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File 128935203584.jpg - (57.22KB , 314x500 , 1225629541453.jpg )
46 No. 46 [Edit]
What are you guys reading now?
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>> No. 47 [Edit]
File 128935206753.jpg - (125.99KB , 728x1039 , jsankarea_c01_01.jpg )
I just finished reading Virgin na Kankei today, which is okay. About a guy that has sex with some girl, then finds out that that girl is his interviewer for a job the next day. It's okay, but it seems a tad unrealistic with how tons of girls throw themselves on him. It isn't a typical harem thing, though, as he actually has sex with pretty much every one of them.

It's not all that grand a manga, though.

Personally, one I'm really interested in is Sankarea, which is about a zombie-enthusiast that tries to make a potion to bring back the dead. It's really good, in my opinion.
>> No. 48 [Edit]
Both of those sound amusing. I'll need to check them out.
>> No. 49 [Edit]
Amanchu (15 chapters)
Kabu no Isaki (6 chapters)
Hand x Red (9 chapters)

Seems like whatever I start reading, I never get any more of..
>> No. 50 [Edit]
I started reading Soul Eater. It's a shonen that has no pretenses; the reader is just thrown into a series of battles. I dunno, it's got the typical shonen oscillation between awesome and aw-shucks.

I read the first two chapters of Sankarea. Pretty conventional art/style, unconventional premise. Feels like it doesn't have much room to grow though.

Moar Kabu no Isaki soon, I promise.
>> No. 51 [Edit]
File 128935215179.jpg - (335.03KB , 1000x748 , TheSwordofParosv01c01-001.jpg )
A lot but I recently started:

Genghis Kahn
Sword of Paros
>> No. 52 [Edit]
Yeah, I hate when that happens. That's why I rarely pick up any unfinished manga anymore.
>> No. 53 [Edit]
File 128935220094.png - (597.00KB , 728x1048 , Amanchu_ch02_24.png )
Yeah, it's part of the reason I have a hard time getting into manga.

I'm glad I started Amanchu though, it is fucking adorable.
>> No. 54 [Edit]
I read the first volume of To Terra last sunday, shit was awesome. It's a 70's sci-fi manga with some impressive art at times. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading volume two.
>> No. 55 [Edit]
I just got up to the current volume of Berserk.

I really enjoyed the first volume, with its darkness and the complex character that Guts represented. For everything after that, my enjoyment level just went lower and lower. The story progressed slowly. It was predictable- Guts would go up and bash the shit out of some monsters, or maybe he would beat up an arrogant-talking huge human, and it'd happen over and over again for several chapters. I suppose this is to be expected from an action manga. I would've liked the story to take precedence over fighting though.

It got to the point where I got bugged whenever I saw Griffith's face, or whenever anyone says how great and charismatic emotionless-faced Griffith is.

In hindsight I think I went through those 33 volumes simply for the sake of procrastinating. I don't really have the energy to pay attention to new releases so Im dropping the thing.
>> No. 56 [Edit]
After that, you should try the anime. It's different but still very good.
>> No. 57 [Edit]
>> No. 58 [Edit]
Nothing at the moment sadly, but I'm planning on starting Genshiken soon. I also want to start on Berserk..
>> No. 59 [Edit]
File 128937371560.jpg - (246.05KB , 869x1240 , alabaster01_023.jpg )
Currently trying to make more of a conscious effort to sit down and read some more Tezuka, since there's so many of his stuff I barely even know about (pic is from Alabaster). You know, aside from Ode to Kirihito, I honestly think Tezuka is best when not trying to do heavy-handed drama and doing something more light-hearted and exuberant. Never really cared much for his serious works all that much.
>> No. 104 [Edit]
File 128995384175.png - (113.46KB , 799x1599 , Zelda WW - Chapter 3 - Page - 002.png )
Replaying the game = rereading the logbook manga.
>> No. 327 [Edit]
Just picked up I am a Hero.

Some good shit.
>> No. 328 [Edit]
Oh, I forgot to add the rest of my reply. Great.

I just read all of Berserk in one shot. Loved it, but it's hardly the masterpiece that some people try and make it out to be.
>> No. 329 [Edit]
I think there was way too much fighting.
>> No. 330 [Edit]

... Wait, there was plot in Berserk?

