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File 12929001387.jpg - (22.29KB , 640x360 , t1larg_red_lunar_eclipse_gi.jpg )
1013 No. 1013 [Edit]
Lunar Eclipse tonight
you dig it?
>> No. 1014 [Edit]
It's already pitch black out here, so I either missed it, or it isn't visible from here.
>> No. 1015 [Edit]
It should be starting now where I live, but the moon still looks clear white...
I'm downloading shit now, so I'll still be awake for a while; will confirm when full eclipse is visible; would take pics, but from a cellphone? nah.
>> No. 1016 [Edit]
Raining. Hard

I'm actually quite frustrated considering I've been looking forward to this for months. But of course I'm never able to experience these things
>> No. 1017 [Edit]
Almost completely covered from where I am right now, pretty awesome.
>> No. 1018 [Edit]

JUST CONLUDED, in here. Really pretty; made me think about Lilith's Red Moon...

Anyway: my download have just finished too, so I'm gonna watch it. Have a good winter solstice, everyone; glad to have spent this (weird) seasonal year with you, brohnos.

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