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No. 372 [Edit]
Hey guys, I hope you can help me out, and sorry for not contributing.

There's this song from IOSYS latest album and I can't get it out of my head, I really like it. Can you tell me what this type of music is exactly called and where can I find more? I'm not very good with music so I downloaded like 10GB of electronic music and went through it by hand and didn't find anything similar. I found all of it quite boring.

So help for this music noob would be really appreciated!
>> No. 373 [Edit]
Dude, man, that is Eurobeat.

The video is a parody from Initial D.

There's also a sweeter and slower variant to it, called Shibuya-kei. Usually Ayu Hamasaki, Tomy February or stuff like that.
>> No. 374 [Edit]
Audio Super Eurobeat Presents - Initial D - Save Me - (3.92MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Initial D - Save Me.mp3 ) Length: 2:51

>> No. 424 [Edit]
Audio - (423.97KB - 96 kbps - 24 kHz , Ode to the Wind.mp3 ) Length: 0:36

Don't know where else to post this. Maybe you guys can help.

I have this song here that I think is from a game (possibly anime) and I knew the source of it long time ago but my memory being what it is, I have forgotten. Does anyone recognize it? Don't pay attention to the name, I just thought 'Ode to the Wind' would be a nice title.
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