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File 168227043951.jpg - (600.48KB , 4096x2712 , 8695071f16586cc48198a984726e9c50.jpg )
2478 No. 2478 [Edit]
How do you think Touhou characters perceive and would react to the outside world and its events? Stuff from the outside does occasionally get in, so they aren't completely isolated. Do you think they wonder though what goes on out there? Or are most of them apathetic?

Like, how would Remilia react to the death of Princess Diana or Queen Elizabeth? The collapse of the British Empire? Part of me thinks she just wouldn't care, but I'm not sure these characters have totally lost their sense of national identity.

Hong Meiling definitely hasn't. She's really prideful of her home country, so I think she'd at least be curious what's going on over there. And maybe her old-timey values would conflict with China's present-day ones.
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>> No. 2479 [Edit]
File 168227946675.jpg - (614.40KB , 1600x1428 , 560300724962f6d91b967730582cc27562b7430f_s2_n1.jpg )
I remember reading CoLA and Rinnosuke's reaction of shock, awe, and confusion would probably be many of the former-outside-worlders-or-people-who-visited-once reaction. So much time has passed for many of them that it'd be nigh unrecognizable.
Unless they're newer residents like Sanae, maybe? It's been like 10+ years or so, she'd probably be a little curious about what's going on. I'm not sure if she'd place much importance to it though. She seems very dedicated to her duties now in Gensokyo.
Kanako seems familiar enough with how the current state of the outside world is, at least in SoPM, so she doesn't have a reason to wonder. She could just go there to see how it's doing if she really wanted to given as she's gotten sake from the outside before.
>> No. 2480 [Edit]
File 168230497790.jpg - (77.70KB , 407x814 , FthnhHJX0AIFLkc.jpg )
I imagine apathetic. They probably see things similar to how we see issues going on in other countries, but with less interest because they're much more disconnected and affected. It would be like asking someone living in a small midwestern US town what they think about the political corruption and roaming gangs in some south African country, or any of that stuff with Taiwan. You'd probably get met with "Don't know, don't care, not my problem.". Only reason they might even show slight interest in the Ukraine stuff, is the concern in the back of their head about who Russia might go to war with next.
Gensokyo is too removed and isolated to care. As far as know, it's not dependent on the outside world for supplies or materials of any kind and is 100% self sufficient. Rinnosuke's side hustle isn't exactly vital or necessary for gensokyo.
I don't think it would even mater if humans all blew each other to Kingdome come would it?
Maybe if the world decided to go to war with Gensokyo for whatever reason, then they'd have a reason to pay attention to it, but short of that...
>> No. 2481 [Edit]
File 168230775276.jpg - (104.97KB , 563x800 , 84df9efa043218e1e2a64db4114f43b1.jpg )
>some south African country
That makes sense when you've never even been to that country, but Gensokyo is part of Japan. A number of residents there are basically immigrants. Do immigrants care what happens in their country of origin, yes. Do mid-westerners care what happens in New York city, yes again(see 9/11).
>> No. 2482 [Edit]
That reminds me. I left my home town two years ago.
A few months ago I saw it mentioned on the news due to wild fires surrounding it. I hate that town and never want to go back, but I did find the news somewhat fascinating.

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