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File 133291121935.jpg - (36.42KB , 960x684 , 54632810151464975575235.jpg )
1746 No. 1746 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
lol. took me about 25 minutes...

The answer is 2, btw.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2012, 11:01pm
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>> No. 1807 [Edit]
Took me about 5 minutes. 2 obviously because you are looking for numbers with symmetry. 6 and 9 can be made by it, so they have 1. 8 has a value of 2, because it can be split in two ways. 0 has 1.
>> No. 1809 [Edit]
File 133400825622.png - (2.77KB , 245x85 , symmetries.png )
>numbers with symmetry. 6 and 9 can be made by it, so they have 1. 8 has a value of 2, because it can be split in two ways. 0 has 1

but, if you're counting symmetry axes, 6 and 9 has none, 8 has 1 (or maybe has 2, at the most) and 0 has 2...
>> No. 1814 [Edit]
Like a preschooler could understand that.
>> No. 1815 [Edit]
Yeah, well, we already made clear wich one aproach was the correct. This is just exploring what others came with cause it's interesting.

File 131852801898.jpg - (15.66KB , 400x224 , japanorama.jpg )
1079 No. 1079 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Post any Documentary you like here.

Here's one for Tohno-Chan

Japanorama - Otaku

I'll post some more in a bit.
>> No. 1083 [Edit]
Is it really the same thing?

I'm quite partial to "The Battle of Chernobyl."
>> No. 1108 [Edit]
So otaku culture began with someone asking for advice on 3DPD, well I'll be fucked.
>> No. 1784 [Edit]

No. 1127 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So what's Tohno-chan's opinion on Thorium nuclear energy.
Thorium is named after Thor, the god of thunder and protector of mankind.
A Thorium reactor can produce hundred of times more energy than uranium and creates almost no waste and the waste that does get created can be used for medicine and space exploration.
There is no chance of nuclear meltdown or any sort of disaster.
And it get's even better, Thorium is so common on earth that we have an unending supply.

In other words we have the technology and knowledge of an unending supply of cheap, clean energy and we've had this for over 50 years.

Thor was a very accurate name for this element
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>> No. 1470 [Edit]
>Lets not forget that fusion power plants aren't perfectly safe and can be used to create nuclear weapons.

How can it. The material used in fusion are things like helium and hydrogen. Not to mention, fusion power plants aren't feasible yet, and we haven't figured out how to get more energy from fusion than we can put in on a large scale yet.
>> No. 1515 [Edit]
I don't get it, how could it be cleaner than simple Uranium fusion, if after fusion Thorium transforms into U233.
It's just cheaper I think.
>> No. 1573 [Edit]
>we haven't figured out how to get more energy from fusion than we can put in on a large scale yet.

Not true. thermo-nuclear warheads kick off many times more energy than was used to produce them. the problem with using them for a power source is that the warhead gives off all the energy at once.

>I don't get it, how could it be cleaner than simple Uranium fusion, if after fusion Thorium transforms into U233.

look at the radioactive decay paths. U233, U235, and U238 have very different decay pathways.
>> No. 1652 [Edit]

Larger bulk composition =/= Larger usable supply

File 132606358222.jpg - (120.34KB , 444x700 , animedia0502.jpg )
1432 No. 1432 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Which field of science do you think is most suited for bringing us closer to our waifu? Robotics? Virtual reality? When and where do you think the 3D world will be brought closer to the 2D world? How much progress have we made already?
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>> No. 1445 [Edit]
File 13262276458.jpg - (310.75KB , 938x938 , 1321383484513.jpg )
Psychopharmacology/ drug discovery chemistry-
A drug that triggers feelings of being loved would be interesting. Maybe a drug that has a phenylethylamine or tryptamine structure but binds to mu-opioid receptors, sort of like 7-hydroxymitragynine? Of course, that would just be a lovey-dovey euphoria, it wouldn't really have anything to do with your waifu, not to mention the fact that, as with anything that binds to the mu-opioid receptors, it would be addictive.

