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File 13186351227.jpg - (488.34KB , 870x1236 , 14.jpg )
706 No. 706 [Edit]
So who else is reading this?
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>> No. 1658 [Edit]
I don't know, but she's pretty pathetic. She'd say something like that alright.
>> No. 1703 [Edit]

I sleep lying face-down every night, and I almost never have wet dreams.
>> No. 1705 [Edit]
File 136528825910.jpg - (506.91KB , 869x1595 , kill me.jpg )
this is getting painful.
>> No. 1706 [Edit]
File 136535706755.jpg - (35.54KB , 277x337 , level.jpg )
That gotta be some bad star, yeah.

Post edited on 7th Apr 2013, 10:52am
>> No. 1707 [Edit]
This is the worst. I thought she was merely unnoticed, but she's actually loathed. In all honesty, unless something very special happens she might really be done for the rest of her 2nd year. That's how hollow the microcosmos of scholar social life is. It's pathetic.
>> No. 1708 [Edit]
I assumed the people talking about her was in her imagination
>> No. 1709 [Edit]
That chapter wasn't really funny, just sad, and pretty predictable. I wish they'd go further than showing her get embarassed and made a fool of all the time. I want to learn more about her friends and stuff.
>> No. 1711 [Edit]
I kind of hope they bully her, as that would amplify the moe to breathtaking levels.
>> No. 1718 [Edit]
File 136634361453.jpg - (207.67KB , 870x1236 , g005.jpg )
Oh, great. Just what she needed...
>> No. 1781 [Edit]
File 136891063082.png - (189.12KB , 870x1236 , 014.png )
>> No. 1782 [Edit]
Tomoko better not cockblock or otherwise screw up his bro's relations with friends and that chick. It's one thing to be socially retarded and another to actively try to be an annoying burden.
>> No. 1784 [Edit]
File 136893354777.jpg - (87.35KB , 506x359 , revenge.jpg )
Nah, it's just being a black cupid. It can be enjoyable at first but it tends to backfire.
>> No. 1788 [Edit]
Sympathy points awarded for him having a shitty/retarded onee-chan when she tries to screw with him? Whatever helps in love and war.
>> No. 1825 [Edit]
File 137114462515.jpg - (164.34KB , 870x1236 , h008.jpg )
yeah, you should be so lucky.
>> No. 1854 [Edit]
File 137273742860.jpg - (56.78KB , 311x356 , more brother action.jpg )
Guess how it turned out...
>> No. 1885 [Edit]
File 137444418933.jpg - (132.28KB , 722x479 , punk'd.jpg )
I wonder how this worked in japanese.
>> No. 1887 [Edit]
You know, I'm getting the unavoidable feeling that this manga is pretty bad. Does the writer have no ambition at all to expand the characters or write genuinely funny jokes?
>> No. 1897 [Edit]
It's just not for you, then. I think it's fine.
>> No. 1898 [Edit]
The humor in INMFIANP can only be found if you are able to empathize with the character. If you're not able to then even with plot development and the such it still wouldn't be a manga for you. With that said and out of the way trying to find character development in this is retarded. This is just a run of the mill SoL manga with a unique and interesting protagonist who is played straight.

You could argue that there are other Otaku MC manga out there, but really not many out there are like INMFIANP. INMFIANP is one of the few that actually play it straight and have the character go through painful experiences without a Deus Ex Machina saving her.

Maybe somewhere down the road Tomoko will start learning from her experiences, but until then the manga will take it easy.

If you want a manga with a protag who is as awkward as Tomoko and fem but actually has character development you should read Kimi ni Todoke. You've probably read it however, and if you hate it it's probably because some of the characters can be fucking dumb as a rock at times. Oh and Kazehaya the male love interest is a pussy so if the characters being dumb at times didn't get to you, that probably did.
>> No. 1918 [Edit]
She already finished her first year of HS and met a girl she used to hang out with during middle school.
>> No. 1919 [Edit]
More characters being added doesn't necessarily mean the plot or narrative is going somewhere. Tomoko is still just as awkward as usual.
>> No. 1926 [Edit]
The protag for this manga is a fujoshi, right?
>> No. 1927 [Edit]

I don't think so, no. I don't recall her having much of an interest in BL. Thenb again it might be just my memory malfunctioning like it usually does.

Either way if she does anything related to BL at any point in the series (reads a manga, plays a VN, watches an anime) it's just a panel or two and it's not really pivotal to the story in any way.
>> No. 1934 [Edit]
I'm not sure how to feel about the last chapter.

did Tomoko do the right thing? What if Komi was just trying to take advantage of her?
>> No. 1935 [Edit]
File 137878368433.jpg - (40.60KB , 389x308 , judgement.jpg )
Tomoko never ever ever gets anything right. So don't sweat it: she just fucked up that girl with a crush on her brother alright.
>> No. 1964 [Edit]
File 138199165913.jpg - (68.40KB , 661x317 , it actually worked.jpg )
This episode was very strange.
This series is getting strange.
>> No. 1967 [Edit]
File 138234156193.jpg - (41.18KB , 350x242 , caturday.jpg )
This has got to be the most uneventful chapter so far (even for SoL standards).
>> No. 1995 [Edit]
File 13858856419.jpg - (86.86KB , 708x402 , honesty.jpg )
It's come to this... finally.
>> No. 2033 [Edit]
File 138717786799.jpg - (332.28KB , 870x1236 , songwriting.jpg )
geez, I was reading it on Miku's voice...
>> No. 2034 [Edit]
Oh wow, that really reminds me of when I first got Vocaloid. I didn't do anything with it in the end, but I did play with it for an hour or two.
>> No. 2038 [Edit]
This manga is neither funny, cute nor relatable anymore.
>> No. 2089 [Edit]
File 139095751824.jpg - (311.97KB , 868x1200 , Choku.jpg )
After not watching any anime for half a year or so, I recently decided to give this show a try, and damn would I have missed out on something if I hadn't. I watched all 12 episodes in one day, I've never done that with any other show. I'm also through the first 5 volumes of the manga now, having read one or two per day. This is definitely one of my favorite series of all time.
That the manga has furigana despite the seinen-like content is an added bonus, makes it easier to read for me.
I'll check out the authors' other works as well, Choku! and Number Girl look like they have potential.

