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File 129922110458.png - (191.29KB , 256x363 , Steambot_Chronicles_Coverart.png )
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Anyone else interested in economics?
I'll probably kick up a shitstorm ,but here is a brief summary that explains why piracy is wrong according to current theory.
1. Piracy is theft by the letter of the law. US law forbids the creation of a copy for anything other than personal use.Uploading it to the internet is not personal use.

2. The idea that digital reproduction is costless is of no merit.
3.The most important asset in an information age society is human capital.This concept is integral and elementary.The cost of the english language edition is a result of several factors. You are paying for the license ,which is an indirect method of payment to the original company . You are paying for the skills of artists ,writer's scripts, programmers knowledge. All are specialized skillsets employed for livelihood. You are also paying for the skill sets of the translators and their knowledge of Japanese,something which cannot be done by machines.
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>> No. 433 [Edit]
Now hold on, I never said digital downloading is bad, in fact I think it's good. It lets people like me that want physical packages get them when we have to scrimp and save.I was pointing out that digital shopping wouldn't solve piracy. Did you read that? 25 percent of the people who got the gamepack basically gave it to themselves free,most payed 9.87 or something and gave themselves a discount of 80%. Anyway you slice it ,most gamers are pigs with no respect for the creative endeavors of others.
>> No. 434 [Edit]
I've bought games and indie bundles legit on Steam for more than 80% off.
anyway the other guy said an online market would reduce piracy, not that people should be able to pay any amount they choose.
>> No. 435 [Edit]
an 80% discount is common for videogames, they all drop in price rather fast, games that were $60 a year ago can be bought for half that now.
most last generation games can be bought for $10 on average, where as they sold for $50 new.
besides, who decided $60 to $100 is a fair price for a single new videogame regardless of quality or play time?
That's not cheep man, not at all, that's a full days pay at minimum wage, that's food for weeks.
You can easily go bankrupt trying to keep up with games today man.
you can rent the same game for $5 and get the exact same experience out of it you would if you paid full price for it, but does that make gamers whinny brat pigs?
>> No. 437 [Edit]
>If you can't make more money than minimum wage you've earned a shitpile of a life.
alot of people here dont make any money at all

File 129887365947.jpg - (302.90KB , 1094x946 , lepids.jpg )
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I've been interested on entomology -as a hobby- for a long time; even did a bit of sc. illustration for lepidopterologists here, whose money paid for most of my figures. Yesterday I made a discovery wich may be obvious to many, but I just realized:

Bugs (taxidermized specimens for scientists/collectionists) can be bought online.

To know that even living as a hiki, I myself am able to get some of my dearest species (safe from aparently protected ones, like Rosalia alpina), and considering that most of them are waaaaaaaaay cheaper than most of my always beloved figures, I'm ready to sacrifice a couple of girls to try starting an insect collection, mostly of moths and butterflies for now (maybe a few locusts, a cicada... we'll see).

Might give updates about this later, as well as dumping some random sc. illustration images I've got (with sources, whenever possible).

Sellers I've been checking on:*888/?_trksid=p4340.l2559
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>> No. 393 [Edit]
File 129888257488.jpg - (382.22KB , 770x382 , robertbatemanoceanrhaps.jpg )
>> No. 394 [Edit]
File 129888262787.jpg - (371.21KB , 690x452 , RhinoOxpecker.jpg )
>> No. 395 [Edit]
File 129888268275.jpg - (433.65KB , 770x547 , Raven.jpg )
>> No. 396 [Edit]
File 129888284123.jpg - (184.02KB , 480x640 , butter0.jpg )

File 129817340916.png - (86.22KB , 299x185 , bumside.png )
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What do you think of this?

File 129613013861.jpg - (1.02MB , 1672x1788 , zeitgeistRESUME.jpg )
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So the new Zeitgeist movie is out...

TL;DR It's just SAMO©
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>> No. 139 [Edit]
>new technology to rave about, new medical breakthroughs, new forms of entertainment, new discoveries

Note how most of those (excpet entertainment) are steps forward that are made by science. Law, politics and economics have the potential to help the human race, but the way I see it now, for every step forward they make two steps back, and I don't see this changing any time in the near future.
>> No. 140 [Edit]
Scratch law off the list, I think they generzally do more good than harm, and the times they dont do good is highlu publicised.
>> No. 141 [Edit]
tl;dr, money is the root of all evil.
>> No. 142 [Edit]
File 129620514274.jpg - (61.37KB , 640x480 , 1288300844101.jpg )
I just finished watching it.

It could work, I won't say no because I am always open to new ideas. This is a great idea but how can we make it possible? How can we actually change things for the better for everyone? I'm not saying we should follow this project blindly, we should learn from it, adapt it, perhaps even make it better. The amount of people in denial, that are completely brainwashed or simply hostile to change and new ideas, is tremendously large. People actually don't want to be happy or healthy, they want "the money".

