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No. 976 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
>All that we can see clearly, is how language works in the games we play.

I just recently found this couple videos. I'm positive that, since Wittgenstein constitutes one of my very own main references, certain things said in here can work as a way better put exposition of some of the ideas I've painfully tried to share on /mai/ (althought not being entirely equivalent), concerning the problems around the subjectiveness (and thus ultimate falsehood, in the world) of anyone's concept of anything; in particular: of a character when becoming anyone's waifu, or even of any kind of "beloved" entity as the subject of -such an artificial thing that is- love.

To put it simply: a waifu or any beloved entity, just like (a) God, is so immersed in art that it only exists in the measure that it changes your own life, so they can't be but (metaphysical, conceptual and) personal; in their most powerful and authentic ways, love and faith do are extremely similar and work quite analogically, so the boundaries of one can tell us a lot about those of the other (for good or bad).

I sincerely hope some of you will finally be able/willing to confront this ideas and thus put your own into a wider perspective, as 2D lovers. I mean: no matter what way your own conclusions head towards, I hope that you'll be somehow enriched by merely coming to know something that I personally still find fascinating and very related with what we all on /mai/ seem to do everyday, intentionally or not, but hopefully more consciously (and thus more freely) than before.

Post edited on 20th Aug 2011, 1:50am
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>> No. 1041 [Edit]
"Bulma" is a concept. (For the sake of argument, let's ignore she's fictional.) Concepts are like boxes or shelves we attempt to organize our experience with, and they have no independent existence.
So whether the result "is" Bulma, depends mostly on what you mean by "Bulma", which is a really tricky question, since the word means something slightly different with every utterance.
>> No. 1048 [Edit]
File 131702611163.jpg - (34.46KB , 207x255 , Peirce.jpg )
Son, I'm proud.
>> No. 1124 [Edit]
Was that meant ironically?
Do Peirce's views match or contradict mine?
>> No. 1126 [Edit]
Lol, relax: it was honest. Peirce's pragmaticism (yes: not -mere- pragmatism; he made the term ugly for others not to steal it that easily) stablishes the impossibility of properly translating the meaning of any given sign from one private language to another, beyond the purposes (pragmatic dimension) those two languages may share in common... That is: in order to say anything about Bulma, we must first find a common functional definition of what "Bulma" shall mean in this case, and for what purposes.

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2011, 8:58pm

File 131906427698.jpg - (89.16KB , 499x348 , NEET.jpg )
1089 No. 1089 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
T.o.h.n.o - chan


Not in
Employment, or

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 1098 [Edit]
they say you learn something new every day, so in that regard are we truly ever NEETs?
>> No. 1099 [Edit]
This is actually a fact.

It is impossible to not learn at least one thing. No matter how miniscule or useless the fact is, you will learn something.
>> No. 1100 [Edit]
You learn more from being NEET than you do paying yourself into debt so someone to test you on useless shit you will forget about anyways.
>> No. 1101 [Edit]
Well that depends on a lot of things, doesn't it.

No. 1088 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This is cool
>> No. 1092 [Edit]
I want it
>> No. 1096 [Edit]
...You know what this means??


>> No. 1111 [Edit]


No. 1051 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This is pretty interesting, apparently you might be more normal than you think.
>> No. 1052 [Edit]
File 131782776780.jpg - (23.98KB , 316x341 , notthisshitagain2.jpg )
alot of stuff this guy says is misleading and isn't very scientific at all

File 131238743163.gif - (597.35KB , 480x291 , 1311807536024.gif )
904 No. 904 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I plan on studying something so my parents aren't too sad. There is no subject I like, maybe Japanology (but then I would have problems getting a job). I want a job where I either can do what I want (like watching anime or reading manga) most of the time or one where I earn lots of money so I only have to work like 4 hours a day. I don't like talking much, of course. Do you think there is something like that? Should I alter my demands?
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>> No. 911 [Edit]
none stop (power) walking around a small crowded mall with a manager on my ass for walking to slow, as kids and teenagers make fun of me and give me crap just for doing what I'm told (walk in a circle all day over and over since the mall was just that small), the other employees being lazy fucks just made me do their share of the work, and since one was said to be fucking the manager, I couldn't do anything about it.
Co workers were bitchs about my brakes, timing me as I took them and busting into the brake room to kick me out on the second, so they could sit in their for a few hours as I do my job, unlike them.
I tried hiding out in the bathroom from time to time with my psp, to keep me from going insane and killing everyone there, and of course, the employs would give me crap about that, like one time one went into the stall next to me and asked me if I needed to see a doctor or something(he wasn't considered, just being a dick).
After 7 hours of quickly walking the equivalent of a few miles, I'd get to do some heavy lifting, since they always have some crap that requires us to pull out old heavy tables and chairs from the back and take them in and set them up.
8 hours a day, for 5 days a week of that crap with a boss that didin't like me being there, two guards that hated me, reason being for this I discovered was because they were involved in illegal business at the mall, and thought I might rat them out or something, and one guard that thought I was mentally challenged.
Although there was one guy that worked there that was surprisingly friendly/cool, it still was a horrible job, which ended with them trying to frame me for the theft of $10k.
After that, there's no way in hell I'd ever take another mall job.
>> No. 928 [Edit]
Well on the bright side you got a lot of exercise!
>> No. 984 [Edit]