I'm not crazy about manga so even though I occasionally read something my powerlevel is relatively low in this department BUT I'm 99% positive that I won't ever read anything as overrated as Berserk. I don't really get why it's so popular and - more importantly - highly rated. In my opinion it's pretty much your average grimdark fest with lots of guts flying around, innocent people getting killed left and right, religious zealots impaling people, rape every now and then etc. I don't particulary mind it as long as it's not all there is to a story but it definitely seems to be the case here. Somehow I get the feeling that it appeals to younger audiences more.
I kept reading it thinking 'it does get better, right?' to myself but in the end, it never got better. Dropped it after 132 chapters. If I had to rate it on 10 point scale I wouldn't give it more than a 6.

Then again, I might have grown tired of series that resolve around fighting. I also dropped Vagabond after 107 chapters (but to defend it I've got to say that Vagabond's art is simply spectacular) and I read the first volume of Claymore yesterday and again, it failed to grab my attention.


Since you're reading it I assume you already read Ressentiment. That's what I'm currently reading. When it comes to short series of this sort I prefer to wait until they are completely scanlated. I've got to say, I'm highly impressed thus far. Great, unique art (it's not you random shounen/shoujo mangaka #342) and I can relate to the story (obviously). After I'll finish this I'll definitely check out his other works.
>> No. 331 [Edit]
I finally caught up with negima
took me nearly two years
now I got to figure out what else im going to read on my bus rides to and from school.
>> No. 356 [Edit]
File 129987571659.jpg - (107.73KB , 592x644 , why indeed.jpg )
Finished reading Miman Renai a few hours ago.
Basically, it's a 5 volume-long story about a 30-year old virgin who falls in love with a 13-year old middle school student. However, this is not a story about a lolicon. I read Ressentiment in February and Miman Renai is nothing like that. In Ressentiment Takuro sexualizes Tsukiko all the time (actually he spends ~90% of his time thinking about it) while the mere idea of doing anything to Tomoe doesn't even occur to Kurose. As much as I hate to use this word his feelings for Tomoe are 100% pure.

You need to know one thing: this story is silly and when I say silly I mean [i]really[i/] silly. The characters are not the least bit realistic and nature of their relationship is downright ridiculous. And yet, I was smiling like a retard the whole way through. Tomoe is really cute and Kurose is socially inept and has a very low self esteem which scored him lots of points on my sympathy-o-meter.

It's hard to write more, really. The art is decent but nothing special. It has a shoujo-esque feel to it. I'm not much of a researcher so I can't say this for sure but apparently this is the first serialized manga by Takashima Hiromi - a great debut in my opinion. It's a heart-warming story that I recommend to anyone who doesn't mind silly stuff. However, you should be careful with the dosages unless you don't mind getting diabetes.


There's one thing that's been bothering me for a while. Basically, we have two samey threads. What I think would be the best solution is to write about stuff that finished it's serialization in one thread and ongoing series in the other. Also, since /ma/ hardly gets any posts I think it would be better if you'd forget about the 'recently/now' part. Feel free to recommend/advise to stay from manga that you finished reading years ago. God knows this board could use a little more traffic.

Oh yeah, and as for the ongoings thread I think it would be nice to list every series you're following and write 2-3 sentences about it.

>> No. 357 [Edit]
Yeah that's a good idea but you didn't specify which thread for which topic... Let's use this thread for finished/fully serialized manga and the other one for stuff you're following.
>> No. 358 [Edit]
Hi, I'm the man who made thread >>143.

I intended the thread to be a place where someone would write a short comment (or more if they wanted to) after a manga session, every time they had a manga session. This hasn't caught on as well as I'd like it to, and I myself have forgotten about it after reading my manga most of the time.
>> No. 372 [Edit]
File 130048176794.png - (149.17KB , 750x1073 , Kimi_ni_Shika_Kikoenai_ch01_028.png )

>Let's use this thread for finished/fully serialized manga and the other one for stuff you're following.

Hopefully this will catch on. If not... Oh well, it's not like we can do anything about it it can't be helped.


I promised myself I'll post here whenever I'll finish reading anything so here you go.

Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai is a volume long story about a girl who has an imaginary cellphone in her head. The thing is, one day she is called by someone. Can't really tell you much more as it's short and I don't want to spoil it.

Written by Otsuichi (who writes novels and since I'm not well versed in that area I can't really say I've heard about him before; as for his notable works I have to mention 'Goth' - even I heard about it), art by Kiyohara Hiro (another guy I've barely heard about). The story was adapted several times (there's even a movie adaptation)... and I'm not so sure why. I mean, it definitely isn't bad but I'm not so sure whether I'd call it good. It was... short. That's about all I can say. Had it been a little longer it could've been more interesting but maybe it was better to bring it to a closure so quickly.
The art is surprisingly good. I'm posting a random page from the manga so you can judge it yourself. I might check some other manga drawn by Kiyohara later.

... That's all I guess. If the premise sounds interesting to you then check this out. If not I don't think you're missing out on anything spectacular.
>> No. 373 [Edit]
Its a shame that /ma/ is less active than /an/. I feel that manga is the superior medium. Anime is a high budget affair, it needs big teams and often pacing is deliberately slowed down to extend the length of an episode.
>> No. 374 [Edit]
File 130050045014.jpg - (248.56KB , 850x1207 , clueless_age_120.jpg )
>as for his notable works I have to mention 'Goth

Add Chronicles of the Clueless Age to that list. Although I'm not sure exactly how much can be attributed to Otsuichi (since Furuya Usamaru also co-wrote the story, not to mention doing the art), it's a fantastic collection of stories about your typical teenage problems (such as dieting, falling out with friends, being a social outcast, etc) but with FANTASTIC execution. Just go read it to see what I mean.
>> No. 375 [Edit]
Oh, I forgot to say I also wasn't all that impressed by Kimi ni. Otusichi and Kiyohara also worked together for "Kizu" which I thought was a lot better. It is a bit sappy but you really should go give it a try.
>> No. 376 [Edit]

>Its a shame that /ma/ is less active than /an/. I feel that manga is the superior medium.

Well, I dislike it when people claim x is better than y (especially in cases such as this - I feel that the difference between anime and manga is big enough to make such comparisons pointless) but if I had to point a single board that I wish would get more traffic it would definitely be /ma/, especially since (as you already mentioned) /an/ is quite active. I can hardly imagine creating separate threads for different series around here (although I do plan to start one after last chapter of Usagi Drop gets released).

But that's why I'm gonna post here whenever I'll finish a series! Even if it will be only one person per 5 posts if I make someone read something it's worth it.
>> No. 378 [Edit]


Oh, I didn't even realize he worked on it.
I usually read all short manga scanlated by Hox as I plain like the stuff he picks (Stardust Memories, Palepoli). Hox and Kotonoha are two 'groups' I trust enough to read the manga even if the plot summary doesn't catch my attention.

Speaking of Kotonoha I might read God's Child soon (maybe even tomorrow); naturally, I'll post here after finishing it.
>> No. 379 [Edit]
>God's Child

I fucking love the Nishioka Siblings (I've always wondered who does the art and who does the story? maybe they do both?) and was ecstatic to hear Kotonoha start it. They're almost done with the volume (I think?) so I'll probably wait for the whole thing to be out before I read it.

Also on a heads up, Nishioka siblings' only other scanlated work, Journey to the End of the World, will probably get finished in the near future so you should go try that out too. That one's a hilariously bizarre comedy (especially the pirate chapter).
>> No. 380 [Edit]
I am reading Biomega and it is my new favorite all time manga.
>> No. 381 [Edit]
File 13005713437.png - (151.37KB , 800x1114 , 1252496610805.png )
>> No. 383 [Edit]
Reading Kitoh Mohiro's Zansho, I'm quite surprised at how much he's improved, his old one-shots are so painfully forgettable.
>> No. 389 [Edit]
All of the reactions the bear has are always funny.
>> No. 391 [Edit]
File 130117262487.png - (250.48KB , 1280x1853 , God's_Child_075.png )

>Speaking of Kotonoha I might read God's Child soon (maybe even tomorrow); naturally, I'll post here after finishing it.

