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So, what books do you currently reading? I'm reading Murakami Haruki - 1Q84. I'm halfway through and I think it'...

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Eveybody's gonna go NEET.

Are you ready for the next great depression?

Interesting perspectives on WWII?

Can anyone here recommend some sites or books with a unique perspective on WWII/related things? I'm looking for something ...

can we fix it?

How Do We Make Society Better?

No Subject

Anybody here trying or planning on learning a language? Japanese is already covered here:

Fixing the english alphabet.

C is completely fucking useless and should be removed from the alphabet. C sometimes makes a K sound, and other times makes a S...


Let us talk about philosophy. I read quite a bit of it and have also gotten deeply into mysticism, theology and psychoanalysis....

No Subject

Is mathematics the only thing that exists?

No Subject

So next semester I'm taking Japanese and Macro economics Japanese aside, is there anything I need to really worry about wh...

How/when did you start studying Japanese seriously?

When did you become serious about it and how? I feel speaking/listening is a vital part but obviously due to incompetence I don...


Is the word heterological itself heterological?

No Subject

Today, December 25, we celebrate the birth of a great man of true genius. Regardless of the centuries, his example lives on and...

No Subject

Have any of you gone and visited Japan? I've went twice and much prefer it to the UK, primarily for the landscape but I�...

A Manuscript that I Wrote

So I wrote a thing and put it on Tell me w...

No Subject

It's finally happening Brohnos, the UN is trying to shut down all online message boards that aren't strictly policing...

Computer Science thread

Anyone else studying it? I just want to talk to someone ._. Any university students here?Post edited on 2nd Jul 2015, 6:03pm...

What have you learn today?

I think it would be nice to have a thread where we document things that we've learned as we learn them.

A roll-call thread

If you're a student or ex-student, tell us what thing you're studying or used to study! I'm a second year mining...

No Subject

I was wondering if anyone else agreed with my stylistic taste here: //Bad writing: From the right sunlight poured through wide ...


Anybody feel like sharing some of your favourite quotes (preferably /mt/-related but doesn't have to be)? Here's one ...

No Subject

I do not believe 2012 will be the end of the world. Planetary alignments do not equate to destruction. The whole "Mayan ca...

No Subject

Simple question, would prefer simple or at least organized explanations: What is an intellectual? How would an intellectual com...

Japanese language board

A new addition to the Tohno-chan board lineup. Call it a gift for the holiday season:日本/ This board is m...

No Subject

Can we have a serious discussion about the Jews? I am currently reading David Duke's Jewish Supremacism and it is some rea...

No Subject

In in effort to help those that are in the midst of learning Japanese, this will be thread where we will speak only Japanese an...

Free learning resources

Just putting this out there: theres a very good selection of lecture notes and other assorted materials provided for free, onli...

Firefox Opera and other ,chrome is prohibited.No browser wars!

Most of us live through our browsers so I guess we could share add-ons/scripts to make it a even better place. Mine(do not mind...

Interesting articles

We have a thread for interesting lectures, how about one where we share interesting articles? There are tons of threads in /ot/...

No Subject

...or books. tell me about them.

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No Subject

Everyone who participates in internet debates should watch this.

No Subject

Maybe we could have a thread to share interesting lectures, documentaries or other videos about all sorts of subjects we like? ...

No Subject

Human evolution, what do the rest of you think of it. Isn't it strange that it is commonly believed we are the same people...

The Dialectic of Reality:

1. Tarantino and the capitalist paradigm of discourse If one examines neotextual capitalism, one is faced with a choice: either...

No Subject

Anyone know a good website for downloading e-books? I have over $1000 worth of books on my Amazon wish list, and that's ev...

The Math thread

General math thread, maybe we can get some cool math guys in here. Game theory sounds really fun to learn, but I'm wonderi...

No Subject

I'm going to try to learn to write kanji and kana, just because I never really did this. Even when I was learning Japanese...

No Subject

Hello everyone. Recently I pulled out a pair of swords that have been floating around and I've decided that over the summe...

No Subject

I've been hearing a lot of ads lately for gold sales. Apparently a lot of people see buying gold as a good hedge against i...

No Subject

I'm interested in what you're interested in. Tell me about your academic pursuits and areas of interest. I want to kn...


Please don't mind me a little dump... will just leave this here and I'll be done. Good luck to you all and see you gu...

J.D Salinger

Only 2 years after his Catcher in the Rye was published, he secluded himself from society. He remained a recluse until the day ...


Is there reason why Americans use Fahrenheit as temperature scale? I am European and here I hear a lot "stupid americans a...

Linguistic observations

Any are valid Here's one I was considering; Chinese, being a tonal language, depends on the intonation of a sound to mean ...

No Subject

I'm all ears.

No Subject

lol. took me about 25 minutes... The answer is 2, btw.Post edited on 27th Mar 2012, 11:01pm...

Documentaries Thread

Post any Documentary you like here. Here's one for Tohno-Chan Japanorama - Otaku

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No Subject

So what's Tohno-chan's opinion on Thorium nuclear energy. Thorium is named after Thor, the god of thunder and protect...

No Subject

Which field of science do you think is most suited for bringing us closer to our waifu? Robotics? Virtual reality? When and whe...

No Subject

So do you guys believe in conspiracy theories? That some organization is pulling global strings? I think there's some cred...

No Subject

How many of you guys like to read about Mythology/Folk Tales/Religions and all that stuff? ITT: General Mythology/Folk Tales/Re...

Need some help

I want to open some touhou sheet music, but its in .sdf file format. The program コアプレーヤーFX opens these files, and you can downl...

/mt/ related podcasts

Let's post some academic podcasts in this thread. History, law, science, economics - any subject you want. These are great...

Light Novels

I have an idea to bring more life into /mt/. Let's have a thread about Light Novels. To get a start I uploaded both "...

Project Euler Very nice site if you are bored and have some sort mathematical and programmng skill. Myself I am not ...

No Subject

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/mai/ related (but /mt/ belonging) ...

>All that we can see clearly, is how language works in the games we play. I just recently found this couple videos. I'm...

No Subject

T.o.h.n.o - chan True Otaku Hikikomori Neet Organization channel N.E.E.T Not in Education Employment, or Training Education/Tra...

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No Subject

This is cool

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Ogi Ogas

This is pretty interesting, apparently you might be more normal than you think.

No Subject

I plan on studying something so my parents aren't too sad. There is no subject I like, maybe Japanology (but then I would ...

I want to build the perfect battlestation

Currently this is my battlestation. 1. A desktop that is a real desktop, not one of those limited gimped mini desktop. 2. A thr...

No Subject

I want to make some kind of electronic 'forced study' device. The idea is that I can time the device to tie me down t...

No Subject

How effective are online colleges? I've been thinking of going to college for a while now, but I don't think I have i...

Engineer's Angst thread

Almost all the time, when I am confronted with difficult science/engineering topics and questions (often for university work), ...

No Subject

I'm considering studying music at the university. In recent years music has been my passion in life; I say in recent becau...

We are the world?...

>Theories of parental manipulation point out that the transition from solitary to eusocial appears to involve intermediate s...


Anyone else interested in economics? I'll probably kick up a shitstorm ,but here is a brief summary that explains why pira...

Sc. collections and illustrations

I've been interested on entomology -as a hobby- for a long time; even did a bit of sc. illustration for lepidopterologists...

Julian Burnside on Freedom of Expression What do you think of this?...

No Subject

So the new Zeitgeist movie is out... TL;DR It's just SAMO©...

No Subject

I've had about a year of Japanese ,and with google and about 10-15 minutes I can usually decipher any sentence.But This.My...

No Subject

Claims to be classy and uses hyphens instead of m-dashes ——————— So anyway, is anyone else pissed off about the drops in their ...

No Subject

This is a very classy board.

No Subject

We're long overdue for one. Japanese questions/answers thread. This sentence has me completely confused, at least the more...

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