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File 13186351227.jpg - (488.34KB , 870x1236 , 14.jpg )
706 No. 706 [Edit]
So who else is reading this?
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>> No. 707 [Edit]
I am. We already talked a little bit about it here >>691
>> No. 708 [Edit]
File 131863622437.jpg - (226.82KB , 728x1038 , dump.jpg )
It's great.
>> No. 709 [Edit]
some of the scenes in this manga are painful to read.
>> No. 710 [Edit]
they hit so close to home for me it's almost uncomfortable
>> No. 712 [Edit]
{It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular}

In case anyone didn't know.I'm reading it and,'s like someone made me pretty and turned me into a girl and made my life into a manga.
>> No. 713 [Edit]
I don't understand why the title is translated like that when the Japanese reads, "It's technically your fault that I'm not popular."
>> No. 714 [Edit]
Isn't it more like, "It's totally your guys's fault that I'm not popular!"
>> No. 715 [Edit]
In between laughing at how funny it and fawning over how cute the MC is I nearly cried at how much this hit home for me.

It's almost like NHK, but a little bit less surreal and the moe one in NHK is Yamazaki.
>> No. 716 [Edit]
Has there ever been a slice of life that revolved around only one character?
>> No. 718 [Edit]

I thought Yamazaki was quite a prick.
>> No. 719 [Edit]
Literally it's "No Matter How I Think About It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm not Popular!"

I'm guessing they chose the current translation because it makes the heroine look more sympathetic.
>> No. 720 [Edit]
>Much less when I know this is somehow going to end with her getting a bishie boyfriend prince of perfection that wont make any sense.

>> No. 721 [Edit]
FYI chapter 6 has been translated.
>> No. 722 [Edit]
File 131922071263.jpg - (320.56KB , 728x1039 , weiner.jpg )
being horny makes you cute, but only if you are a japanese schoolgirl
>> No. 723 [Edit]

What kind of weeaboo translated this? Also, dat fucking oily hair. Just looking at her makes me want to take a shower.
>> No. 726 [Edit]
So, next chapter she will want to fuck her brother right?
Oh god, developing a brocon. This is really hitting home.
>> No. 727 [Edit]
Funny but I don't like how her main drive to "be normal" is boys and hanging out with high school friends.
>> No. 728 [Edit]
>> No. 729 [Edit]
calm down
>> No. 732 [Edit]
Not everyone hates being social. Theres a large chunk of our type which want to be social, but can't. They just keep their mouth shut because everyone complains about it.
>> No. 742 [Edit]
Can't wait for a new chapter
>> No. 744 [Edit]
Oh god, that top right panel is so hnnnng.
>> No. 748 [Edit]
File 132038870912.jpg - (142.66KB , 728x1042 , art.jpg )
New chapter is out. I know it's been said to death already but goddamn it's like this comic is literally me
>> No. 750 [Edit]
File 132039023626.jpg - (229.22KB , 870x1236 , u006.jpg )
>> No. 751 [Edit]
File 132039056398.jpg - (193.25KB , 732x471 , the mind.jpg )
You mean others don't?
What's wrong with them?...
>> No. 752 [Edit]
i find it amusing they used 'normal-fag' in the translation
>> No. 753 [Edit]
I'd be shocked if they had used ford driver.
>> No. 754 [Edit]
I wish thsi wasn't a gag manga. I wish something deeper would come out of this.
>> No. 756 [Edit]
File 132042896650.jpg - (260.28KB , 781x597 , Tomoko 0.jpg )
I was going to tell you to just give it time, since it's just starting and the author might be still developing the atmosphere; but I guess I'll take the chance to go further...