Took me a little longer than I expected it would but I didn't feel like reading it until now.

It's another one volume long manga, so there is not much I want to say about the story. Then again, how the story unfolds and ends is rather unimportnant here. If you want to know what's it's about let me make it short: it's a story about a sick fuck. I could use some euphemisms here but I don't feel like it. 'Sick fuck' is a quite befitting description in this case.

As I said, manga like God's Child are not about story. They're about impact, about creating a particular atmosphere and evoking particular feelings in reader. In this case I think the aim was to make you feel disgusted.

I'm not so sure whether Nishioka siblsings succeeded. In a way, yes. But the moments where I felt like turning the page quickly in hopes I'll forget about what I've read were achieved by really cheap methods. I feel that the right mood wasn't there. Also, if you start your manga the way they did you have to come up with something really grand to shock your reader. I'm not sure if they even tried - if they really did they failed rather miserably as I didn't even notice.

The art is nice. I like authors who have their own, unique style. The downside of such artstyle is that you can't really keep using it in all your works. It's nice to see it once as it feel fresh but over time the novelty is bound to wear off so I hope they came up with something else in their other works.

The whole story ends in a rather uniteresting way. I felt that the two page spread at the end had the right impact but if I think about the writing itself it was a rather unclimatic way to finish the story. It didn't feel like much of an end, really. Then again they did try to make it a little open-ended but it was hardly convincing. It might seem contradictory but after reading it you'll know what I meant.

Overall it's another story I can't recommend to everyone. If the theme iterests you - check it out. If not - stay away. It's really been a while since I've read something I could recommend with a clear conscience.
>> No. 443 [Edit]
File 130228248723.jpg - (129.52KB , 800x1166 , tonnura-san-1923599.jpg )
I'm reading Tonnura-san. It's kind of like a Jap version of Garfield.
>> No. 444 [Edit]
Cat's creeping me out.
>> No. 445 [Edit]
>It's kind of like a Jap version of Garfield

Do you mean that in a negative way or are you purely just saying that there's an odd cat in the manga?
>> No. 446 [Edit]
The latter. I actually really like Garfield. Sketchbook is another manga with funny cats in it.
>> No. 454 [Edit]
I'm currently reading Gantz since I've already caught up or finished most of the stuff I was reading.
>> No. 465 [Edit]
Currently reading Volume 7 of Ikigami. Just bought a bunch of manga. After that on my reading list is MPD Psycho 9, Berserk 16, Monster 17, 20th Century Boys 8, Detroit Metal City 5 and then NGE 7
>> No. 504 [Edit]
File 130519778266.jpg - (93.51KB , 373x659 , Chapter v15 ch140_cbz-Chapter v15 ch140 - 004.jpg )
Currently reading Jojo Part 3. Right now i have 4 volumes left before i finish. It is one hell of a ride. Every character is likeable even silly villains..
I love this series and because of that i am consuming as little as possible.
>> No. 511 [Edit]
Maybe someone will like this. It's cute but not really good, but that's to be expected.
>> No. 555 [Edit]
anyone have any recommendations if i really liked oyasumi punpun ?
>> No. 556 [Edit]

Uh... Literally everything else by Inio?

His style in both art and storytelling is rather unique so I don't think you'll find anything strongly resembling Pun Pun. Your best bet would probably some single-volume stories or short story compilations even.

Edit: I haven't read it but I see Ciguatera compared to Pun Pun quite often and since it's drawn by Furuya Minoru I can see it being true.