stock market,sit in front of the computer a few hours a day without any worries or Poker.Feel that yen.
>> No. 995 [Edit]
This quite much depends where you live in, but the public sector here has the fame of paying you to browse your favorite imageboards.
Some areas are harsher than others, though. One friend of my worked with public health, in the administrative area, he said it was hell on earth. But then he said his father worked with law, in the sector which manages lawsuits and such made from public workers toward public service and the other way around. So he never worked at all, because nobody wants to see those lawsuits going anywhere.
Another case worth mentioning was a friend of mine who worked making copies. He didn't get much money out of it, but he spent most of his time playing Ragnarok Online with me and/or fucking around with the department's local network, because whoever implemented it hadn't prevented client machines from kicking each other from it (lol).
So it's not like it's heaven everywhere, but I think you should do some research on wether your country's public service has opportunities like those last two I mentioned. I myself am going to try to get into it in the next months.

File 131334982616.jpg - (90.08KB , 1024x768 , IMG_8697 (Medium).jpg )
948 No. 948 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Currently this is my battlestation.
1. A desktop that is a real desktop, not one of those limited gimped mini desktop.
2. A three-year old laptop that is currently unused for now but I want to use it for secondary purposes and stuff like for DVD viewing and shit.
3. A 2.1. sound system
4. A simple headphone with mic.

But I want to add the following for my perfect battlestation:
1. Two other monitors. I have one other monitor, which is a 720p 16:10 HDTV/DVD player combo in storage and want to buy another 16:9 monitor as well. Also I want to add two vertical monitors for texts such as magazines and digital books and irc conversations/windows.
2. Hook up my modern video game consoles (PS2, Xbox 360) to my battlestation
3. Possibly another external hard drive for all my stored anime, music, and recorded TV shows, and have my current hard drive I have to be used as a static archive/recovery hard drive, and get a new external hard drive for my current content.

I've been waiting to do this since early 2010, and this is my chance. Any other suggestions in how this can be done, feel free to reply.
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>> No. 950 [Edit]
I actually use Windows 7 and play PC games such as Medal of Honor (2010) once a day.
>> No. 951 [Edit]
File 131335895420.png - (87.59KB , 675x534 , Stats.png )
Here's my desktop's stats if you're interested.
>> No. 952 [Edit]
This makes me feel bad that my "battle station" is just an eeePC on a cardboard box.

OP I'd suggest you, assuming you have enough money, swap out the headset mic for a studio mic on a stand and then replace that 2.1 sound system with a 5.1. You really can tell the difference, but some people do prefer having headsets so it might come down to personal preference.

Do you have a wall near you and not a window? You might find it more spatially economical to attach your vertically aligned screens to a wall. You could also take advantage of that to use them as picture frames if your into that kind of aesthetic goofing around.

Good luck OP, I hope it works out for you.
>> No. 953 [Edit]
>This makes me feel bad that my "battle station" is just an eeePC on a cardboard box.

I know man ;_; I was at that stage at one time.

>OP I'd suggest you, assuming you have enough money, swap out the headset mic for a studio mic on a stand and then replace that 2.1 sound system with a 5.1. You really can tell the difference, but some people do prefer having headsets so it might come down to personal preference.

I'm definitely getting a 5.1 set up as soon as I have the space to. Same for the studio mic, but I will still use the headset mic for PC gaming.

File 130779734780.jpg - (15.57KB , 320x242 , 1306250775888.jpg )
717 No. 717 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I want to make some kind of electronic 'forced study' device. The idea is that I can time the device to tie me down to my table for a short period of time so I won't wander around or get distracted.

