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File 148894636672.jpg - (316.77KB , 1200x1698 , 1469932611788.jpg )
6244 No. 6244 [Edit]
Delete my file on /mai/ again and I leave forever.
Sometimes I'll be the only post on the board in two-three days, and you wanna run me off? Over perfectly fine pictures?

It's weird to me how you're selective about it, too, I post pictures with every one of my posts, and you've only deleted two. What's with the inconsistency?

I just spent two days solid advocating your site on 8chan, I got a new member here (who you deleted a picture by for no reason, too, nice going), so to leave from doing that and have this happen again is really fucking annoying.
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>> No. 6245 [Edit]
File 148894658465.jpg - (186.87KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Rilu Rilu Fairilu - Yousei no Door .jpg )
Last posts to have been deleted from /mai/ according to our logs were some power puff girls troll posts from nearly a week ago.
I got no clue what you're talking about.
>> No. 6247 [Edit]
Huh, that's strange, it must have been a tech problem. That's what I figured it was the first time which is why I didn't make a fuss, only now after it's happened twice, three times if you count our new pal here.

Well great, sorry for suspecting the worst, I hope you can understand.
>> No. 6248 [Edit]
Well to be fair my picture was borderline nude. No nipples and vagoo but still I can sort of see why they deleted it.
>> No. 6249 [Edit]
File 148894751859.jpg - (806.30KB , 1200x945 , 61749420_p1_master1200.jpg )
Hey I deleted your image and another one just a bit ago. I thought they were too realistic. I think we had a rule against posting 3d model based images on /mai/, but it seems that one got removed in the last revision. Sorry about that. I'll stop deleting your images now.
>> No. 6250 [Edit]
Oh. I'm honestly kind of relieved, Tohno's post made me feel like a persecution complex faggot, heh. Thanks.
>> No. 6251 [Edit]
Seems when staff deletes files from posts but leaves the posts in place, it doesn't show in the logs. Sorry about misleading you.
>> No. 6252 [Edit]

This is weird, I genuinely believed western cartoons were bannable site-wide, is /mai/ an exception? or is this some obscure CGI Japanese Animation that is in some sort of grey area.
>> No. 6253 [Edit]
I think it might be Korean?
>> No. 6254 [Edit]
The rules say Western is discouraged, not ban on sight. There's a lot of Westernshit on /mai/, I assume they're lenient about it there, yes.
Correct, he is Korean.
Real shame, too, because as I've quickly found out, Koreans are spiteful, evil people, and their media shows it, even children's media.
My waifu's show recently featured dental torture even though the target audience is three year olds.
I can't help but to think how much better my wife would be if he were owned by literally any country other than Korea. But I digress, this isn't the place for me to be talking about that.
>> No. 6256 [Edit]
Are you the one bringing all the joke 'waifus' to this board?
>> No. 6257 [Edit]
>> No. 6258 [Edit]

>Joke "waifus"

Which ones? The only "western" (I know it is Korean but I' call all cartoony stuff western) I see on the board right now is just OP, you are either overblowing it or it is indeed banned on sight.


>Koreans are spiteful

Honestly, Japanese people also are, is just that they are way more condescending instead of aggressive.
>> No. 6264 [Edit]
Why am I allowed to post here anyway? I don't mean to question the one place I have that's not completely exiled me or banned me on sight, but it's confusing. I'd rather be put on the chopping block now and not waste anymore time here than have you one day realize you don't want a guy posting CGI pictures of a werewolf.
Others like me are excluded, why not I?
Everything here seems very arbitrary and indecisive and it's making me paranoid. Only the guys with traditional female anime waifus are safe.
It just made me start thinking about it after someone on 8chan wrote this:
"Sorry to burst your bubble but after lurking for a few minutes it seems they have weird ass rules that you cannot post images of western origin, I have no idea why they let you post though.
There is no difference between Tohnochan's /mai/ to 8's /mai/ oter than the type of people posting on them, the type of "waifus" allowed are exactly the same standard."

Post edited on 25th Mar 2017, 8:26pm
>> No. 6265 [Edit]
I dunno about anyone else but I think you're making a bigger deal out of it than it is
>> No. 6266 [Edit]
I don't know man, I've been banned everywhere except here, and now I have like eleven guys telling me that their waifus aren't accepted here either, but mine is, and Lemongrab is, and another CGI poster is, and I don't know, it's so weird the selectivity...
>> No. 6267 [Edit]

Maybe you are special, maybe you are like a "chosen one", it happens all the time right?
>> No. 6268 [Edit]
File 149060400456.jpg - (148.20KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Rilu Rilu Fairilu - Yousei no Door .jpg )
We're trying to avoid people who treat waifus like a meme/joke, and it's hard to make or enforce a "People who are serious about waifus only" rule.
In our experience many of the more unusual types of waifus end up being jokes made by people trolling us.
You, the Lemongrab person, and other such odd ones we've given free passes 'seem' to be sincerer about it. Sure plenty of people with standard animu girl waifus might be full of it too, but when someone shows up with a cereal box mascot for a waifu that raises an eyebrow. