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No. 2662 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A new addition to the Tohno-chan board lineup. Call it a gift for the holiday season:日本/

This board is meant to be an immersion board for non-native Japanese speakers and people learning Japanese, as it's a popular language to learn on the site, and given our social abilities, reading comprehension is a bit more important to us.

We'll run this on a trial basis, and if it's any good, we'll add it to the main boards.
>> No. 2728 [Edit]
You can install japanese language support as well as input the japanese IME keyboard setting to your computer in order to write japanese without having a proper jap keyboard.

File 132829253980.jpg - (19.79KB , 300x300 , pamain.jpg )
1545 No. 1545 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I think it would be nice to have a thread where we document things that we've learned as we learn them.
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>> No. 2838 [Edit]
File 143257310410.jpg - (15.26KB , 329x500 , sowell.jpg )
I haven't learned anything today. I just have a question. Is pic related a good choice for babby's first book on economics? Or perhaps I should look at something else? I know nothing of the subject and would like recommendations.
>> No. 2839 [Edit]
File 143465026984.jpg - (638.83KB , 850x803 , 1434480275975.jpg )
the russian alphabet
>> No. 2840 [Edit]
I'm interested in economics as well but I'm always too lazy to actually study it.

From what I know of Sowell, that probably isn't the most unbiased introductory book to economics.

What I probably would do is read Wikipedia to get some basic knowledge, and then read the most well known and important works starting from Adam Smith.
>> No. 2852 [Edit]
if you really learned, you'd know it's called the cryllic alphabet

File 143588457664.jpg - (136.25KB , 1024x992 , computer_science_by_syntaxacer-d3f88s5[1].jpg )
2841 No. 2841 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone else studying it?
I just want to talk to someone ._.
Any university students here?

Post edited on 2nd Jul 2015, 6:03pm
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>> No. 2847 [Edit]
I'm an introvert too, but I can't prosper on my own. Being constantly surrounded by people is the lesser evil for me. I think technology is interesting on a user level, but I didn't feel like I would accomplish anything fulfilling in this field.

I don't wish to share what I do now.
>> No. 2848 [Edit]
File 143598847791.jpg - (378.29KB , 858x711 , 655653.jpg )
>Care to share them?
When I said personal projects, I wasn't talking specifically about Android, just miscellaneous things like making a chatbot for to set up an interactive stream on it for things that would get banned on twitch, which will most likely never get done. I do have an interest in learning Android development, but like you, I don't really know what I would want to do exactly. I did have a few dumb ideas that I ended up dropping before even starting to plan them, but I think that's for the best.

>Maybe we could work together?
I really do think that could be nice and a great idea, however there is a major problem. I have summer semesters, which are basically accelerated regular classes with an insane workload to fit into the shorter semester, meaning I have absolutely no free time these days till august sadly.
>> No. 2850 [Edit]
Sup, /mt. I'm found of computer science and anything computer-related, so i just wanted to know is there any must-read books about that all?
>> No. 2851 [Edit]
9 in 10 people who never read SICP agree that SICP is a must-read.
Coincidentially, 9 in 10 of those who did also agree.

No. 2725 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So I wrote a thing and put it on

Tell me what you think about it.
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>> No. 2745 [Edit]

Good idea. I let the insult get to my head a little more than I should have.

I'm still going to write. I'm going to write another thing soon, but it will be a short work of fiction focusing on esoteric spirituality. I'll share it here, if you guys want.
>> No. 2746 [Edit]
Don't feed the troll.
>> No. 2772 [Edit]
I wrote another thing:

Tell me what you think.
>> No. 2837 [Edit]
Wrote another:

Just when I thought I couldn't write this shit anymore, I ended up becoming more inspired in the end.

File 129680075286.jpg - (170.33KB , 920x1144 , montague.jpg )
156 No. 156 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I was wondering if anyone else agreed with my stylistic taste here:

//Bad writing:
From the right sunlight poured through wide arched windows set in the outer walls, the glass meshed with imprisoning square black lines. The sky outside was bright blue, laced with frills of white cloud; sunlight bringing out the bright green of the grassland, the red brick of the coastal buildings and setting the sea a-sparkle as though strewn with star dust.

//Good writing:
It was the sort of morning who's beauty you actually take a few seconds to notice.
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>> No. 2718 [Edit]
I'm not a native english speaker but shouldn't it be whose instead of who's?
>> No. 2719 [Edit]
That's right. "Who's" means "who is". You can check at if you're ever in doubt. The OP no doubt knows this, it's just a tiny mistake everyone makes when writing fast on the keyboard. For instance, I wrote "their" instead of "they're" down below. Oops.

As for the topic: I don't like either. Their both way to artsy to be taken seriously, and neither convey much of anything in my opinion. Sure, I'm all about short and descriptive descriptions of visuals. Keyword: descriptive.