Post edited on 13th Jun 2011, 7:32am
>> No. 562 [Edit]
>> No. 571 [Edit]
Currently reading through Karakuri Circus and Ushio and Tora to familiarize myself with Kazuhiro's works. It's not bad but there are definitely flaws from holding it back from the better action shonens in my life but I'll post my full thoughts for them once I finish reading them (which probably won't be for some time since both are well over 30 volumes).
>> No. 572 [Edit]
Gunslinger Girl.
I haven't been this depressed in years.
Also, God damn Hilshire.
You have a cute girl that loves you and you go after Roberta.
>> No. 573 [Edit]
I think Henriettas part is probably the most depressing to me, especially now that she remembered her past and possibly shot Jose and/or herself.
>> No. 574 [Edit]
To be honest, I already knew this was going to happen ever since the first volume with Elsa.
Henrietta shot Jose and Jose shot her, just like Henrietta promised she would. This means she remembered the promise and not just regained her old memories but also the once she made in the SWA. So there is hope for the other girls.
What I want to know is if Hilshire and Triela survive and what's in the letter that Hilshire gave to Roberta.
>> No. 581 [Edit]
File 130945424019.png - (343.78KB , 850x717 , Shiharu.png )
Read first two volumes of Love so Life yesterday and there's only one thing I can say: heartwarming. Sparkles, bubbles and flowers everywhere. I overdosed (two volumes was way too much for and it's pretty much episodic for the time being but I couldn't stop myself) and almost vomited rainbows yesterday.

Usually I'm rather careful with my recommendations but you should definitely read this one. If you won't like it you are officially heartless!

Twin braids related. Does it get any better than twin braids?
>> No. 596 [Edit]
File 131009276029.png - (244.52KB , 800x1198 , UL_Chapter_01_013.png )
Kanojo Iro no Kanojo, aka Unordinary Life.

One of the characters is an MMA fighter, but it's apparently a shoujo and there's no focus on any fighting yet so I dunno if it's going to be interesting at all.
>> No. 598 [Edit]
File 131044904389.jpg - (122.10KB , 800x1152 , BlackGod31.jpg )
Black God, Needless, and re-reading Mx0.
>> No. 625 [Edit]
File 131183488486.png - (1.47MB , 820x1174 , Genkaku_Picasso_ch03_pg01.png )
Oh shit! Randomscans scanned all 3 volumes of Furuya Usamaru's Genkaku Picasso that was licensed by Viz(! Best night ever, off to read it now. Will post my opinions on it once I finish the whole thing in the other thread.
>> No. 662 [Edit]
File 131413535280.jpg - (111.88KB , 1050x758 , aki 30.jpg )
Just finished reading Aki Sora...

From the begining, everybody expected a Nice Boat ending; wich wouldn't have been bad either, but it turned out quite differently and in a very personal way. Sometimes it got a bit slow (focusing merely on ero) but, at the end, I really enjoyed it all, a lot: it was overall good, if you like the genre (incest).

Also: Haruhi knows when the OVAs or series will be finished (if ever), but the OST has been ready out there for a while now; it is a quality one, as well, and good to accompany the reading of the manga:

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2011, 2:39pm
>> No. 665 [Edit]
Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

It feels like I'm reading Mx0... only without the magical high school setting.
>> No. 668 [Edit]
File 131524836024.jpg - (168.66KB , 800x1139 , otoyomegatari.jpg )
Otoyomegatari. It's really well drawn and the author did her research.
>> No. 669 [Edit]

I have to admit that when I first read this, I merely flicked through the manga because I wanted to see whether it'd be worthy of reading or not.

Turned out that it did so I'm giving it another read (the manga that is). I haven't been disappointed so far as I enjoyed it's plot and it is interesting so far.
>> No. 671 [Edit]
File 131650296883.jpg - (164.30KB , 838x1200 , Wolfsmund_V01_123.jpg )
Just read the second chapter of Wolfsmund.

I really wish more of this author's work would get translated.
>> No. 672 [Edit]
The World God Only Knows.

The story so far isn't as bad as one would think it'd be, and I like the way it's going so far.
>> No. 673 [Edit]
It only gets better, and generally I hate that kind of manga
>> No. 678 [Edit]
File 131724393544.jpg - (311.70KB , 1102x719 , get some new faces esuno.jpg )
Just read the first chapter of Big Order, done by the mangaka most famous for Future Diary and I have to first say 2 things: Get some new faces and stop drawing weird off-model derpy eyes that are on people's foreheads or where their cheeks should be.
>> No. 679 [Edit]
File 131724475382.jpg - (202.62KB , 710x746 , get some new plots esuno.jpg )
That being said, the premise, like Esuno's two previous works, is interesting enough though I'm almost certain detractors will point out it's too similar to Future Diary since both feature your average high school boy who obtains superpowers and will set out on a path where he will end up changing the fate of the world. However, I think that's simplifying other aspects too much and not really valid, kind of like how if you cross out enough names of characters/settings and speak in general terms, Harry Potter is the same as Star Wars, Matrix, etc. I mean, you'd be stupid to think Jojo part 3 is the same shit as One Piece just because the main character is a teenage boy with supernatural powers who finds friends/comrades over the course of his journey which will change the fate of their respective worlds. In any case, I just hope the execution of said plot will be much much better this time.