Can you guys help me brainstorm some ideas? I want something as simple as possible to engineer but is still effective. The three main categories I can see this heading is:
-Some kind of electronic lock on a door
-Electromagnet locking device (the magnet gets charged and sticks to a metal plate and won't come off)
-Motor based locking device (for example a motor turns a padlock)
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 772 [Edit]
It won't.

The assumption is that if I'm locked down to my desk with nothing except studying materials around me, then I would study.
>> No. 773 [Edit]
In my experience that's not a safe assumption.

The best way to insure that you'll study is to be working on something you're interested in. If that's not the case, reason out that you'll enjoy your free time better when you have it after a period of work.
>> No. 774 [Edit]
I had this problem too, i figured that i needed to block all distracting websites,but ended looking at unrelated articles while studying. It sounds like OP needs to practice on focusing on a specific task. This requires alot of practice, but small steps at a time will help.
>> No. 775 [Edit]
If you have an old computer or laptop lying around, just install a basic windows image on it with nothing else but what you need for school, and set the firewall so that it only allows you access to school-related stuff, and turn off your normal computer while studying.

Also set up a limited account for you to use so you don't install anything else that you don't need. Ask your parents to put their password on the admin account so it would be impossible for you to slip up, I'm sure they'd be willing to help if it's for the purpose of studying.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2011, 10:26am

File 130946444751.jpg - (57.88KB , 300x300 , 130922881936.jpg )
785 No. 785 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How effective are online colleges? I've been thinking of going to college for a while now, but I don't think I have it in me to go to one in person, so I've been considering this. Do you any of you guys happen to be enrolled in one of these and had any luck?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 790 [Edit]
Hm, true points. Regardless of the reasons and job benefits (I'll worry about that later) for going in, I'm interested in the quality itself and how online education works. I just want to know if online education is a gimmick or in it's infancy or if there is really beneficial courses out there. I'll mention my own personal situation later.
>> No. 792 [Edit]
Why not just take online courses at a community college instead?
>> No. 793 [Edit]
I don't know a lot about online courses, but some of the higher-profile colleges that have been pushing their online programs have been under some serious suspicion for their practices lately. I'm sure it's not the case with all of them, but you might do some background research on the colleges with online courses you're looking at. And even if the college passes muster, you have to consider that employers generally have a bias against such courses.
>> No. 801 [Edit]
Hm, I had not made a distinction between online colleges and online courses. That does change things a bit...

File 130795736971.png - (270.43KB , 518x454 , Eight_founding_schools.png )
727 No. 727 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Almost all the time, when I am confronted with difficult science/engineering topics and questions (often for university work), I feel despair because this stuff is so difficult, yet other students seem to be able to cope with and even eventually learn this stuff.
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 742 [Edit]
Someone told me about Make: Magazine. Maybe this will teach me about beginning electronics. When I get to school I shall download it (home internet is shitty).
>> No. 745 [Edit]
Okay I downloaded volume 26 or something. I'll read it after my exams.
>> No. 747 [Edit]
I found a good site for engineering thermodynamics tutorial PDFs. They're free. Its a British site, and it has some other good stuff on it too, like Fluid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics and Materials related stuffs.
>> No. 761 [Edit]
I'm studying for my surveying test thats on friday. I was poorly motivated and felt that I didn't understand things by only using the lecture notes and random internet resources (which were usually too indepth). However, I found this kick ass textbook, which has a lot of the answers I seek, and describes everything very simply. Since then I found studying to be much more efficient. 'Surveying for Engineers' by Uren and Price is awesome!

File 130142473381.jpg - (209.82KB , 407x600 , 27cb428d102b4b4b846bfd8abf19aa45.jpg )
441 No. 441 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'm considering studying music at the university. In recent years music has been my passion in life; I say in recent because it took me a while to discover it. It would be lovely if I could just "go for it" and profit, but I can't help but deny the benefits of my doubts. I have mainly two concerns, and I was hoping someone could shed some light on this matter:
1) I'm a novice. I don't know how to play any musical instruments in the traditional sense. I'm somewhat familiar with the piano and the guitar, but I can't play either properly. Long story short: I have never studied music on any academic level, and wish to jump right at it on a university level. Am I getting ahead of myself? Up until university I've but studied traditional science, where-as others with musical talents and awareness of it, would perhaps harness their musical abilities at a much earlier stage than myself. I fear this leaves me with a massive handicap. If I'm not able to compete, what could I possibly hope to achieve by suddenly studying musical science or technology on such an advanced level...
2) At the end of the road, what are the chances of actually profitting from devoting oneself to musical science? I'd love to become an artist of some sort, but then I'd actually have to believe in myself..