Post edited on 18th Jun 2014, 2:00pm
>> No. 2749 [Edit]
>glass meshed with imprisoning square black lines
There are a few excerpts I'm fond of, but it's ultimately nothing groundbreaking. The latter example is just forgettable, even platitudinous.

"Conventions" in writing are only useful when you operate with the explicit goal of making your work accessible to the broadest possible audience. The fewer words and simple language precepts are utterly arbitrary when taken as artistic standards, seeing utility only relative to the aforementioned purpose. It's analogous to believing visual arts should resign themselves to realist themes because anything abstract can be too ambiguous or challenging.

There's absolutely nothing objectively "better" about a sample of text because it employs simpler language or fewer words. Anything can be appropriated or interpreted to be something of intellectual or artistic value.
>> No. 2836 [Edit]
> The OP no doubt knows this, it's just a tiny mistake everyone makes when writing fast on the keyboard. For instance, I wrote "their" instead of "they're" down below. Oops.


People attacking my typos on chans has seriously done more to improve my grammar and proofreading than every writing class I've ever taken. There is nothing more infuriating than having a bunch of strangers ignore your ideas and nitpick some silly mistake you made while typing; however, every time I notice someone else do it I attack them without fail. Seriously, though, I read through everything I write six or seven times before hitting "reply" because I'm so shell-shocked from this.

File 138436997356.jpg - (11.56KB , 220x258 , 220px-OttoWeiningerspring1903.jpg )
2647 No. 2647 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Let us talk about philosophy. I read quite a bit of it and have also gotten deeply into mysticism, theology and psychoanalysis.

Existentialism - Main point is that humans are entirely responsible for themselves, which I do agree with, but the central claim is that God does not exist (and if he did, it wouldn't matter); this I think more or less is a fatal flaw, by ignoring the ultimate and the unknowable. However, I will say that I find Sartre's usage of psychoanalysis to be very interesting.

Nihilism - I don't know all that much about it, but I still like it a lot more than Existentialism. The idea of looking into the darkness and seeing the entirety of everything, rather than realizing that there is nothing, very much appeals to me. I also like Nietzsche's idea that man is constanly striving to reach the level of God, which I think is basically true.

Process Philosophy - I really like the works of Whitehead. I think that the philosophy is basically true, but needs to be refined. I'm in the process of doing that right now, although I still have to gain a few more levels in the philosophy realm.

That is all I can think of for now. Feel free to discuss philosophy.
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>> No. 2830 [Edit]

Ideally, you should take into consideration the experiences of others as well as your own. There is no need to choose one over the other.
>> No. 2831 [Edit]
Does old, white men intimidate you?
>> No. 2832 [Edit]
He knows he will never be nearly as intelligent as those old white men that lived centuries ago.
>> No. 2835 [Edit]
Fools learn from experience, the wise learn from history.
---Urobuchi-butchered Bismarck

PROTIP: this last statement was extremely Hegelian and you could always counter strike it with Heidegger's or Sartre's existential ethics; they're from past century, white but not always old and definitely not bearded.

File 14230913723.png - (3.49MB , 1182x1126 , 1411200801460.png )
2827 No. 2827 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's really hard to say whether something is good or bad without context. The second one is kind of awkward in how its worded, though that's obviously not the point you were trying to make here. Anyways, yeah, depends on context
>> No. 2833 [Edit]
I like this thread, I can't tell if you made a new thread by mistake, or if this post is some sort of self reference, in that you don't provide context, but make us question whether or not your post is bad because it lakes it. So I guess the context is that the quality relies on context being the context.

nice :D

File 129979845867.gif - (11.17KB , 250x250 , punctuation-marks-quotation-marks.gif )
414 No. 414 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Anybody feel like sharing some of your favourite quotes (preferably /mt/-related but doesn't have to be)?

Here's one I rather like: "It is not birth, marriage, or death, but gastrulation which is truly the most important time in your life."

-Lewis Wolpert (developmental biologist)-
64 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2775 [Edit]
An artist never works under ideal conditions. If they existed, his work wouldn't exist, for the artist doesn't live in a vacuum. Some sort of pressure must exist. The artist exists because the world is not perfect. Art would be useless if the world were perfect, as man wouldn't look for harmony but would simply live in it. Art is born out of an ill-designed world. [...] My purpose is to make films that will help people to live, even if they sometimes cause unhappiness.
---- Andrei Tarkovsky
>> No. 2813 [Edit]
File 142095215647.png - (4.01KB , 631x121 , vivre a tout prix.png )
I wanted to die, really die.
But now I don't think we must die from despair, but feed off one's despair.
Not die of it, but live off it.
I believe we must live at all cost.

--- "L'Ennui" (1998)
>> No. 2822 [Edit]
Well, let's face it. Good exists in order to be fucked up by evil. The very existence of good enables evil to flourish. Therefore, God is bad. And it doesn't matter how many past or future existences you have, because they're all gonna be riddled with grief and anguish and sickness and death. You see, Brian, God doesn't love you. God despises you. So there's no hope, and mankind is just a component of the device by which the devil creates itself. You see, what I'm saying, basically, is you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. And humanity is just a cracked egg. And the omelet... stinks.