Post edited on 28th Sep 2011, 2:21pm
>> No. 682 [Edit]
File 131724523665.jpg - (871.20KB , 1713x1200 , ビッグオーダー01_71-72.jpg )
And speaking of Jojo, I'm definitely getting some vibes of Jojo-esque fights because of these stand-like monsters. If there's one thing I enjoyed about Future Diary other than batshit-insane Yuno, it was those fights where the characters actually used the strengths and weaknesses of their unique abilities to gain the upper hand. So here's to hoping that there'll be more of that and less POISONED TOMATOES (though to be frank, I enjoyed the latter a lot as well).
>> No. 683 [Edit]
The new girl is different enough from Yuno (by manga standards), but holy shit that main character. He's got a vest and everything.
>> No. 688 [Edit]
Thanks for letting me know, I didn't know he was making a new one. You're right about the art, those faces are identical to the Mirai Nikki characters.

I actually was expecting it to be more similar, but it's pretty different. It looks like it'll be pretty good.

And the MC's power will lead to a lot of mind control doujins...
>> No. 689 [Edit]
Reminds me of a manga that started in Afternoon a few months ago called Icon. Guy finds a floor-tile-ish thing that gives him the ability to control people and see their thoughts (literally written on their bodies). Art's a bit weird but I really ought to get around to reading it.

Post edited on 10th Oct 2011, 10:28pm
>> No. 691 [Edit]
File 131848069341.jpg - (308.15KB , 870x1236 , 16.jpg )
I'm surprised this manga hasn't been posted here yet... maybe I just didn't look hard enough.
>> No. 692 [Edit]
>> No. 693 [Edit]
"It's not my fault I'm not popular"
>> No. 695 [Edit]
File 131848544327.png - (378.88KB , 797x1133 , me in manga form.png )
>> No. 696 [Edit]

I don't usually follow manga but I really like this. I find the social anxiety thing really relatable, obviously
>> No. 697 [Edit]
I hate to be that guy but.. Do girls like this exist in real life?
>> No. 698 [Edit]
File 131850304914.jpg - (109.95KB , 446x704 , 1297960759794.jpg )
What manga is this?
>> No. 699 [Edit]
File 131850307193.jpg - (169.26KB , 678x639 , 1297960343298.jpg )
Another pic.
>> No. 700 [Edit]
probably, but they're real ugly instead of anime ugly (which is actually cute)
>> No. 701 [Edit]
I'm fairly confident that is an H-Manga, and not one I liked at all due to the topic obviously.
I have read quite a bit of H though, so don't be too hasty to take my word on it.
>> No. 703 [Edit]
It's confusing because I don't know if she's actually supposed to be ugly or she just views herself that way. I think she's cute either way
>> No. 704 [Edit]
The only way to tell if a manga character is ugly is by their hair. In this case, it looks really greasy, like that girl in Onani Master Kurosawa.
>> No. 705 [Edit]
Art looks like Jingrock.
>> No. 739 [Edit]
File 132005408037.png - (197.85KB , 834x1200 , ch008 20.png )
Been reading Girlfriends, per a recomendasion.
Really enjoying it so far.
>> No. 743 [Edit]
I'm just now starting to read manga at a serious level, since my computer currently has no sound device, and I would rather just read manga than watch anime with no sound. The main 2 things I'm currently reading are K-on and Rozen Maiden. I have to say, the K-on manga is much better than it's adaptation. Manga comedy just doesn't translate all to well into anime format in my opinion.
>> No. 745 [Edit]

>I'm just now starting to read manga at a serious level
>I'm currently reading are K-on and Rozen Maiden.


>I have to say, the K-on manga is much better than it's adaptation.