The CEO of Total, an oil company, has a salary of $3Mio. I am stuck in this shitty life because I don't have $5000. $5000 is literally nothing yet I can't get it. I can either pay for my charges with my salary of $1500 while only eating every second day or I can ask for some loan that I will have to pay for even longer because of interest. There is no way I can get out of this. I am simply stuck. How is this normal? I could also be the CEO of Total, Microsoft or Ikea.

I wouldn't say money is necessarily the root of evil in this world, (compound) interest is. You need a medium of exchange, something that you can put value on so that in turn you can exchange it for goods and services. You did this much work that has this much value, so we give you this value in money so that you can provide for your needs (food, health, education etc.).

File 129557793997.jpg - (96.34KB , 800x600 , albatross2.jpg )
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I've had about a year of Japanese ,and with google and about 10-15 minutes I can usually decipher any sentence.But This.My mind was not ready. help please.

File 129534991639.png - (318.61KB , 688x384 , vlcsnap-2011-01-06-21h39m37s69.png )
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Claims to be classy and uses hyphens instead of m-dashes
So anyway, is anyone else pissed off about the drops in their enrolments because their institution is artificially holding the ATAR of their degree programme up? I'm so not going to make EFTSL, and the failure of the federal government to either increase the Student Contribution HECS Banding or the Commonwealth Government Block Banding Category units means that I'll be taking even more tutorials this year.

Oh of course, /mt/ you didn't really mean academia at all did you?

Picture related, its me and my funding environment.
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>> No. 126 [Edit]
Ah, forgive me sir, I am just a student spouting off crap. How does holding up the ATAR cause more popular degrees to become even more popular? And although this may be sensitive info, what faculty at what institution?
>> No. 127 [Edit]
Faculty X, the older brother of Speed Academic, at the University of My Job On The Line.

Holding up the ATAR doesn't make Degree Y "more desirable"... Universities often have low ATAR degrees when they're otherwise "shit hot"*. What holding up Degree Y's ATAR does is that it makes the University of My Job On the Line look better because people suddenly don't look down the list of degrees and go "Degree Z has a high ATAR... oh no Degree Y has a LOW ATAR, NOT GOING THERE EVEN THOUGH I'D BE IN A DIFFERENT FACULTY". ATAR is all about University level marketing, not degree marketing.

The Funding system is Quantity (EFTSL, which is all you'll be to your academics: effective full time student loads, or funding units), where as the Entry system is pseudo "qualitative" based on demand structures.

So my Faculty wants a decent enrolment in Degree Y without having an ATAR collapse to, say 50. But my University wants Degree Y's ATAR held artificially high to make the University look good.

Universities are set up for constant enrolments (ie: at ATAR level, Degree Y should be 500 entries in 2010 and 500 entries in 2011). However, either lowering the ATAR to ensure 500 entries OR keeping the ATAR high to keep the year 12 assumption of "University Quality" up punish the university either way. Degree Y, with such a large entry pool, is not going to get more popular with a high ATAR, but nor will its real quality decrease with one year of low ATAR.

(Quality measures, like TimesHES/QR run over 5 year periods, and are largely dependent on factors not linked to student intake numbers or student perception, but are primarily research output measures and/or esteem measures from the business community or academics overseas).

Seriously, for the next 3-5 years you will be an EFTSL against HECS (FEE-HELP) and Commonwealth Block Grant Funding Scheme requirements. It gets even sillier: the Commonwealth does not fully fund positions via CBG: it funds a "denoted" load, and Universities can choose to "over enrol" to get the HECS (FEE-HELP) and a diminishing retu
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 128 [Edit]
I see. I had to read your post several times slowly to get what you mean, and I think I get it now, except for the last two sentances.

Also forgive my previous spouting-of-crap, I have a habit of doing that IRL and on forums. I say crap because I am in a better position than most to talk about these things, even though I don't know crap, and those who are truly qualified to talk about them are absent. From here on I will (at least try to) just say what I know is true and not try to pass off things beyond my range as facts.

I also didn't know that the antagonism between the academics and the administration ran so deep. Academics aren't idiots, they are the smartest people around, but it seems they still get thrown around by people in power, who I guess are mainly men of business. This makes me angry, but I can't see it working any other way.