I don't know if you have attempted yourself to do and share a story or some work of artistic expression; I do have tried myself, for years, and if anything I can tell you is that it's extremely difficult (for me, at least) to awaken just one frontal and sincere emotion in the public, wich also doesn't slip from my fingers, producing god knows what on who, but wich rests more or less the same and keep the entire thing in control on a regular basis. Now, this guy not just gives us one clear and intense hit per chapter, but a fair rollercoaster of them and whitin a wide range that goes from cracking of laughter, through melancholy and tenderness, to utter misery and despair; I mean, that's gotta count for something: not anyone can do that; that requires talent, courage and method; and, even if I myself normally prefer more sophisticated/artsy/intellectual stuff, I can't but acknowledge that what this guy does is remarkable, and that his success isn't just a matter of luck. That is also, I guess, partially, why I also enjoy very much SoL works in general.

Don't get me wrong: I actually sympathize with your desires; but I also think there's already enough good to reap from the series just as it is going now.

Post edited on 4th Nov 2011, 11:34am
>> No. 757 [Edit]
I hope it never gets serious. I get enough real life serious anti-social things in my real life, I just wanna see a humorous take on it starring a cute girl
>> No. 772 [Edit]

I'm with him. I have nothing against more austere mangas (or anime, VNs and so on) but sometimes you just want to laugh at what otherwise would be a serious situation.

I think this manga is doing a good job at that, and feel that is the authors intention. If it was to suddenly take a 180 degree turn to become something deep and serious, I'd probably stop reading it. NHK already managed to blend a socially inept humans misery into both black comedy but something extremely deep as well.
>> No. 779 [Edit]
File 132151207137.png - (852.43KB , 870x1236 , 1321511501688.png )
>> No. 780 [Edit]
Spoilers, man!
>> No. 781 [Edit]
I'm not even sure what's going on here...
>> No. 782 [Edit]

Chapter 8, for those of you who can't be arsed to look it up.
>> No. 822 [Edit]
File 132278295326.jpg - (146.25KB , 800x1137 , me.jpg )
Oh man, she even comes up with anime-based fantasies in her spare time at school. Literally me.
>> No. 823 [Edit]

>What kind of weeaboo translated this?

>> No. 824 [Edit]
That picture the fat guy drew was really cute, and made me wish this had more fan art
>> No. 826 [Edit]
I thought so too. I wished the manga was drawn (a little) more like that. I think the current art is a bit.. Derpy..
>> No. 827 [Edit]
The art works for what it is. Tomoko isn't ugly of course, but if she was a moeblob like in that picture it just wouldn't work.
>> No. 833 [Edit]
I don't mean turning everyone moe, I just wish it were better drawn. For instance, the teacher in OP's pic looks like he has down's syndrome. Main character's female friend looks incredibly blob-like, etc.
>> No. 868 [Edit]
Is 10 out yet?
>> No. 869 [Edit]
>the teacher in OP's pic looks like he has down's syndrome
apparently that's how many average japanese men look like.
>> No. 870 [Edit]
not 'till the 15th
>> No. 871 [Edit]
Oooo I can't wait.
>> No. 872 [Edit]
File 132399559922.png - (182.79KB , 668x428 , tomoko vibe.png )
so lewd
>> No. 873 [Edit]
>Baka-Updates Manga - Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!

>Ugly Female Lead

Fuck your shit bakaupdates, I think Tomoko is adorable.
>> No. 874 [Edit]
Well, this is quite a charming series.

A good way to start back.
>> No. 876 [Edit]
File 13249519053.jpg - (133.90KB , 400x561 , Franken Fran.jpg )
This contains adequate amounts of hnng and soul searching. Read it.
>> No. 885 [Edit]
New chapter is out
>> No. 886 [Edit]
File 132584635630.jpg - (67.75KB , 358x425 , trying too hard.jpg )
Oh, God, this chapter: I have actually attempted this myself before, and not just once...

I failed pathetically, as well.

Maybe there are some basis for this to work, indeed. Thought it's not given by the absence of action alone, but by it's contrasting with rare glimpses of greatness; like breaking your granted silence by saying something really smart, out of the blue (not brainy or nerd, just evidently smart somehow), or making some sort of unique awesome stand wich, henceforward, make people wonder what else could be in that beautiful mind of yours...