That I agree with which is way I kinda regret watching S1 in the first place (sure enough, all the shit parts of S1 - like Azusa forced drama - weren't in the manga in the first place) and have no regrets about not watching S2, despite everybody and their mom telling me just how much better S2 was compared to S1.
>> No. 746 [Edit]
Well, not exactly serious as in the manga itself, but as in I'm reading it for the same amount of time as I was watching anime, which is most of the day.
>> No. 765 [Edit]
Boku to Issho
>> No. 774 [Edit]
File 132116759933.jpg - (89.74KB , 800x1164 , usagi-drop-1315811.jpg )
Just now I finally catched up with Usagi Drop, right where the anime left it (before the BIG change)...

This gotta be sweet.
>> No. 777 [Edit]
I just finished reading this and it was a hell of a ride. I don't think that this kind of manga can be imitated or done as well as it has been done.

Since I just finished it, I feel glad that I found it and feel a bit sad that I will probably never find another manga like it.
>> No. 820 [Edit]
File 132262783811.png - (98.66KB , 750x501 , esdxzrtft.png )
>> No. 821 [Edit]
File 132271782365.png - (472.46KB , 1146x589 , tfyukifty.png )
Alluka is so cute!♥
>> No. 834 [Edit]
File 132317562568.jpg - (388.09KB , 845x1200 , ビッグオーダー03_18.jpg )
Haha, this new version of Yuno's not bad.
>> No. 839 [Edit]
I've become interested in Manga again, so I'll probably do lots of reading for a week or so then quit for 8~ months

So I just finished reading one called "Reset", it is about people failing at life so they must reset it (suicide), they are brainwashed via videogames. It was meh, Started interesting and had a tohno quality to it, middle was nothing great had a few good inspirational quotes on the last page. About 300 pages in 6 volumes.

rating: If you have nothing to read, read it.

Also another compilation of various artists called "Secret Comics Japan," it's content was varied, most of it non-sense, though it also had some interesting things. Also it was kind of "alternative." 200 pages.

rating: There are a few gem moments in here, but you need an excellent crap filter to find it. Pass.
>> No. 840 [Edit]
Reset? That was a pretty mediocre manga, as is most of Tsutsui's other manga in my opinion, though Manhole's not bad, if a tad cliched.
>> No. 841 [Edit]
Read 3 more today.

Magen Senki Cyber Momotarou - It is suppose to be a parody, not funny though, also gore. 200pgs rating:Pass

Icaro - It is about an areodynamic boy(he can fly), and about freedom. Not good, Boring and Predictable, also according to the cover this is supposed to be the most important manga ever because it was a french guy and a japanese guy working together, but if this is supposed to be the best of forienger/japan combos, I fear how bad the others are, but I know their is a Sandman comic drawn by the final fantasy drawer I imagine that is good. 200pgs PASS

Psycho Trader Chinami- Great, like a himawari(anime), read or die, and raildex combined. I am surprised it doesn't have anime (unless it does, I didn't check) 12 chapters ~35-50 pages each, check it out.
>> No. 842 [Edit]

That's like, the worst Taniguchi manga I've ever read. I want my time back.
>> No. 846 [Edit]
File 132355343123.png - (148.40KB , 837x1200 , Milk_Closet_V01_Ch03_115.png )
I read one called Milk Closet, it is pretty unique, full of strange creatures, and stuff. It was a satisifactory read.

Also GITS...
>> No. 848 [Edit]
I really found Milk Closet quite enjoyably creepy for a manga, moreso because of the character designs used. Alien 9 is sort of similar but a little less convoluted in case you're interested.
>> No. 867 [Edit]
Yeah Milk Closet is pretty weird and creepy, I like the designs and the atmosphere. The ending is kinda meh though.
>> No. 880 [Edit]

It's, like, a shounen version of gantz. The crazy character in this manga doesn't suck all that much either.
>> No. 881 [Edit]
Man, I enjoyed the fuck out of the current 11 chapters. Thanks for sharing it with us, bro.
>> No. 882 [Edit]
File 132559453465.png - (1.38MB , 2560x1840 , Hideout_150-151.png )
I've been reading "Hideout" by Masasumi Kakizaki, the same guy who did the art for Rainbow. It is a pretty decent horror story, and the art is top notch.
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