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File 130146960564.jpg - (381.69KB , 900x1335 , 00331.jpg )
394 No. 394 [Edit]
Do you actually read manga? Or do you usually prefer anime?
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>> No. 395 [Edit]
>Do you actually read manga?
Isn't that the whole point of this board? Or is this more of a general question to the entire tohno-chan userbase who don't frequent /ma/?

But in any case, I do prefer manga most of the time. Hell, the vast majority of anime is based on manga to begin with.
>> No. 396 [Edit]
>Or is this more of a general question to the entire tohno-chan userbase who don't frequent /ma/?

Yes it is.
>> No. 397 [Edit]
ive seen over 200 anime shows but only read about 20 manga
>> No. 398 [Edit]
Yes and yes
>> No. 401 [Edit]
I'm kind of the reverse. I've probably barely seen 200 anime and I've read more than twice that for manga.
>> No. 403 [Edit]
I usually only read hentai manga. I'm reading through the Ika Musume manga as it's being translated though. The anime was pretty much spot-on
>> No. 406 [Edit]
File 130152812954.png - (651.51KB , 1415x2000 , 12.png )
heh, same ratio here. I've seen about 60 animes but read only about half a dozen volumes of manga.
I do however read lots of short doujinshi and webcomics, just not longer series.
>> No. 408 [Edit]
Ive watched like ten anime series and about 30 manga series.
>> No. 409 [Edit]
I don't read much manga anymore. I rarely pick up new series and I've fallen behind on most of the ones I used to follow. So yeah, you could say I prefer anime. I don't watch as much of that anymore either.
>> No. 412 [Edit]
I only read a little bit. Haven't bothered reading any chapters in months, though. Too busy with my anime and visual novel backlog.
>> No. 417 [Edit]
I really prefer manga over anime.
>> No. 418 [Edit]
Yes, so do I.
>> No. 419 [Edit]
File 130202956350.jpg - (143.11KB , 548x800 , 122.jpg )
I read some.
>> No. 420 [Edit]
File 130206610231.jpg - (113.19KB , 419x300 , flashdance.jpg )
>> No. 422 [Edit]
When I first started getting into the whole thing I mostly read manga, but now I've kind of lost the patience.
>> No. 424 [Edit]
File 130220131822.jpg - (23.07KB , 716x175 , animemanga.jpg )
"A picture is worth a thousand words"
>> No. 425 [Edit]
Question for those of you who don't read much manga. Does it ever bother you to watch an anime adaptations of manga which don't have an ending 99% of the time because the manga is still ongoing?
>> No. 427 [Edit]
we wait endlessly for second seasons we know will never come.
>> No. 428 [Edit]
Sure does.
Any scenario where the anime doesn't end as the source material, manga or otherwise, bothers me.
It can't be helped though. It rarely bothers me enough to pick up the source material but it does bother me enough to keep waiting for that second season or reboot, hoping it'll happen.
I loved what they did with Brotherhood. I don't want to undust that old debate but I liked Brotherhood much more and I'm glad they decided to adapt the manga again focusing on the events after the original anime diverged from the manga.
>> No. 430 [Edit]
File 130223508592.jpg - (101.06KB , 577x800 , 116.jpg )
>> No. 431 [Edit]
Most of the time if I liked the anime enough I'll start reading the manga. That's about the only time I'll pick up a new manga these days.
>> No. 432 [Edit]
This entire thread is a little depressing to read. If you guys ever get bored of watching anime, you guys should really check out some more manga. And by manga, I don't mean ones that are just a blatantly obvious attempt by the mangaka to cash-in on a potential anime adaptation.
>> No. 436 [Edit]
I've read a lot of manga in the past (well over a hundred). I just prefer other mediums.
>> No. 437 [Edit]
why do some people feel the need to defend manga so zealously? I like reading it, but there's always some people who say how much they prefer manga to anime, how much better it is, or how more people should read manga
>> No. 438 [Edit]
No, that's fine. My post was more directed to those who've read very little.
>> No. 439 [Edit]
Many mangafags only do so because of adaptation decay.

Also, encouraging people to read more manga is hardly what I'd call "overzealous" but I'm sure you're referring more to elitist mangafans that go "all anime is shit, you newfags."
>> No. 440 [Edit]
Im annoyed that anime gets discussed more.
>> No. 441 [Edit]
I'd rather not see blatantly stupid people's comments on something I hold dear like what we have with anime, but I guess the problem is there's not much decent discussion either.
>> No. 442 [Edit]
I generally prefer manga because it's easier to read just a little bit at a time.
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