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File 144913100220.jpg - (88.65KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Teekyuu - 68 [6DF1C062]_mkv_snapshot_01_0.jpg )
2883 No. 2883 [Edit]
C is completely fucking useless and should be removed from the alphabet. C sometimes makes a K sound, and other times makes a S sound. Hell in coccyx it does both! That krap needs to go!
Then you got X making a 'ks' sound, I mean again with this k and s shit. That's unless it's making a Z sound like in that bullshit word xylophone. It's the word used to teach us what the letter X does in school, and it's a god damn fucking Z sound!
Both these letters need to fuck off completely.
Speaking of K, take that shit out of words it has no god damn place being in! Knot knight knack knowledge... Why the shit do these words kneed a god damn K in them? Fuck silent letters. As if the English language isn't convoluted enough as is without sticking random ass letters into words just for them to sit there and do nothing at all! P does the same fucking shit too with words like psychology pterodactyl and pneumonia. And what the shit is up with PH making F sounds? What phucking drunk phaggot thought that'd be a good idea?
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>> No. 2884 [Edit]
Those letters are fine.
>the English language
This is your real problem.
>> No. 2896 [Edit]
File 145551670325.jpg - (52.60KB , 320x320 , solar-garden-gnome.jpg )
Why in the name of fuck is there a G in gnome?
>> No. 2897 [Edit]
File 145555101265.png - (135.44KB , 1694x1599 , screenshot-en wiktionary org 2016-02-15 16-39-23.png )
Your local etymologist will be eager to explain. If he is unavailable, an online dictionary will prove just as useful.

Interesting part highlighted in red.
>> No. 2898 [Edit]
File 145597680856.jpg - (182.29KB , 1920x1080 , pixsky.jpg )
I agree that many letters could maybe be replaced by a combination of others but there are so many edge cases...
>> No. 2899 [Edit]
One valid use of silent letters is to differentiate between homonyms (knot v not, knight v night, etc.)
>> No. 2929 [Edit]
File 147461733827.jpg - (10.28KB , 251x201 , taiga.jpg )
Gnome isnt pronounced Gh-no-me in english?
Why cant you pronounce french properly?
>> No. 2931 [Edit]
I added those question marks to that picture. I've seen it more and more over the time. It's a silly thing to brag about, but I smile a little every time I see someone use it.
>> No. 2938 [Edit]
Go full IPA or recognise that English is like Chinese: words convey meaning, not pronunciation.
>> No. 2941 [Edit]
In Old English, silent letters were pronounced, and the bastardization of the English language with words like selfie are going to corrupt it even more. Hell, my PC even recognizes "Selfie" as a word! Slang is slang for a reason, just because it is a word recognizable to anyone with a machine that is capable of browsing the Internet, does not mean it should be a word.
>> No. 2942 [Edit]
The emergence of the soft C sound is actually a relatively modern phenomenon in comparison to the rest of Latin orthography. C is always a hard K in Classical Greek and Latin except in cases where a later pronunciation became widely accepted. Caesar's name would have been pronounced with a hard C in his lifetime (making the German 'Kaiser' actually closer to the original pronunciation).
As for the K in knack or knife, they were pronounced in old English, which was closer to Scandinavian and Germanic languages of the time. English pronunciation has changed considerably, heavy French influence being the most notable shift.
Psychology, pterodactyl and pneumonia are not native English words, they come from Greek and follow conventions for Greek transliteration.

English spelling in the Latin alphabet as it stands is actually reasonably reliable if you can make an accurate guess as to the origins of the word, which isn't too hard with a bit of conscious practice. You really only need to know English, French, Latin, and Greek spelling conventions to cover >90% of the words you'll see.
>> No. 2945 [Edit]
Tú bí chrúlí ánest, Ai jenyúinlí konsider ðí orþagrafí ðat Ai am yúzing in ðis post tú bí ðí práper form for a rívaizd Inglish spelling.
>> No. 2947 [Edit]
>a rívaizd
Ðis shud bí
>é rívaizd
kan just bí
Kil mí.

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