But, most likely, this only works over the initial condition of being considered already attractive, from the begining: no one gives a shit about what the fuck is going on or not in the pitty life of a fugly bastard. And the entire thing needs also to be authentic, not staged. So yeah: just like Tomoko, I was pretty much doomed (not that I don't belong to the hordes of readers that consider her totally adorable... even pretty).


Post edited on 6th Jan 2012, 2:49am
>> No. 887 [Edit]
Manga reader has yet to email me anything after chapter 11...

>> No. 908 [Edit]
File 132700077474.png - (174.77KB , 617x385 , ants.png )
New chapter!
>> No. 910 [Edit]
From the thumbnail I thought she was making an asshole in the sand.
>> No. 911 [Edit]
>> No. 914 [Edit]
Man, /a/ is going crazy over the author and her(His?) twitter account.
>> No. 915 [Edit]
File 132755111661.png - (80.16KB , 333x447 , tomoko popular people.png )
Really short sub-chapter is out

What do you mean?
>> No. 916 [Edit]
Something about her reaction to gaijins sending her pictures of their dicks. Yes, I'm serious.
>> No. 917 [Edit]
This is why we can't have nice things!
>> No. 918 [Edit]
Yeah, the few always ruin things for the masses.

It doesn't seem to have turned her off from answering questions though.
>> No. 922 [Edit]
File 132781873255.jpg - (163.64KB , 569x803 , m11_11.jpg )
Green eyes, huh? I had imagined something like pale blue or honey, but I guess it's OK.
>> No. 923 [Edit]
File 132781966536.png - (156.93KB , 258x462 , tomoko2.png )
She did have pale blue eyes in the beginning. I think they suited her better than green, but oh well
>> No. 925 [Edit]
File 132782437114.jpg - (119.59KB , 533x198 , mv_watashiga_comic1.jpg )
>they suited her better

Agreed. Those were eyes of innocence.

Post edited on 29th Jan 2012, 12:25am
>> No. 926 [Edit]
So did anyone else order a copy?

I managed to order one before all of the "LOL LETS BUY 20 COPIES XD" bullshit started, feel bad for all the people missing out now.
>> No. 927 [Edit]
I felt tempted to; but, as always, I rather download/see online all the multimedia I can, better saving that money for collectibles I can't enjoy through a monitor (like figures, dried insects or large books).
>> No. 928 [Edit]
Since I was already ordering some new light novel volumes I figured what the heck and ordered a copy.
>> No. 930 [Edit]
>the "LOL LETS BUY 20 COPIES XD" bullshit

The what?
>> No. 931 [Edit]
The guys on /a/ decided to buy as many copies online as they can to show their support for the mangaka and it ended up selling out on most major sites. Someones gonna organise to set up a collage of everyone's books when they all get received. Also they found the mangaka's twitter and spammed her with compliments and pictures of their dicks.
>> No. 932 [Edit]
on one hand I'm glad she's having success, on the other I hate that it's coming from those people.
>> No. 934 [Edit]
>Pictures of their dicks.
Actually, every one of those got reported by /a/ en mass, and got taken down. They probably sent them to her via direct message after, but everyone in the /a/ threads are standing up for her and helping her with support. And, actually, there was a guy in a recent thread for this that said he was going to send her another dick shot, and he got publicly banned for it.

Not everyone is doing this stuff out of some twisted fetish or something. Hell, I'm proud of what they've done. It will suck when vol2 comes out, though, because we all know /a/ wont be doing that again.
>> No. 959 [Edit]
New chapter is out.

Such a pervert~
>> No. 960 [Edit]
Geez, she really is
>> No. 961 [Edit]
File 132821980478.jpg - (49.98KB , 389x429 , girls reading.jpg )
You tell 'em.
>> No. 962 [Edit]
File 132821992186.jpg - (51.99KB , 460x394 , pocky heart breaks.jpg )

About the ending: it wasn't her fault; not this time, at least.
>> No. 964 [Edit]
File 132842370137.png - (200.39KB , 851x1264 , Spoiler Picture.png )
>> No. 972 [Edit]
I just read this in one go. She's so much like me it's just creepy, but I'm still jealous of her because she's such a cute girl.

