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File 142567181628.png - (259.16KB , 462x700 , a5f4756e7e29f599930c9edf994f4783.png )
2359 No. 2359 [Edit]
Do have a collection of manga/import from japan?
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>> No. 2360 [Edit]
No, but I really want Medaka Box sometime since it's Nisio. It would cost a lot though.
>> No. 2361 [Edit]
I've been wanting that too lately, at least one of the arcs, but I can't decide on the minus arc or the one after
>> No. 3274 [Edit]
File 153042286042.jpg - (231.62KB , 807x1000 , Kokoro Toshokan back flap.jpg )
I got the three published volumes of Kokoro Toshokan, recently. Normally I don't buy manga, but this is one of the few series I care to have a copy of. Man, seeing the art in person really is beautiful. It is good, that in this particular manga a lot of the pages are colored. I was amazed, considering it was second hand. Otaku related merchandise from Japan seems to be kept in shape nicely particularly, it is really surprising. What was odd, however, was that on the back flap of the cover listed on it the PC system specs of I can only assume the author. Never seen anything like this done before, although maybe someone else has? The first two volumes listed a Mac system, whereas the third volume and the fan book listed this one pictured.

Post edited on 30th Jun 2018, 10:31pm
>> No. 3275 [Edit]
>first two volumes listed a Mac... third volume and fan book listed this one
Were the third volume and fan book better?
>> No. 3277 [Edit]
Eh.. no. But, one thing I have noticed is that it seems like the computers they show in the series are based off of the old original iMacs.
>> No. 3308 [Edit]
What a silly thing to say.
>> No. 3309 [Edit]
I think it's because some art programs are actually very cpu intensive so if you are trying to develop high quality manga you actually need a very good computer, notice he mentioned the kind of tablet and scanner he used as well. Sometimes it is interesting for consumers and other authors what tools were used in the creation of media. So that they can have at least a rough baseline of what it takes.
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