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File 152381630726.jpg - (164.29KB , 640x600 , 1515091645229.jpg )
1041 No. 1041 [Edit]
I'm from Sushichan's IRC and wanted to extend an olive branch and say that you're a breddy kool chan.
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>> No. 1045 [Edit]
File 152520153517.gif - (147.87KB , 340x340 , Akarin Needing to Piss.gif )
You will BURN for your AUTISM
>> No. 1046 [Edit]
No, -you- will.
>> No. 1047 [Edit]
Once Sushichan crashed my browser and took 200 tabs down with it, no idea why, usually it recovers 100% of them. Haven't gone there since then.
>> No. 1053 [Edit]
imageboards are all played out
>> No. 1093 [Edit]
File 153984932939.jpg - (235.76KB , 1000x1230 , __mitty_and_nanachi_made_in_abyss_drawn_by_kzcjimm.jpg )
You can't go to /hell/ with your main browser. What will the people think! This is not a place for good Christians.

The scene can recover once the mainstream has moved on.

I agree with OP. This site is very nice.
Greetings from sushicomfy chan.
>> No. 1099 [Edit]
>The scene can recover once the mainstream has moved on.
Besides very young kids finding 4chan from twitter or whatever, I honestly think the audience for them has literally aged out in the west. Im kind of surprised sushi has even lasted this long since most imageboards are dropping like flies. Hell, OPs post is from several months ago.
>> No. 1232 [Edit]
In my mind, a chan is still alive if it gets at least some posts every week, and active if it gets at least some posts every day. The age of non-mainstream, high quality, yet fast-moving websites is over, due to the way that the web has grown. Besides, excessive consolidation is part of what's killed off the old internet; I'd much rather visit 20 independent "slow" sites than one fast site.

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