---Johnny ("Naked", Mike Leigh)

>> No. 2824 [Edit]
My mind seems to go out on a path the width of a thread and of endless length, a thread that is the same color as the night. Out, out along the narrow highway sails my mind, driven by curiosity, luminous with acceptance, far and out, like a feathered hook whipped deep into the light above the stream by a magnificent cast. Somewhere, out of my reach, my control, the hook unbends into a spear, the spear shears itself into a needle, and the needle sews the world together. It sews skin onto the skeleton and lipstick on a lip, it sews scarves to mountain, it goes through everything like a relentless bloodstream, and the tunnel is filled with a comforting message, a beautiful knowledge of unity. All the disparates of the world, the different wings of the paradox, coin-faces of problem, petal-pulling questions, scissors-shaped conscience, all the polarities, things and their images and things which cast no shadow, and just the everyday explosions on a street, this face and that, a house and a toothache, explosions which merely have different letters in their names, my needle pierces it all, and I myself, my greedy fantasies, everything which has existed and does exist, we are part of a necklace of incomparable beauty and unmeaning.

--- Leonard Cohen ("Beautiful Losers")

File 129325723665.jpg - (24.51KB , 411x500 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
99 No. 99 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Today, December 25, we celebrate the birth of a great man of true genius. Regardless of the centuries, his example lives on and inspire us to become better, both as individuals and society. Let his name never be forgotten; picture very related: it's him.
13 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2665 [Edit]
File 138801070798.jpg - (64.01KB , 506x385 , prin-newtonhalley-l.jpg )
Ye who now on heavenly nectar fare,
Come celebrate with me in song the name
Of Newton, to the Muses dear; for he
Unlocked the hidden treasuries of Truth:
So richly through his mind had Phoebus cast
The radiance of his own divinity.
Nearer the gods no mortal may approach.

---Edmond Halley
>> No. 2796 [Edit]
I hadn't forgot.
How could I.
>> No. 2809 [Edit]
That guy wasn't born in December, and he was completely delusional.
>> No. 2817 [Edit]
Cristianism as an institution is an entirely different affair (for that, Werner Jaegger's "Early Christianity and Greek Paideia" was quite enlightening). However, for many years I used to think very poorly of the character of Jesus too (who knows -and who cares- if he ever existed, I mean the character created in the gospels) until I saw this: >>/ot/23499 ...

I mean, I still didn't became a christian, by any means (I believe in conquer rather than charity), but he certainly earned a huge respect in my eyes. Aside from the myths of resurrection, Final Judgement and such, with his incredibly insightful yet accessible ethical discourse (notably the Sermon on the Mount) he embodies an impossible but beautiful dream of true brotherhood and unconditional love.

You should give the movie a try. It's long and hard to endure but I think it's worth it.

File 132452527740.jpg - (77.80KB , 639x406 , galactic-alignment1.jpg )
1307 No. 1307 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I do not believe 2012 will be the end of the world. Planetary alignments do not equate to destruction.

The whole "Mayan calendar ends on that day" thing is really dumb to me. My calendar ends on December 31 of this year. I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean I'm going to perish. The Mayans just can't get a new calendar since their society was destroyed by disease.

We have much more than one year to discuss this. The date is just a coincidence... baka.
13 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1339 [Edit]
Damn, that's the Discovery channel. I didn't even notice, but I guess they're getting into that game too.
>> No. 2804 [Edit]
You were right op !
>> No. 2806 [Edit]
I wish he wasn't.
Damned, this sucks.
>> No. 2807 [Edit]
I know I'm responding to a several year old post but it's rather disappointing that the larger documentary channels, (e.g. History) have gone downhill. The nature and true crime channels are still good though.

I watch television rarely but all the 'alien documentary' jokes seem pretty accurate. Every night there's at least a couple of hours of some UFO mystery and one Nazi Alien Conspiracy show. The Unexplained NASA mystery show didn't seem too bad but nearly all of the people they talk to go 'I think it's an alien. Hear me out'.

File 141838569119.jpg - (97.63KB , 670x503 , arazor.jpg )
2762 No. 2762 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is mathematics the only thing that exists?
>> No. 2763 [Edit]
Depends how you define mathematics.
>> No. 2765 [Edit]

And they have no physical reality, if that's what you meant.

Give this a check:
>> No. 2768 [Edit]
Interesting shit anon, thanks. Do you have any book recommendations in regards to mathematical philosophy? I've ordered principa mathematica for Christmas, but I'd like to learn more.
>> No. 2776 [Edit]
Here's one essay I recommend.

>This essay discusses the best current understanding of the relationship between mathematical and empirical knowledge. It focuses on two questions:
>1. Does mathematics have some sort of deep metaphysical connection with reality, and
>2. if not, why is it that mathematical abstractions seem so often to be so powerfully predictive in the real world?

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