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File 138863584238.jpg - (155.37KB , 535x800 , 1388372425183.jpg )
2585 No. 2585 [Edit]
I haven't cleaned my stuff in a long time, and now they all have a thick layer of dust and crap. They look like they have freckles.

Is there any way to undo the damage?

I looked at a bunch of guides and used water like they recommended, but it didn't change much. How (and how often?) do you guys clean them?
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>> No. 2586 [Edit]
File 13886378248.jpg - (96.81KB , 800x800 , a_5011501006304.jpg )
I clean them every few months. The more you get, the more complicated it becomes.

>They look like they have freckles.Is there any way to undo the damage?
I don't know if it'll work over PVC, but there are methods for cleaning spots on vinyl dolls (like Dollfie Dream, who are true princesses and stain just by looking at dark clothes):

I think Twin Pines have a solution specifically for mold, but I've never tried it. Good luck.
>> No. 2588 [Edit]
Hot glue
>> No. 2627 [Edit]
File 139115698413.jpg - (179.32KB , 612x816 , color_colle_asuna.jpg )
No less than once a month on the ones outside of display cases and probably once a year for the ones behind glass, although I should probably do it twice a year just to be safe.

In fact, that reminds me...
>> No. 2631 [Edit]
Did that come with that fig or did you get it separate? I feel like I should get something like that.
>> No. 2658 [Edit]
No, Movic made 'em for ColorColle last year and I figured it would be the kind of thing that I'd never see again so I ordered like 20.
>> No. 2661 [Edit]
File 139237649657.jpg - (394.59KB , 1503x1000 , z2014.jpg )
I need cleaning after this pose
>> No. 2744 [Edit]
I use compressed air. That's okay, right? I hope there's no crazy long-term chemical reaction. I have a closed cabinet, so I only clean once a year at best.
>> No. 2745 [Edit]
I've never had issues with compressed air. I would let them air out just in case though.
>> No. 2746 [Edit]
Yeah I do let them air, it's next to a window as well. That's most for my own safety, though.

Post edited on 26th Jun 2014, 8:01pm
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