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File 157708544745.jpg - (149.55KB , 1280x720 , 1527298587377.jpg )
1250 No. 1250 [Edit]
I hadn't listened to the Lucky Star character album until now. Kagami's and Tsukasa's tracks ("100% nai nai nai" and "Ne Tou ge de Reset") are quite heart-rending, and recasts some of their interactions with the others in a new light.
>> No. 1261 [Edit]
Never watched it but that's interesting. Tell me about them.
>> No. 1268 [Edit]
Kagami plays the role of the tsukkomi to Konata's "comedic" antics. We unfortunately don't get to see too much of Kagami outside of her interactions with Konata and her being the older sister of Tsukasa, and her characterization is essentially limited to the above.

In the show Kagami is in a different class from the rest of the cast (Konata et al.), and since fifth grade or so has always instead been put into the same class as Misao Kusakabe, and Ayano Minegishi, two side characters. At first this just seems to be a running gag, resulting in jokes about how she visits and is more familiar with the students from Konata's class than her own, how Miso and Ayano are relegated to side characters when Kagami would hang out with Konata's class, and so on.

But if you listen to "100% nai nai nai" you can see the loneliness Kagami feels. Moreover we also get the impression that even though for now she does get to see her friends after school and such, she knows that in the future if she were to be ever separated from them (e.g. college) she'd be stuck in complete loneliness. See in particular the following sections

>100% satisfaction
>Doesn't exist, does it? It doesn't, but, I had wished it did
>It passes me by every year
>It's gotta be just coincidence
>We never run out of things to say
>But, sometimes, I get lonely, I feel like an idiot

>Now, now, now
>I wonder if I can be happy the way things are going now?
>For now, for now, for now
>I'll manage somehow
>I can't see the goal, but that's the best way

>When you're even 10% lonely
>From that point to this one, it's all good if you just laugh
>Repeating, every week
>Tonight, of course
>Our phone conversation will be long
>I keep my cell phone charged, so anytime is okay

It also lends more context to the last episode in the show, where Kagami helps choreograph a dance of the OP (Sailor Fuku). If I recall in the show Kagami was initially opposed to the idea of doing a class dance, but when everyone else is on-board she begrudgingly decides to go along with it and mutters that she "doesn't want to be the only one left out of the memory." In the context of the above, that utterance takes on a much more emotional and nuanced tone.

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>> No. 1269 [Edit]
That is a very sad perspective. I can't stop thinking about it now.
>> No. 1310 [Edit]
Yep, character songs (when well made) can be as interesting as a full episode, and emotional too.

[Also, it's "ne ni ge de reset"]
>> No. 1311 [Edit]
>[Also, it's "ne ni ge de reset"]
Ah yeah I was wondering about that since I've seen sources use both the on/kn reading for that single character. Many of the youtube titles use "Ne tou ge" even though as you said "ni ge" is the proper one [since I think the ni & ge go together for the usual reading of nige(ru)].

Interestingly I found this 5ch post [1]

>417: らきすたのつかさのキャラソンの「寝・逃・げでリセット!」を
>バカファンサバーが「NE・TOU・gede RESET!」と訳して

If I understood the above correctly (which I probably didn't since my jp is poor and I can't read kanji), he's saying something along the lines of
"The 'baka' fansubbers who have translated 「寝・逃・げでリセット!」 to 「NE・TOU・gede RESET!」have caused all the gaijin-domo to get the mistaken idea that it's 'ne tou ge' instead of 'ne ni ge'. While it's true that 「寝逃げ」(nenige) is a term that was made-up for this song, the fact that the lyrics explicitly use 'ne-ni-ge' makes that the fansubbers true bakas. They must have looked up each character individually the dictionary."

And the other fun responses (and my attempted translation inline)

>418: ネトゲでリセット

"Reset with netoge (kana abbreviation for net game). Seems fine to me lol"

>419: 一文字ずつ辞書引いてなんで間違うんだ?
"How could you look up each individual character in the dictionary and still get it wrong" (not sure if this is what he means or whether he is genuinely wondering why it's wrong to do lookups one char at a time)

>420: 逃亡のトウと思ったんだろ
I thought it was "tou" as in 逃亡 (tōbō)

>421: 日本人なら「逃」と「げ」のつながりは当然分かるが、漢字を使わない国の人には

"If one is Japanese, he'll be able to understand the connection between "escape" and the "ge" reading, but those from a country that doesn't use kanji won't be able to. By the way, I don't remember exactly what the phrase was, but there was this jukugo (idiomatic kanji compound phrase) where foreigners ended up looking up the kanji individually and making posts that completely missed the point as a result.

>463: 前書いたが、「単語ではなく、漢字一文字ずつ辞書を引いて、意味を調べる」

"As I mentioned before, 'I don't look up words, I look up each kanji in the dictionary and glean the meaning.' seems to have already become a kind of defacto behavior among foreign otaku. I've even seen this kind of nonsense in the English version of Wikipedia under the Dragon Ball article. Though '変態' (hentai) can be split up into 「変」 (hen)and 「態」 (tai), someone had written that 'The japanese word for hentai means 'strange form', which I fixed (nit: isn't this indeed the legitimate origin of the word, as a psychological term for abnormal condition/perverted sexuality? And isn't it much more likely that this was just someone trolling wikipedia rather than someone who had enough knowledge to lookup individual kanji but somehow never came across the term 'hentai'?). That's like trying to understand the meaning of "breakfast" by breaking it into "break" and "fast" (btw, "breakfast" means 朝食 [chōshoku]) [nit: isn't this indeed the etymology? Maybe I'm misunderstanding his point, but looking up things individually by kanji is almost exactly analogous to looking up words based on etymology. While it's not going to give you the modern day usage of the word, it's useful for getting a historic sense and for remembering. The bigger problem might be with kanji that are chosen only for their sound (ateji) though. Maybe he could have given an example of looking up "carpet" by "car" and "pet"?]. And I'm sure this is something that not only Japanese but the Chinese can point out as well, so I hope this gets through to them.

[1] http://anime2.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/asaloon/1185560847/

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