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File 151136144924.jpg - (356.56KB , 1024x743 , MIA.jpg )
3090 No. 3090 [Edit]
Does anyone here read Made In Abyss? I spent the past day or two reading through and getting caught up, and I've seriously been enjoying it.
>> No. 3091 [Edit]
I started reading it after I finished the anime and been wanting to post the releases here but since it's a little racy (grey area regarding the loli rule) I thought maybe it was better for the board if I didn't link to the translations. We can still discuss it though.

If you watched the anime, what did you think of the changes?
>> No. 3092 [Edit]
I actually read the manga first. I'm planning on going through the anime during my free time for the next week or two. What am I in for? A friend of mine said they actually handled it surprisingly well, even the rougher scenes that unfold as they reach the deeper levels, but I'm always a little skeptical of anime adaptations.
>> No. 3093 [Edit]
There are some changes here and there that you might unnecessary if you read the manga first, but I loved it. I think the anime is in most ways better than the manga:
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