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File 136735479091.png - (276.79KB , 799x523 , P385.png )
1730 No. 1730 [Edit]
Do you like Aku no Hana?
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>> No. 1732 [Edit]
I don't know, should I read it? I started reading Boku Wa Mari no Naka and that's pretty good.
>> No. 1733 [Edit]

I recommend it, it's very good.
>> No. 1734 [Edit]
From what I've seen in the anime thread, I'm not going to give it a chance at all.

Before anyone gets the idea that I'm talking about the art change in the anime for whatever reason, no, that isn't the reason I don't want to read this. Don't question my god damned decision, either.
>> No. 1735 [Edit]
Hm, I swear there was an Aku no Hana thread already. Something about Nakamura's eyes driving someone crazy.

I also like Boku wa Mari no Naka.
>> No. 1736 [Edit]
File 136748424853.jpg - (490.57KB , 1024x1525 , 1367341142191.jpg )

Let's just make this thread about Oshimi Shouzo's manga.

Avant-garde Yumeko is finally getting a scanlation.
>> No. 1738 [Edit]
I didn't know that was being scanlated. Looks like bakaupdates needs to be updated.

I quite like this guy's art style, its just pleasant to look out without being outright fanservicey.
>> No. 1739 [Edit]

>Looks like bakaupdates needs to be updated.

The same thing happened with Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienai.
>> No. 1742 [Edit]
I read about two chapters and it kind of seemed stupid. It's just the crazy girl making the beta dude do random shit.

Like I guess it's supposed to be psychological and freaky, but it's not doing anything for me
>> No. 1745 [Edit]
File 136760482463.jpg - (232.21KB , 869x1266 , s015.jpg )
Absolutely, I'm loving it: I hadn't feel so identified with a character probably since Eva; It kept reminding me of painful stuff that I might carry on right into the grave. Personally, I think that Saeki was the real deal and Nakamura should really, really go die in a fire -that deleterious disgusting bitch...

The very last cliffhanger was rather dubious, though; but I still believe that won't end ok (or at least I hope so, for the sake of poetic justice).
>> No. 1746 [Edit]

Oh c'mon, read at least the first volume, you can't talk about it yet.


Oh I love Saeki too.

She's still after him after all this time and I bet that she's gonna start blackmailing him sooner or later.
>> No. 1747 [Edit]
whoops, I meant two volumes not chapters
>> No. 1750 [Edit]

Keep reading, shit start happening in volume 3.
>> No. 1751 [Edit]
I just finished reading stutter girl manga. I don't understand what happens at the end. She doesn't get better? She suddenly has a kid? What kind of ending is that man
>> No. 1752 [Edit]

She gets better, she grows up, she marry someone and she has a kid
>> No. 1761 [Edit]
On the upside I'm happy about the Aku no Hana and Shingeki no Kyojin animes creating more readers for their respective manga. On the downside it indicates more people watch anime than read manga, when I believe manga is the superior medium. Anime is capable of doing so much, and its great when its well done. But it often falls flat on its face because of cheap animation and decompression of scenes to waste time.
>> No. 1763 [Edit]

But that's not true, not even outside of Japan.
>> No. 1764 [Edit]
Chapter 45 raws are out.
>> No. 1769 [Edit]
File 136848268616.jpg - (112.28KB , 747x450 , g003.jpg )
Translated now.
>> No. 1771 [Edit]
Kasuga is a psychopath.
>> No. 1772 [Edit]
Nah, he just happened to have a crazy bitch in his life; that can break the best of us.
>> No. 1778 [Edit]
File 136883401665.jpg - (355.57KB , 701x1201 , Tempt not a desperate man.jpg )
I don't think anyone should but, if you're gonna do it, please do it like Kasuga. All the way through, like a real man.
>> No. 1780 [Edit]

I must say that I don't really care about Kasuga.

I only like Saeki, Nakamura and some secondary character.
>> No. 1787 [Edit]
I feel rather sorry for Kouji. He was a bit of a prat but he meant well. Christmas Eve, big romantic day, must have plans with his girlfriend after they finish work and some crying guy comes up and takes her away.