BTW, is there some place where I can d/l raws of the newer chapters after vol.5, other than the latest one on the official site? I can only find English scanlations.

I think light blue would be too innocent-looking. Green is a great choice, it reflects the tinge of darkness of her self-centered personality.
It's also my favorite eye color in general. Which might be because my own eyes are green.

'Ford Driver' was pretty much the first word that came to my mind when I looked up 'リア充' in a Japanese slang dictionary.
>> No. 2097 [Edit]
I'm finished with Choku. It's a great rom-com, lots of very funny moments. It's a lot more absurd and improbable than watamote however, so I found Choku to be not quite as relatable, even though both Nao and Selika do have a number of things in common with me.
>> No. 2144 [Edit]
File 139584609685.png - (219.03KB , 732x377 , Screenshot_from_2014-03-23 00:50:32.png )
>Tomoko is now a Brony
what next, is she going to wear fedoras?
>> No. 2145 [Edit]
I didn't see that coming at all.
>> No. 2146 [Edit]
It's a Seiyuu joke, actually. Tomoko's VA speaks Rainbow Dash in the Japanese dub.
>> No. 2147 [Edit]
I am really dumb, so please help me.
I downloaded chapter 56 from world three, but it was two pictures of food. How do I get the real chapter?

I tried browsing their DDL page, and didn't see it. Also, turning off javascript doesn't stop that annoying waving. Is it some HTML5 bullshit?
>> No. 2148 [Edit]
File 139633788759.png - (443.48KB , 800x480 , Screenshot_2014-04-01-09-30-12.png )
I don't get why GanganOnline's Android app is so shitty. Don't they, like, test it?
That open source Comic Viewer thingy you can install via F-droid is way better, even though it doesn't have a team of paid professionals developing it.
>> No. 2150 [Edit]
File 139634832665.png - (376.70KB , 800x480 , Screenshot_2014-04-01-12-29-27.png )
I wonder if she's actually bisexual or if she just likes touching Yuu-chan's voluptious body due to some sort of insecurity about her skinny self.
>> No. 2154 [Edit]
File 13968725974.jpg - (41.04KB , 354x310 , t006f.jpg )
Actually, I just noticed that I now read this manga in her seiyuu voice. Not bad.
>> No. 2155 [Edit]
File 13968728165.jpg - (345.31KB , 870x1236 , t008.jpg )
OK, this cracked me up...

Touching Yuu-chan's voluptuous and fragrant body must be a pleasure whether or not you're hot yourself.
>> No. 2218 [Edit]
That latest chapter about not being able to ride a bike made me feel some feels. It didn't take me quite until 16 to learn it, but I did learn it after all my classmates etc. and while it didn't take me long to learn it I never really got good at it despite riding a bike almost every day for 1 or 2 years.
Come to think of it, it's been about 10 years since I last rode a bike.
>> No. 2221 [Edit]
File 140635005458.jpg - (148.93KB , 797x525 , g003k.jpg )
I wouldn't exactly recommend it, but you seem to have the ground to go for it, Tomoko. I'm rooting for you.

I'm 30 years old and I still don't know how to ride a bike (or a car). I gave it up with the last fantasies about my lost imouto.
>> No. 2362 [Edit]
File 142591078691.png - (805.90KB , 874x1238 , jumpthegun.png )
i dropped the manga a long time ago.But i started re-reading it yesterday.
>> No. 2365 [Edit]
I really wish the mangaka would improve her art. It hasn't improved much since Choku and honestly its sometimes hard to 'parse'.
>> No. 2382 [Edit]
File 143007464625.jpg - (114.47KB , 246x350 , i164106.jpg )
I was rather disappointed by Number Girl. The concept has potential, the character designs are cute, but while it does have some good jokes here and there, it mostly relies on very generic humor using the typical overused anime tropes ('LOL SHE IS INSECURE ABOUT HER SMALL BREASTS XDDD SO FUNNEH!')

I agree, that's part of why the anime is actually more fun than the manga. That scene where she tears apart her panties on the toilet for example - pretty hard to figure out what is evening happening in the manga.
>> No. 3124 [Edit]
File 151833517571.jpg - (82.38KB , 718x316 , c129.jpg )
Is anyone else still reading this garbage?
>> No. 3125 [Edit]
Yeah, it's entertaining to a degree.
>> No. 3135 [Edit]
Its not about Tomoko any more so I don't like it as much.
>> No. 3326 [Edit]
File 153378269649.png - (231.13KB , 894x894 , 50a2c23bf1524576681bd52f0d891f702f7132e490077e4e63.png )
The Watamote manga sucks.
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