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File 14234617443.png - (367.51KB , 600x840 , 7eedf3f673c8dad2c325e9afb8b1b2da.png )
2013 No. 2013 [Edit]
so, Tohno-chan. What kind of music do you listen to? examples?
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>> No. 2014 [Edit]
Lot of EDM
>> No. 2015 [Edit]
My musical taste changes any few months but here's some artists that I have been into recently.

Morita Douji

The Velvet Underground

Xiu Xiu

The Smiths

Father Figure
>> No. 2016 [Edit]
It varies a lot, but it revolves around rock and metal mostly. Stuff I've been listening recently:
Wetton-era King Crimson



Many recordings of Autumn Leaves
>> No. 2017 [Edit]
Mostly I listen to j-pop, denpa, Touhou arranges and Vocaloid. I'm not intentionally trying to be as weeaboo as possible, it's just that I only really feel comfortable listening to this music.

Recently I discovered IDM and breakcore (and by extension lolicore) which I absolutely love. I'd actually made a few breakcore-esque tracks in FL Studio, thinking I'd come up with something original, then I discovered Reizoko Cj, odaxelagnia etc and realised that people had already done it. Which I'm glad for, because now I have tons of music I love.
>> No. 2019 [Edit]
be my friend, anon
>> No. 2020 [Edit]
File 142386270274.jpg - (361.49KB , 1280x800 , nobue2.jpg )
All sorts of shit.

Dinosaur Jr.

Altar of Plagues

Venetian Snares

New Order

Dream Theater
>> No. 2021 [Edit]
I was really into noodly white kid music like Snowing and stuff like that when I was younger, and math-rock. I used to post here a lot, too, when I liked all of that.

Now I'm into electronic music mostly. Of all kinds.

Blazee (Chicago-style house)

Gas (really bizarre ambient)

Oneohtrix Point Never (I like him a lot)

Matt Karmil (really amazing - I often see his music labeled as house but the stuff on ---- is harder to pigeonhole)

Vril (pretty straightforward techno - his album Torus really sucks but techno isn't a very good genre for albums anyway)

Tim Hecker (really glitchy ambient, super unique)

The Field (takes ideas from Gas and applies them to pop songs and old-school house music)

Basic Channel (I think of them as the rosetta stone of artsy, dance-oriented electronic music so they are pretty important to me and in general)

Belong (super layered, noisy ambient, has a shoegaze vibe - I like a lot of stuff like this but it's mostly just minor acts. this is just a taste)

I also like the Natsutaka Yakata stuff - Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Capsule. He's got a pretty unique vibe.

In terms of guitar music I've been listening to a lot of Pixies and Wagakki Band (super fun vocaloid cover band) lately. As well as Iceage, Sneeze, Tricot, Spiral Chord, My Bloody Valentine, etc...

Post edited on 14th Feb 2015, 6:33pm
>> No. 2022 [Edit]
Wow, I really like a lot of this. Exactly the kind of stuff I have been wanting to get into.

You might like these:


Fripp & Eno

>> No. 2047 [Edit]
File 143792161319.jpg - (59.77KB , 450x557 , 4674885.jpg )
Poignant Pop music

My Little Airport - You Don't Wanna Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe
The Beach Boy - Wouldn't It Be Nice
Doopees - How does It Feel
>> No. 2049 [Edit]
File 143982677581.gif - (246.39KB , 461x520 , Tanzmiku.gif )
Hardcore, Schranz/Hard Techno, Techno, Hardstyle, Hands Up, Hardbass ...
It has to make me dance, punish my eardrums and make me happy ^.^

Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Riders of Retaliation (Official Dominator 2015 anthem)

Mario Ranieri @ Syndicate, Westfalenhallen Dortmund, Germany 4.10.2014

BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter - TANZ!

Silvano Scarpetta | @ Gotec DstrctX 14.02.2015

Gary Beck - Before The Crash (Original Mix)

Nightbass DJ Team - No Way Out

Rocco - Everybody

Barthezz - On The Move
>> No. 2352 [Edit]
It varies, mostly anything aggressive and loud cos I'm just an edgelord like that

death grips



punk in general here's a few current favourites
>> No. 2362 [Edit]
Touhou Remixes, primarily from 6 and 7 because I didn't play the rest.
>> No. 2363 [Edit]
Personally I like the Beatles.

I'd embed the song, but supposedly it has, for some reason, been posted in the Japanese Music thread already, so I can't.
>> No. 2381 [Edit]
File 147270997291.jpg - (1.49MB , 2528x2735 , Lain.jpg )
Bowery Electric - Beat
Seefeel - Signals
Caldera - Passing By
Hidden Agenda - The Flute Tune
>> No. 2398 [Edit]
File 148450641654.jpg - (1.18MB , 2048x1365 , 1482511028928-2.jpg )
DJ Krush - dig this vibe

Towa Tei - Technova

Gas Rag

ILS - Next Level

Hive - Devious Methods
>> No. 2412 [Edit]
Digital Mystikz - Ancient Memories

Skepta - Autopsy

Mind of a Dragon - Lemonade

Liquid - Sweet Harmony

The Prodigy - No Good (Start the Dance)

Leftfield - Open Up
>> No. 2419 [Edit]
Mostly Folk and Bluegrass, some Western too.

The Virginia Company - Nottingham Ale

Flatt and Scruggs - Down The Road

Grandpa Jones - Root Hog, Root

Doc Watson - Deep River Blues

Don Edwards - The Old Cow Man

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