Hopefully he'll be part of the future suffering. Kasuga can't have a happy ending yet.
>> No. 1790 [Edit]
File 136901530697.jpg - (267.38KB , 869x1294 , g014f.jpg )
That's what made the stance the most amazing and legitimately won the princess for him: he totally crashed them party and common places, stroking with burning passion right there in the safety and comfort of their winter rituals; and it wasn't coldly staged but pathetically honest: it was sturm und drang at its finest but with a fair share of rational guilt behind it (and without the senselessly cruel pillory quality of a Nakamura esque display), so it was decadent aesthetics in action.

At that point, the willing but empty headed Kouji had absolutely nothing to threaten him with. As a poète maudit admirer, Kasuga, for once, behaved truly accordingly and prevailed. Not that this will make him any happier though, not at all; despite being intoxicated with joy right now, he's rather called the storms to fall over him once again, breaking his emotional hiatus and opening the doors for Finagle's law to re-take over... or so I hope (as well as more Saeki, pretty pretty please, together with Tokiwa's development and fall out).
>> No. 1797 [Edit]
File 136963013427.jpg - (2.99MB , 2480x1594 , flowers of evil manwha 503141 0.jpg )
While you wait for the next issue, you may like to check the homonymous manhwa "Flowers of Evil (악의 꽃)". It's about twincest; I wouldn't say it's as good as Aku no Hana, but it's great drama as well (art is quite appealing too).
>> No. 1829 [Edit]
File 137142165786.png - (94.89KB , 743x297 , img000012.png )
Oh waha, chapter 46 is out.
>> No. 1830 [Edit]
File 13714416376.jpg - (175.78KB , 751x514 , just wait - you just wait.jpg )
Yup. And it's unsettling.
>> No. 1868 [Edit]
File 137384698752.png - (627.84KB , 1796x1300 , img000036.png )
Takao-Nakamura-Saeki meetup next month.
>> No. 1869 [Edit]
File 137385125519.jpg - (39.12KB , 534x435 , how about no _.jpg )
<--- Finding you a clean pair of shorts while you cry uncontrollably will sure be problematic for her, indeed.
>> No. 1870 [Edit]
File 137385156252.jpg - (129.88KB , 869x1263 , taku_no_hana_ch047_pg026_utopia_fwpa.jpg )
I'd really like to think so, but I'm not so sure. Saeki moved too and, although plot-wise it might be inevitable at some point, I rather not see that Nakamura beast ever again. Kasuga, however, is dying to see her, I know; he won't settle down until he feels he's been punished enough.

Post edited on 15th Jul 2013, 9:32am
>> No. 1906 [Edit]
File 137604090817.jpg - (107.14KB , 631x368 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
From the next chapter.
>> No. 1907 [Edit]
I just flashed it for a sec and didn't get it. It's for the best, then; I shall better wait.
>> No. 1908 [Edit]
File 137627407513.jpg - (75.78KB , 338x512 , 006.jpg )
I bet girls hate it when people do this ot them
>> No. 1910 [Edit]
File 137629866535.jpg - (43.58KB , 423x452 , 1375889560098.jpg )

I bet that Mari is the queen of the multiverse or something like that.
>> No. 1912 [Edit]
File 137651855316.jpg - (205.95KB , 3108x1722 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I don't even know if this is from the next chapter but I'm gonna spoiler it.
>> No. 1914 [Edit]
Are you guys reading raw scans or the actual manga? cause I just today got to read the Chapter 48 scanlanation...

Anyway: Oshimi sure is taking his sweet time lately, building on suspense with that near SoL dynamic of Kasuga's NORP relationshit. I still can relate with some of the hardest stuff, though (like holding the blame for your family's fall down).
>> No. 1915 [Edit]
File 137660008259.jpg - (39.02KB , 604x462 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 1946 [Edit]
File 137937210477.jpg - (696.87KB , 1398x993 , Sweet Poolside.jpg )
This is getting translated.
>> No. 1949 [Edit]
File 137978347561.jpg - (15.47KB , 338x298 , 1379783427614.jpg )
>> No. 1950 [Edit]
she got prettier.
>> No. 1951 [Edit]
File 137980399316.jpg - (86.71KB , 730x510 , the feel.jpg )
Finally, she understands.
>> No. 1953 [Edit]
File 137980415894.jpg - (168.28KB , 1740x1262 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
how about no?
>> No. 1954 [Edit]

>> No. 1958 [Edit]
Because I don't expect her to have changed for the best, if at all. I love to see dramatic driven lives but just for someone or something who's worth it; she was simply a disastrous person, and there's no reason for Kasuga to revive such misadventures. I mean, if I was on his shoes, I'd most likely come to utterly hate the bitch and her memory at some point.
>> No. 1973 [Edit]
File 138286971650.jpg - (90.13KB , 734x580 , time out.jpg )
Holly shi...