I've already dismissed social science, partly because of the decline in related jobs in recent times/future. I'd be a hypocrit if I jumped over to something with less possibilities of profit.

Any inpuits are welcome. Music academia/General.
13 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 697 [Edit]
Funny, that's a big trend in my country as well. I had no idea it stretched beyond domestic proportions. Alas it has not applied to the music related subjects thus far.
>> No. 700 [Edit]
You might be surprised. Even if it's not on campus, there are usually community centers that might offer these types of things, or even music societies.

...aaand I just noticed OP wanted to specifically study it at Uni. Is it just to have a degree to show that you can play music? Or do you care more about learning a skill? Or are you looking to take classes for free because your Uni is subsidized?

I ask because I specifically had this same thought process with art--oil painting. I was good before, but I didn't enroll in art school and went to college for something else. I still take one class of studio art though, which turned out to be OK because I don't have to go through as much theory/history/bullshit classes as the art majors have to.

The one thing I've noticed is that people are really mixed in levels at school. Are you considering going to a "mixed" Uni or a music Uni? If it's the former, jump into it. No one gets to compete in the first year unless they are really good (at sex, usually).
>> No. 703 [Edit]
As strange as it may sound, I thought I should try to do it "properly". This is a small country, so there's no such thing as dedicated universities per field. I'm a bit reluctant towards enrolling into anything but a university, and I'm not enirely sure why. Being concerned about jobs and level of expertise doesn't really make any sense in this case. It's probably bias. Paying for education is out of the question, so that do limit my choises. As for studying such subjects at a campus, or whatever it's called, here it usually resolves around "cultural schools"; of which I don't like the sound of. I'm sure it makes sense to study for the sole purpose of learning, and not for a job magnet degree. I know I'll sound like a massive hypocrit for saying this, but I'm afraid I wouldn't get good enough to profit on my own terms, and not a degree..

It's now summer, stuff has happened, and applications have been sent. I'm still uncertain about my future, though. Thank you for your comment.
>> No. 710 [Edit]
Thank you for responding. I felt like I overstepped myself, but ... sometimes it does help to think more concretely about your goals, especially when you discuss them with someone else. I have very little experience, so I really can't say much about anything...

Good luck on your applications! As you get more into it, I'm sure you will gain more self-confidence, even if it's only in music.

File 130285195438.jpg - (37.38KB , 704x400 , ergo-proxy-intro.jpg )
491 No. 491 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
>Theories of parental manipulation point out that the transition from solitary to eusocial appears to involve intermediate stages where dominance interactions are required to suppress the reproductive tendencies of group members; that is, females are manipulated into acting as workers, even if it is against their own self-interest. This model does not require that individuals be highly related, though high relatedness will reduce expected levels of resistance to manipulation.

Does women -so called- emancipation (wich we look around here with suspicion), along with our own celibacy tendencies as hiki and 2D lovers, could be actually contributing to achieve an eusocial stage for humanity?
Could we, the scum of the Polis, be an actual step up towards the übermensch state?
>> No. 492 [Edit]
File 130292192814.jpg - (145.95KB , 1024x1350 , 1289088968161.jpg )
You mean not having kids but instead helping the kids of those who had them become stronger humans (Übermensch)?

Does eusociality apply to humans? The consequences of we, who are in more advanced societies, not having kids are nil. Our population decreases but it still rises in developing countries to overcome the high mortality. Humans behave differently in very complicated ways, compared to insects, and while I'm talking to you now as a fellow human, we're not that much related. I wouldn't sacrifice myself for your kids. Furthermore, this would require everyone to follow the same pattern of thought, i.e. not having offspring. Are we capable of that? How can you then determine who is more capable of having offspring? We don't have a minuscule ant brain. Everyone will try to overthrow the queen and take her place as soon as they will notice.

I don't think that mentality of "we are Earthlings, we are all humans, living on the same planet, breathing the same oxygen" exists (yet). We're not connected, not advanced enough. Once distances are reduced, countries abolished and we think we are citizens of Earth instead of Ghana or Uzbekistan we might actually see something happening in that direction. Like a hive mind, we would function as one, row in the same direction. Computers would plan everything, no waste of resources. New humans that are born, are educated by society, learn from everyone etc. This is me hypothesizing without any basis of course.
>> No. 493 [Edit]
I think if you take a look at the groups that are reproducing the most you will see that the answer to your second question is a clear and definite "no."

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