Oneirology- training yourself to control your dreams (lucid dreaming) is a way to become much closer to your waifu, and it can be attained with today's level of technological development. The down side to this option is that it takes hard work, discipline, and determination if you aren't a natural at it. There are several herbs, supplements, and gadgets that can greatly boost your chances of realizing you're dreaming/becoming lucid.

Augmented reality contact lenses- Research is currently underway involving placing LEDs in contact lenses with the end goal of contact lenses that can create a layer of augmented reality over physical reality. It will be several years before consumers see anything like this (currently, all that exists is a proof of concept that can only display one pixel), but with them, you could potentially have an augmented reality version of your waifu.

Artificial intelligences that are advanced enough to function as a partner would likely have rights, which could potentially mean a relationship with them would be similar to a relationship with a human. That's just conjecture, though; I'm hoping for the personal companionship humanoid robots scenario myself.

I wouldn't necessarily say that. Every year, a vast amount of knowledge is gained about medical science and human longevity. Without taking into account unfortunate accidents, and provided you don't routinely poison yourself with junk food, fast food, MSG, aspartame, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc... we could potentially live a
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1458 [Edit]
I'd think religion would be the most realistic route to it. Most people I've talked to treat their waifu as an imaginary person who they can talk to as a real person, this isn't too far from how religious people see god. Prehaps through prayer and meditation (or something like it) you can get even closer to your waifu.
>> No. 1487 [Edit]
File 132724404713.jpg - (725.04KB , 1000x900 , 4761cd2f7f73b48a9099c7420e0802a6fa769005.jpg )
If there was a waifu simulator (utilizing robotics or VR or both), what features would you expect? I guess something like this:
* response to your sight, words and touch
* paying attention to your presence and actions
* having an attractive appearance and/or personality
Feel free to amend, detail or debate.
>> No. 1490 [Edit]
Needs to have a highly advanced AI. What if this was done similar to Siri? The "brain" would not be stored locally (for the most part) but would connect to a data center of servers containing petabytes of data collected and organised to allow the robotic entity to be able to respond, talk, and act like a human? And to keep every personality separate something like setting up your Firefox Sync could be done: encrypted and accessible only by the owner.

File 132311854651.png - (35.75KB , 569x600 , 569px-Square_compasses.png )
1210 No. 1210 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So do you guys believe in conspiracy theories? That some organization is pulling global strings? I think there's some credit to the New World Order, but to completely believe something that has been a plot point in so many shows seems crazy. It's interesting nonetheless. What's some of the more believable or interesting conspiracy theories you guys have heard of?
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>> No. 1446 [Edit]

Not a conspiracy, but I can't think where else to put this documentary. Everyone should give it a look.
>> No. 1447 [Edit]
Is the point of this documentary that "wealth creation" is a fake idea and western countries practice economic slavery? I knew all that. The next election is completely meaningless, the country and the entire world is fucked.
>> No. 1448 [Edit]
Not everyone knows it though.
>> No. 1450 [Edit]
Just started this video, but honestly, fractional reserve banking isn't the problem. It's been around for over two thousand years. While the wealth it "creates" isn't tangible, it is an expression of trust and agreement between the parties conducting their business, so the idea behind it is real. Same with money; people know it's just an expression of trust. Lots of Ron Paul supporters and other people swear by the gold standard, but it's not like gold has a whole lot of intrinsic value either, it just happens to be something human society agreed to put a lot of value on. Anyway, if society simply went off what we could actually make or use, it would not have advanced technologically nearly as it has.

No, the real problem is with unethical loaners, speculators and all the bullshit financial instruments that have been devised in the recent past. The financial sector is just too bloated, and the SEC doesn't do a thing to regulate it (i.e. the fucking reason it exists.) Something needs to be done about that.

File 132139808313.jpg - (255.53KB , 849x1202 , girugamesh.jpg )
1149 No. 1149 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How many of you guys like to read about Mythology/Folk Tales/Religions and all that stuff?