What upsets me a lot is as a student, the academics only see me as a number. No wonder my first year was so incredibly difficult for me to adjust to. In high school I thrived partially because I was friends with my teachers, and we always communicated with each other. In uni I was alone with neither friends nor teachers, and I ended up never attending my lectures and going to the minimum number of labs and tutorials I had to. Work piled up until it became impossible to catch up and I passed my final exams by the skin of my teeth only because of a horribly painful push of effort I made near the end. And in the end, I nearly got held back a year, because I missed an enrolment deadline which nobody told me about. The man who could have waved me in and ended my misery didn't do so- he seemed bent on obliterating every chance to enrol I got. What a horrible man, for five days I constantly felt a typhoon in my stomach as he shot down every avenue of hope I had. I only managed to avoid one year of waste because I found if I get over 90% for every assignment for now on, I could lift my average mark to a credit and overload the units I missed in third year. But I see how it is. With hundreds of students begging him for some favour, no wonder he wanted to make me miserable! Haha, what a wonderful world this is!
>> No. 129 [Edit]
The last two sentences are "Your academics are forced by their work environment to treat you like a number" and "The government encourages unfunded student enrolments so that academics treat students as numbers". Unfunded: no money to supply teaching staff, materials, buildings, library resources, etc for your enrolment place.

I've seen many administrative staff lose themselves to cruelty because they're forced into it. Many fight against it though. Worst, of course, is that normal academic and administrative staff have no power over "Chancellory" which is central administration in the university.

I, for one, am a member of the National Tertiary Education Union to prevent just this shit from chancellory. But in day to day life I have to fuck students so that I don't get fucked so hard. You're one third of my job requirement, the other two are academic administration and research. And research is what gets us promoted.

File 129297485528.jpg - (762.52KB , 1545x2500 , slayer-acc.jpg )
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This is a very classy board.
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>> No. 91 [Edit]
Very interesting. I'm into epistemology myself. The nature of knowledge kind of thing. I haven't done much reading, I have only read the important bits of 'Sophies World', some of the philosophy notes on the free MIT resources site, and a bunch of Wikipedia articles.

I really believe that philosophy is something that is practiced, not learned. Read other's works to bolster your own ideas, sure, but be sure to develop your own philosophy.

/pss/ sounds interesting. I'm not a fan of 'stoner philosophy' as I'm leaning more towards a rationalistic method but i'll certainly check it out.

I don't know much about ethics so I'm sorry I can't really discuss that kind of stuff with you. However, can I suggest you read into Logic a bit? Its a really interesting field of philosophy which operates almost like mathematics, and can seriously bolster your ability to see flaws in arguments (it can also bug you alot because you'll be noticing self-contradictions in what people say..).
>> No. 92 [Edit]
That sounds really interesting. I've been wanting to give Sophie's World a read for a while now.

>Read other's works to bolster your own ideas, sure, but be sure to develop your own philosophy.

Yeah, I understand your point completely.

>I'm not a fan of 'stoner philosophy' as I'm leaning more towards a rationalistic method but i'll certainly check it out.

Lol, I haven't lurked there for a while but there can be some good discussions going on. There's some pretty educated opinions provided often, but of course the odd argument too.

>However, can I suggest you read into Logic a bit?

I've been wanting to read into that for a while! I'm just unsure of where to start.
>> No. 112 [Edit]

Interesting. I graduated with a degree in journalism then went to Japan and worked for a while. I lost my job and have been studying primarily Russian and Western philosophy for the past couple years while I NEET it up.
>> No. 113 [Edit]
That sounds really interesting. I'm sorry to read that you lost your job, though..

File 129056026025.jpg - (70.44KB , 716x459 , 0a8a5faae4530cb2bb5441ad0a7b5ae6.jpg )
41 No. 41 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
We're long overdue for one. Japanese questions/answers thread.

This sentence has me completely confused, at least the more I think about it. It's from the book A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. It states that the subject marker ga can be omitted if the sentence conveys information which is expected by the hearer or which is very closely related to the hearer. That part's fine. What I don't understand is why 電話 is considered the subject. This is the sentence and how I've broken it down. I'm not entirely sure if my breakdown is correct.

There was a phone call for you today from Tanaka.

今日 (noun, time/location)
田中さん (proper noun, indirect object?)
から (particle, from)
君 (pronoun, direct object?)
に (particle, indicating the object?)
電話 (noun, subject)
(が) (particle, subject marker)
あった (stative verb)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 69 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure it's just a noun in that sentence.
>> No. 101 [Edit]
Ok, i have a question for you guys.

How old are you, and since when did you study Japanese.

>> No. 103 [Edit]
Recently I started to notice a te form + koi or goi combination. I know koi is the command form of kuru but somehow that meaning wouldn't make sense in the situations I heard such a combination.

Any insight?
>> No. 110 [Edit]
20, took it in high school and then self studied.

Kind of hard to say unless I know what it is you actually encountered. Most of the time I see it, it's something like 買って来い, 出て来い, 持って来い, which are pretty self-explanatory if you know what each of the verbs mean.

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