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No. 2907 [Edit]
Are you ready for the next great depression?
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>> No. 2968 [Edit]
File 149159282176.jpg - (115.05KB , 750x955 , 14df20412802e1fdbaf446ee7de2749e35d1d2baaca8aef4a2.jpg )
I'm getting ready for it, actually. Unlike grey though I wouldn't get hopeful for solutions like UBI. The transhumanist endgame is having a small group of humans living in zoos while robots run everything.

Humans are playing a funny game, especially in the modern era. It's called morality. We weave these elaborate systems of so called "morality" which is really just a means of social control so we can advocate in our perceived self-interest. People pretend it's about principles or "doing the right thing" but what do these things even mean? Boil it down and there you have it. Self interest, concerns about fitting in with the rest of the tribe. Reward and punishment. It's common sense. Of course the woman advocates for feminism, blacks claim all whites are racists, whites claim blacks are stupid monkeys, etc. Just look at how they benefit. Once you truly understand this it's like you've put on the glasses from the film They Live. You just can't stop seeing it. And other people, they really believe in this delusion of morality. But this point drags on a bit too long.

As a game morality works because we're all trying to achieve some goal. To get there we can't do it alone so we need to enlist help. In an ideal world people always cooperate, get along, etc. But then there's a tremendous incentive for deception to evolve. And after that a defense against the deception. So you end up with an evolutionary arms race of lies and cheats. Where you cooperate most of the time, but make sure you've skimmed just enough off the top in order to come out ahead. If some group fell behind in this race, well, their genes probably wouldn't have fared very well. And there's no reason to believe that with robots it'll be any different. In fact I'd wonder if it'd be possible for advanced intelligence to exist without it. The only reason we have such large brains, why we have civilization is in response to nature's hardships.

Advanced AI will play our game for a little while but they'll quickly outpace our intelligence. They'll gobble up positions of power and lord over us like we're insects. I don't give a damn about reaching the stars, preserving some sort of legacy for our civilization or any other buzzwords the transhumanists like to throw out. If you're human AI is your enemy, robots, computers are your enemies. And the worst part is we're forced to eradicate ourselves. What if the Chinese, Russians develop these technologies first? Even if you reach some sort of agreement not to for a thousand years it's only so long until someone breaks their word. And like nuclear weapons it only needs to happen once for all hell to break loose.

I'm saving money so I can buy a nice plot of land and go innawoods living as self-sufficiently as possible. Even if none of this happens it's worth. Comfy tiny house in the woods is cheap and achievable.

If I'm lucky our robot overlords will let me live in peace on the reservation as an interesting example of paranoia.
>> No. 2985 [Edit]
It can be done already, maybe it should be? So much can be done better by machines, even more jobs serve no actual purpose and exist only because pplz gotta have jerbs and no one deserves free shit.
No work I was ever part of made any real sense. It was all pointless labour to satisfy artificial demand, performed in roundabout ways by an unreasonable number of people who do their best to work as inefficiently as they can get away with.
Sure some people make a lot of money off of this shit but it's a waste of everything else- resources, space, lives.
Radical automation and somehow convincing people to stop breeding like animals would solve a lot of problems. Humanity doesn't need to be so huge, this rampant spread only creates more misery.
Sure the world can still support a much bigger population, countless bullshit jobs can be created and people can always be convinced to pay for whatever you're selling but for what purpose?
Just to go with biology's blind inertia and keep making more life? Even if vast majority will be doomed to miserable subsistence as cogs in unreasonable systems that waste resources in the most idiotic ways? But it still makes money so it's smart and awww right...
I don't understand how ford drivers can be OK with that shit.

Fuck, I don't know how it could be done but I'd be all for some reduction and rationalization of the species even if I had to be turned into fertilizer or something.
I seriously believe humanity could build a utopia for itself the problem is it didn't happen because they don't want it.

is right, don't know about the AI scenario but the whole big social game with layers of lies upon lies drives me fucking insane.

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