Actually, thinking about it, I used to be even more like this in that I really actively wanted to be popular and normal, and I tried going about it the way she does. Spending time on the internet helped me kinda give up though, as in, I realized it isn't worth it for me to go through that. I wonder if she ever feels that she'd just best left alone.

My god, this is exactly how I think. I also wonder what the mangaka's personal life is like. I don't really care, but I feel that only someone that's actually like this could write this.
>> No. 975 [Edit]
I ordered one. It's the first time I've bought anything Japanese like this.

Like everyone else here, I've had many similar experiences in my life. This page >>708 hit especially close to home, I totally understood from personal experience how the main character felt.
And also, this is one of the few cases where the author has actually acknowledged their non-Japanese fanbase, so that something I want to encourage.
>> No. 985 [Edit]
File 132933422642.jpg - (578.49KB , 1280x960 , 342aj.jpg )
Picked it up from a twitter post by her. Thought you guys might like it.

Why the fuck is twitter a recognized word, Firefox?
>> No. 986 [Edit]
>Why the fuck is twitter a recognized word, Firefox?

Before the site came about it was used as a bird sound, like "cheep cheep"
>> No. 987 [Edit]
Oh. That makes sense. Durrr.

>> No. 988 [Edit]
I like the lewdness.

Is the new chapter out yet? last I read was the fireworks on the roof.
>> No. 989 [Edit]
not yet, should be out today or tomorrow
>> No. 990 [Edit]
Chapter 13 is out. It really reminds me of >>888 in spirit. I liked it a lot.
>> No. 991 [Edit]
Wow, she spends her summer vacations like I did too
>> No. 999 [Edit]
File 133063017085.png - (63.05KB , 367x328 , Spoiler Picture.png )
oh god, the latest chapter...
>> No. 1008 [Edit]

It's something I read recently and I'm too lazy to look into it and check if it's true but after they sent her those pics she supposedly said 'I'm not interested because I'm not a seiyuu'. Hilarious.
>> No. 1013 [Edit]
the latest chapter is so damn awkward
>> No. 1017 [Edit]
File 133220761038.jpg - (203.38KB , 742x582 , bow.jpg )
Geez, Tomoko...
I guess you reap what you saw.
>> No. 1037 [Edit]
There are times when this is Really hard to read. I just feel so bad for Tomoko and can actually put myself in her shoes for a lot of these situations. They are too damn small.

Ok, that was bad, sorry.

Anyways, I do enjoy the series, but some of the latest chapters have been harder to read than the others.

Why does she make it so realistic?
>> No. 1038 [Edit]
Because her target audience is people like us. And she more than likely pulls from similar experiences. I was more surprised when I found out the author was female.
>> No. 1039 [Edit]
New chapter is out. I didn't like it very much
>> No. 1041 [Edit]
Just read the latest chapter on manga reader. I can't believe that she'd need to cheat at that game to beat a bunch of kids to impress he friend.
>> No. 1045 [Edit]
Wait a sec. Am I behind all you guys? Where are you all reading it from?
>> No. 1047 [Edit]
The world-three scanlations page but you can read the latest raws on the square enix magazine site or something
>> No. 1048 [Edit]
Wow, I never thought I would be able to relate to this chapter based on the name. But by the end it hit way too close to home.
>> No. 1049 [Edit]
File 133491541995.jpg - (148.25KB , 800x1137 , hits-not-my-fault-that-im-not-popular-3235649.jpg )
Jesus Christ...
>> No. 1050 [Edit]
File 133495217416.jpg - (239.99KB , 870x1236 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
oh god, how I know this feel
>> No. 1051 [Edit]
File 133495258573.jpg - (279.10KB , 870x1236 , enjoy your stay.jpg )
One of us! One of us!

It's an experience that often makes you want to sink into a hole. And it always occurs at the worst times.
>> No. 1052 [Edit]

That's funny. I've had that happen a few times.

Or you get up and yank the cord out..even worse.
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