There was I thinking they were going to fuck, and it turned out to be serious business.

Anyway: I found amazing that he actually decided to give himself time decide what to do. That was much wiser than I've ever, ever done.
>> No. 1974 [Edit]

>There was I thinking they were going to fuck

I thought the same.
>> No. 1980 [Edit]
Sweet Poolside is now completely scanlated.
>> No. 1981 [Edit]
That was a weird read.
>> No. 1982 [Edit]
File 138421088289.jpg - (434.35KB , 800x1200 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 1984 [Edit]
File 138424554289.jpg - (469.83KB , 800x1213 , oaku-no-hana-4565763.jpg )
Kasuga, I'm proud: you totally fucked up another person who loved you (utterly fake kiss included); Tokiwa is done for, come what may. This manga sure is written the right way; Oshimi won't settle for shit.
>> No. 1985 [Edit]
Tokiwa is a good girl.
>> No. 1999 [Edit]
File 138644106142.jpg - (82.08KB , 640x368 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 2002 [Edit]
File 138644123937.jpg - (101.29KB , 368x640 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 2004 [Edit]
File 138649566078.jpg - (82.00KB , 368x920 , s001.jpg )
>Boku wa Mari no Naka [college dropout hiki turns into the highschool girl he stalks]

This is just great.

It doesn't hurt that Mari looks a hell of a lot like Saeki.
>> No. 2007 [Edit]
File 138653177337.png - (128.30KB , 257x514 , poolside.png )
I used to be mistaken for girl until my 12 or so. It really wasn't nice.
I was also taken for a middle-schooler until about 25. That was ok.
>> No. 2009 [Edit]
Funny ride, poor ending.
>> No. 2013 [Edit]
File 138666515876.jpg - (256.06KB , 840x1200 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
<--- This is weird. I accounted that succubi could have vagina dentata, but not this...

In any case: damned, Oshimi; first symbolist poetry, then stuttering, then bushes and now this?? you know me far too well. As a petite lover and blowjob hater (yeah), I'm so into this.

Post edited on 10th Dec 2013, 12:51am
>> No. 2015 [Edit]
File 138666924510.jpg - (225.88KB , 840x1200 , h010 ---HERE---.jpg )
Seriously: what the fuck...

This is it. I'm home.
>> No. 2016 [Edit]
File 138666949958.jpg - (94.53KB , 676x405 , k005.jpg )

Meruru is pretty fucking cute
>> No. 2017 [Edit]
File 138667653051.jpg - (223.10KB , 808x1204 , dimg020 TRUE STORY.jpg )
This, I swear, does happen. I once talked about it here: >>/so/15200
>> No. 2018 [Edit]
dem cliffhangers...
>> No. 2019 [Edit]
File 13866783678.jpg - (193.33KB , 773x728 , yup__.jpg )
Precisely, yeah.
>> No. 2020 [Edit]
Actually, she doesn't get better but she manages her way in life nevertheless. She learned it wasn't such a big deal.
>> No. 2021 [Edit]
File 138687418544.jpg - (105.92KB , 501x745 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 2025 [Edit]
File 138692701116.jpg - (583.88KB , 724x1560 , NTR.jpg )
Fucking Hell. This was exceedingly painful to watch.
You're a poet of doom, Oshimi.
>> No. 2026 [Edit]

Meh, I don't like Yuutai Nova at all.

The protagonist was too fucking stupid.
>> No. 2028 [Edit]
File 138693083135.jpg - (147.04KB , 667x397 , realization.jpg )
Yes, he is. Moreover: he knows; he learns it the hard way. That's why it hits me so good.
>> No. 2029 [Edit]
File 138693657886.jpg - (522.69KB , 689x1500 , ryn_vol2_chp1_003 amen.jpg )
I couldn't have say it better.
>> No. 2030 [Edit]
File 138694179270.jpg - (311.77KB , 728x1064 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Well, even though I understand it was cancelled, I loved it the way it was left. It was totally waifu-like, from more than one perspective; I could relate with so much more than I'd be able to talk about...

