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File 146076641065.png - (52.31KB , 300x400 , 2c6b4238a7fc71ecaa3f231ee50bf489.png )
2911 No. 2911 [Edit]
How Do We Make Society Better?
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>> No. 2912 [Edit]
>> No. 2914 [Edit]
File 146077457084.jpg - (100.06KB , 1280x720 , 0.jpg )
By trying.
>> No. 2915 [Edit]
Me first *kills self*
>> No. 2916 [Edit]
>can we fix it?
I don't think so.
>> No. 2920 [Edit]
Make robotic girls perfect enough to create real competition on the gf market. By causing oversupply we crash it and the real ones will have to actively seek ways of being useful to stay afloat.

On the world scale, we need to do something with Africa, it's an entire continent with area denial that can't be used because it's infested with niggers, while spreading its metastases around the world. A couple of ways to solve, we can mass-resettle Chinese into Africa and have two problems fight each other, or we can somehow sterilize population. Either way it is unacceptable to have so much land unused when other areas are overpopulated. This reminds me of the way we fight mosquitoes, by introducing infertile specimens into the population. Perhaps specifically engineered robogirls can be of help here as well.

Finally, we need to influence world politics and get rid of faulty dogmas that can otherwise seriously inhibit progress, for example eugenics and cloning are banned. I'm thinking about a network of spies and advisers, so to say, that would gradually change the agenda into the right direction. I think you can already guess who those agents would be.
>> No. 2978 [Edit]
File 150146383026.jpg - (383.92KB , 1280x1288 , 悪い虫.jpg )
Restore the rites!
>> No. 2979 [Edit]
File 150146430872.jpg - (1.47MB , 1830x2952 , Vicente de Zaragoza Tomás Giner 1462–1466.jpg )
denounce usury and sodomy every day!
>> No. 2981 [Edit]
File 150257404247.jpg - (82.81KB , 960x960 , 16195465_10211209553736041_7671331178767801919_n.jpg )
The first step is to Google Murray Bookchin.

But meme aside, Bookchin's ideas are really good and an ideal vision of what a better future society would look like.
>> No. 2982 [Edit]
jew who wanted one-world cuckoldian communism

no thanks
>> No. 2983 [Edit]
File 150259189538.jpg - (46.75KB , 400x400 , 1448230576854.jpg )
> Bookchin's ideas are really good and an ideal vision of what a better future society would look like.
>a really good idea
>an ideal vision of a better society

Those are mutually exclusive.
An ideal vision of a better society can only exist in a fictional book in a perfect world.
If you are going to imagine an ideal vision of a better society, at least give it magic and other fantasy crap that makes the place interesting.
>> No. 2987 [Edit]
I tried looking him up because the others seemed a bit harsh, but yeah, any political theory that bases itself on 'the people will just become smarter and more rational forever', to me, is not at all feasible (for many life-times, at the very least).

The main problem is: who will oversee this perpetual intellect of mankind and how will it be kept perpetual?

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