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File 134615960287.png - (1.37MB , 1280x700 , 1339444395043.png )
1188 No. 1188 [Edit]
Tell me about your favorite manga, /tc/. It would be nice if you would explain why it's your favorite in a few sentences.

You can include multiple categories if you want to, for example 'favorite seinen', 'favorite ongoing series', 'favorite one shot compilation' but I'd like you to refrain from including favorites based on just one aspect of a series if possible ('favorite female lead', 'best art style', 'favorite plot twist').
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>> No. 1189 [Edit]
Boys on the Run. It's like a ten-car pileup in manga form. Want to look away, can't. It gets worse and worse each chapter.

Post edited on 28th Aug 2012, 8:56am
>> No. 1190 [Edit]
I have too many to list, but if you only mean 1 manga, then I'll go with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I like Jojo because the characters aren't all that bad and the story is pretty interesting with all of the weird things.

I'm a little too lazy to do the category things, but I can tell you that I'd give you different manga for them.sage
>> No. 1192 [Edit]
I've read a lot..hard to name any particular favourites.

Anything by Tsutomu Nihei for one.
>> No. 1193 [Edit]
I guess it would be Midori no Hibi. Its one of my first and one of the ones I've most enjoyed.
>> No. 1196 [Edit]
I don't read much manga but Akira or Berserk is my favorite. Sorry can't decide which one.
>> No. 1205 [Edit]
I think I can do it

3)Sidonia No Kishi
>> No. 1721 [Edit]
File 136648660141.png - (411.08KB , 841x1200 , Shigurui_v3ch15_p166.png )

I'm not much for manga, sorry, but Shigurui is one of my favourite things ever. Im a huge fan of anything that tries to push the boundaries of an emotion in some way and Shigurui is just hateful and vile to the core.
And its really pretty too, very good art and the story is well written. The ending was a bit disappointing but eh, you cant have everything I guess.

Reading it made me like the anime a lot more, they complement each other very well.

Please throw recommendations at me if you know of any manga that focuses on one specific emotion or theme and takes it to the extreme.
>> No. 1743 [Edit]
File 136760431167.jpg - (61.81KB , 457x454 , 13576443690782.jpg )
Homonculus was amazing
>> No. 1748 [Edit]
File 136762018282.jpg - (278.34KB , 728x1063 , chapter.jpg )
My favorite, oh boy, I am ashamed to admit it but... Devilman Lady by Go Nagai.
I wish I could give you a good reason to why I like it. I guess it's like total junkfood for the brain. It's over the top, gratuitous, verbose, and an excellent pastiche that links together the best of his early work. It's laden with off the wall sex, violence, humor, and crackpot religious themes that are as 'deep' as they are insane.

(on second thought, I probably should have said something with more merit like Devilman or Naoki Urasawa's Monster. I feel I'll have to go sit in the corner of shame for a while)
>> No. 1757 [Edit]
The ending was the culmination of everything that you just praised about it though. Mie thought that Fujiki was in the end nothing but a puppet, which was what she despised so much about her father's disciples, and committed suicide rather than face a future married to such a man. She didn't know the incredible mental duress that Fujiki was under and how much it took out of him to disgrace a man who in the end he saw as almost a brother. Meanwhile Fujiki has lost everything, has just killed and dismembered one of the only things that kept him going as his world collapsed around him, and turns to the only hope he has to find that he's lost that too.

It's pure tragedy, but it makes sense and I don't see how you could find it disappointing if you liked what led up to it.
>> No. 1760 [Edit]
nice spoilers.
Good thing I've already read it.
>> No. 1833 [Edit]
File 137155278167.png - (536.45KB , 809x1041 , Goodnight Punpun v11.png )
Oyasumi Punpun.

Post edited on 18th Jun 2013, 9:09am
>> No. 1888 [Edit]
File 137490803561.jpg - (616.45KB , 932x1200 , hourou_123_0a.jpg )
Because it recently ended, I can say for sure that Hourou Musuko is my favorite manga. I started reading it while I was in my early teens, and I could relate so hard to the protagonist, who yearns to be a female. I can't really explain why I love it so much, but the series was basically just as real as it can get. The pacing was perfect, as if I was living alongside the characters, feeling all of their emotions. The art was really cute, and it inspired the way I draw. The way I see it, I feel as if I actually grew up with the series, going through all the dilemmas the characters did in the manga.

I was going to list Berserk as my favorite, but seeing as that I might die before it actually finishes, I'm not getting my hopes up.
>> No. 2366 [Edit]
same, but hated the ending.
>> No. 2373 [Edit]
Great taste mahman.
>> No. 2383 [Edit]
Nr.1: Onani Master Kurosawa
Nr.2: Molester Man
Those two are really good and not too different from each other. The stories are well made and they even gave me a little feels
>> No. 2977 [Edit]
I was actually just about to reply to this thread with Devilman, but i'm suprised to see anybody even mention Devilman lady let alone call it a favorite. The main reason i'm not terribly fond of Devilman lady is because of how many chapters there were which did little to remotely progress the plot, and the terrible ending. Devilman has parts which are little more than action as well, but they much shorter and less frequent in the beginning. It feels like it has the perfect length for a tragedy manga. I still think Devilman Lady deserves some credit though. Go Nagais art was superb, and the monster of the week formula is entertaining enough. Maybe if the original Devilman didn't exist, i'd appreciate it more.
>> No. 2978 [Edit]
Oshimi Shuzo's works in general, although his endings tend to blow in a Evangelion 'omedetou' sort of way.

They just fit me like a glove in many respects.
>> No. 2981 [Edit]
In the dark side of manga Homunculus always have a place in my heart, its awesome. Followed by Nijigahara Holograph or Oyasumi Punpun, those are insane.
More recently I´m a hero i think is the best i read i years.

In the colorful side... FMA, Welcome to the nhk, Lupin III, Golgo 13, Saki
>> No. 3038 [Edit]
File 149516029486.png - (562.10KB , 830x1200 , Medaka Box 55 017.png )
Medaka Box
The characters and execution are just really good, even if it is just a battle shonen. Specifically this guy and his personality, he's a major part of what makes it so good to read. It's not the deepest or most flawless manga, but it probably has the most heart. You can feel that the writer and artist enjoyed making this story.
>> No. 3045 [Edit]
I had a very abusive non-father, that can pretty much sum up why I like a manga all about a great one so much.
I cried like an infant for three hours solid when I finished reading it.
Oyaji's real cool in that his actions speak for him. He's a near completely silent protagonist, yet he has so much influence and charisma in spite of it. The manga's plot unfolds in only 24 hours, and in this short time, Oyaji managed to have such a great deal of impact on his family in a very believable way.
There were these really heart wrenching panels where Oyaji would close his eyes and envision how his now young adult children looked when they were toddlers...
I'm going to read it again right now and have another good cry.
>> No. 3060 [Edit]
I really like Oshimi Shuzuo. He's definitely one of my favorite manga artists. I've read basically everything available in English.

Punpun started out fine but then it got really edgy and the protagonist became unlikeable. That's the point though I guess. I'm of the opinion that everything Asano Inio did is better than Punpun, though Punpun is still okay.
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