ITT: General Mythology/Folk Tales/Religions thread. Discuss your favorite figures, myths, aspects of a religion, etc.

Pic related, the King of Kings.
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>> No. 1162 [Edit]
Eh in Fate/Zero Bluebeard is one of Rais' aliases. Historically Bluebeard as a character was took some inspiration from Rais.
>> No. 1189 [Edit]
File 132269994465.png - (2.68MB , 1748x2480 , lettyflowers.png )
I love figures that have to deal with the snow or ice. I love Winter too so maybe I just love cold stuff.

Image related, a Yuki Onna.
>> No. 1190 [Edit]
File 132269997688.jpg - (672.21KB , 1500x1250 , lettyeverywhere.jpg )
>> No. 1191 [Edit]
File 132270001416.jpg - (262.30KB , 768x1024 , lettyandkid.jpg )
And the last one I'll dump so I can save them later when I get on my computer

File 132168494153.jpg - (143.18KB , 728x1067 , qhcna_ch007_06.jpg )
1168 No. 1168 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I want to open some touhou sheet music, but its in .sdf file format. The program コアプレーヤーFX opens these files, and you can download a trial version of 6.0 on the producer's website. However, version 6.0 only opens .sdx files, not .sdf (maybe you need to pay or something). Aparently only version 4.0 can read those files. Can someone who knows Japanese help me find a download for コアプレーヤーFX 4.0?
>> No. 1185 [Edit]
Don't worry I found it.

File 130851329548.jpg - (78.77KB , 640x480 , 1277598006669.jpg )
760 No. 760 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Let's post some academic podcasts in this thread. History, law, science, economics - any subject you want. These are great for listening to when you're bored and want to learn something new, but you're not able or willing to read for whatever reason. - This guy is pulling old sources together to tell a narrative of Rome from its founding to the end of the western Roman Empire. I like his style, he throws some dry humor in that makes it nice to listen to. Reminds me of one of my old history teachers actually, and that's a compliment. - This one is pretty dry, but it's well-researched and done by a published author, and I listened to it when I realized I barely knew anything about the Byzantine Empire. If you're a big history fag like me, you might like it. - A nice astronomy podcast covering all kinds of areas like the history of astronomy, space programs, the lives of planets, stars and galaxies, etc. It doesn't dumb things down, but it's also understandable to someone who doesn't understand all the math or technical stuff - like me. So I recommend it if you're interested in that stuff.
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>> No. 861 [Edit]
...I can't really argue against that.
>> No. 866 [Edit]
Finally finished all the free HH podcasts. It's rekindled my love of history again. Time to find some more podcasts.
>> No. 1112 [Edit]

An interesting and helpful thingy about Aspergers syndrome by John Elder Robison.
>> No. 1159 [Edit]
Any good political podcasts? Dan Carlin's Common Sense is good, but I want to find some more perspectives.

File 129652621171.jpg - (40.45KB , 225x331 , 16539.jpg )
152 No. 152 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I have an idea to bring more life into /mt/.

Let's have a thread about Light Novels.

To get a start I uploaded both "Digital Devil Story" books to /ddl/. Maybe we can share with each other nice Light Novels and talk about them.
>> No. 154 [Edit]
Thanks, I've always liked Shin Megami Tensei and I was wanting to read this stuff.
>> No. 1155 [Edit]
I might read them, though I've been warned in the past that the MT LN's suck pretty badly.

File 132130061835.png - (75.37KB , 200x243 , euler_portrait.png )
1148 No. 1148 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

Very nice site if you are bored and have some sort mathematical and programmng skill. Myself I am not really good programmer but this site helps me to learn. I've solved only 6 problems so far and I feel my programming skill is holding me back a bit.

File 132130026594.jpg - (503.24KB , 720x1830 , MAID ROBOT OH FUCK.jpg )
1146 No. 1146 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
>> No. 1147 [Edit]
I can almost hear the "opening" music for Ghost in the Shell when looking at that picture.

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