 [Edit]


Also there are no intelligent life forms on Earth, I don't know where people are getting this from (Bible?).
>> No. 1030 [Edit]
Wow, that's pretty damn cool.
>> No. 1031 [Edit]
File 129132200235.png - (65.37KB , 198x228 , hhh.png )
I never got that view. If God did make the universe, anyway, why would he make so much empty, useless space with us being the only ones around?
>> No. 1032 [Edit]
Maybe he's lazy or something, would also explain why he never does anything.
>> No. 1033 [Edit]
It was inevitable, but still pretty cool to hear.
>> No. 1034 [Edit]
I was expecting more, mainly because this bacteria was already known.

It's more of a mind-opening discovery. In a sense it proves extraterrestrial life won't look like us at all, while looking like us might be a infinitesimal possibility. Gray and small aliens with big eyes? Whatever.
>> No. 1035 [Edit]
I believe "god works in mysterious ways" is the default response to questions like this
>> No. 1036 [Edit]
God damn I missed the conference again, I hate being sick ;_;


Oh fox. Why are you people so silly~~~
That's pretty much it, something like this opens the door for more studies by astrobiologist. Having something like this known it allows us a bit more funding if the cards are played right.

>> No. 1037 [Edit]
Or "Scientists are lying about the vastness of space because they are underlings of the devil whose goal is to lure people away from jesus"
>> No. 1038 [Edit]
i take it from your use of the pronoun "us" that you are involved in astrobiology?
>> No. 1039 [Edit]

Bleh I wish, I'm just hoping to get into the field of Astro-related stuff in the future. Unlikely but eh

I meant the entire population as a whole. Stuff like this allows for Scientist to get more funding in the future. The only thing holding back space exploration is money
>> No. 1040 [Edit]
>I think it's neat. Here's what a fox news viewer thinks:

No, that is not what all Fox viewers think. Stop repeating what your comedy news shows tell you. Jokes really aren't funny the second time around and they're no more real either.
>> No. 1041 [Edit]
Note he said "a Fox News viewer", not all Fox News viewers.

But then if you watch Fox News on a regular basis and think it's a good source of news, I wouldn't expect you to read stuff too closely
>> No. 1042 [Edit]
If he wanted to only mean one specific Fox viewer he should have said "a certain Fox news viewer." "A fox news viewer" refers to the generic Fox viewer.
>> No. 1043 [Edit]
I assumed he took a quote from the Fox News website or one of those shows where people submit comments like Bill O'Reilly's, maybe I'm wrong.
>> No. 1044 [Edit]

>29 October 1994
>> No. 1045 [Edit]
It basically substitutes phosphorous as a building block for organic molecules. So it's not that surprising at all, since both phosphorous and arsenic are within the same period. It basically has the same function as phosphorous in these cells, except that it's much bigger than phosphorous. But that discovery also shows how extraterrestrial life could be radically different than living organisms on Earth.

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