It was very good.
>> No. 2031 [Edit]
File 138696186425.png - (269.09KB , 1080x1600 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Next chapter is going to be awesome.
>> No. 2032 [Edit]
I'm all numb, right now.
I don't know what to think.
>> No. 2039 [Edit]
I'm glad Oshimi Shuzo works are getting a lot more love now. The Aku no Hana anime was shit but it did the trick to publicise his manga.
>> No. 2042 [Edit]
The scary thing is that, if the anime hadn't been so shitty, maybe not so many people would have ran away to the manga and his other works.

I guess it goes to show that there's no such thing as bad publicity. It really was a brilliant move.
>> No. 2043 [Edit]
File 138773121096.jpg - (95.13KB , 640x480 , 1387702018081.jpg )
>> No. 2044 [Edit]
I dont get it.
>> No. 2045 [Edit]
File 138774595698.jpg - (538.26KB , 1069x1600 , Aku no Hana v05 c25 - 097.jpg )

It's Saeki riding her bicycle.
>> No. 2046 [Edit]
I wish a girl would care that much about me.
>> No. 2050 [Edit]
File 138777018110.jpg - (311.80KB , 840x1200 , odevil_ecstasy_c017_p001.jpg )
>> No. 2085 [Edit]
File 139045186678.jpg - (124.12KB , 869x1279 , j009.jpg )
Snapping in 3... 2... 1...
>> No. 2086 [Edit]
THis manga makes me realise being a cute little girl is shit because you get targeted by skeevy males
>> No. 2087 [Edit]
File 139047253281.png - (169.12KB , 430x658 , 1390391162362.png )
>> No. 2088 [Edit]
File 139049881111.jpg - (81.89KB , 493x533 , ME YOU NOW.jpg )
But it also sucks to be the skeevy male.
We have hearts too.
>> No. 2091 [Edit]
File 139158104172.gif - (739.83KB , 500x281 , Yuuko's_scar.gif )
There's a saying in my country that roughly translates into:

"The woman with no luck with men
does not know how lucky she is."

Beneath all my misogyny, I think it's true. Beauties are the target not just of lascivious men but of envious women.
>> No. 2092 [Edit]
yeah better to be gross and ugly so no one likes you and you die alone.
>> No. 2094 [Edit]
People just use and hurt each other and we're all alone anyway. The point is precisely not to fall into the trap of believing otherwise and learn to enjoy living by yourself.
>> No. 2095 [Edit]
Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
>> No. 2096 [Edit]
File 139159634575.jpg - (68.45KB , 576x599 , 1391476425193.jpg )
>> No. 2105 [Edit]
File 139204083388.jpg - (122.39KB , 800x1225 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
. . .
>> No. 2106 [Edit]
File 139204282246.jpg - (235.06KB , 844x608 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 2107 [Edit]
File 139204853832.jpg - (8.96KB , 270x256 , 13920329492883.jpg )
>> No. 2130 [Edit]
File 13939193839.jpg - (25.48KB , 745x1044 , b001.jpg )
are you ready?...
>> No. 2131 [Edit]
File 139393073551.jpg - (56.68KB , 427x441 , 1391476672997.jpg )

It's not on batoto...crunchyroll strikes again?
>> No. 2132 [Edit]
>> No. 2135 [Edit]
File 13939961945.jpg - (512.65KB , 1490x1032 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Here's to posterity.
Never change, /tc/.
>> No. 2136 [Edit]
File 139444953897.jpg - (297.11KB , 869x1305 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Shit. I might no longer like this manga... at all.
>> No. 2137 [Edit]
File 139446766384.png - (93.81KB , 296x324 , 13867994118062.png )
>> No. 2149 [Edit]
File 13963474284.jpg - (229.59KB , 750x1045 , b012d.jpg )
Jesus fucking Christ... I mean: literally. It's about to become selfcest.

Post edited on 1st Apr 2014, 3:18am
>> No. 2151 [Edit]

''Best choice is my sister myself!''
>> No. 2157 [Edit]
File 139707403787.png - (190.63KB , 1009x1600 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Final chapter next month.
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