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No. 1130 [Edit]
Post your hobbies in this thread, whatever they may be!
>> No. 1131 [Edit]
My hobbies are finding gore images and sending them to random people
>> No. 1132 [Edit]
how do they react lol
Did you get reprted by now?
>> No. 1137 [Edit]
Vidya is the only hobby I keep up with. Depression + full-time job ruined trying to learn guitar. I can jam out on a banjo but i never play for myself anymore because I'm too drained. Lost my piano ability.
>> No. 1140 [Edit]
I really shouldn't be spending any money at all but I bought a small magnet, will try magnet fishing.
It's fucking stupid. I'll only find nasty garbage and likely will get harassed by chavs.
Like with everything else I tried in my whole miserable life I'll do it maybe a couple of times then forget about it.
But I did it anyway because I'm too desperate for any sense of joy and wonder.
I think I'd have loved that kind of pointless exploration when I was little, but I never had a chance to try anything like it.
I hate getting older and ever more hopeless. I hate life.
>> No. 1144 [Edit]
Well, maybe if your neighbors are annoying you could use magnet fishing to your advantage?
You could try and setup some small GoPro cameras as to see when they put a thing and go away, then fuck them over like a true ninja by either getting the thing or just throwing it oof the window.
It could be satisfying, and there's lots of ways to be creative with magnets and frequencies and the likes, as long as nobody knows.
They probably wouldn't even know what hit them as most people don't remember 8th grade physics, but even if they figure out, it's commonly known that risk is fun, so you win either way, anon! Don't give up, there's many ways to look at things!
>> No. 1147 [Edit]
That's a grand idea but I'm not smart and agile enough to pull it off without getting caught.
Also I'm on a ground floor so fucking with neighbours would be hard, serious ninja skills required.
I tried fishing in a pond, found only bottle caps. What is this, Fallout?
>> No. 1148 [Edit]
Well, that sucks. I'm suddenly more grateful for living in a relatively small town. Did you try arts as a hobby? It's seemingly perfect, anyone can learn them with enough practice and patience, they're good for self expression and it's low cost you just need paper and a pencil.
>> No. 1153 [Edit]
Tried the magnet thing again, nothing but caps and screws.
>> No. 1157 [Edit]
internet lurkage
>> No. 1164 [Edit]
What are you lurking?
>> No. 1188 [Edit]
I used to be big into target shooting but stopped for some reason. I should get back into it.
>> No. 1190 [Edit]
It's more fun when the targets are moving.
>> No. 1200 [Edit]
Programing and tinkering with linux stuff.

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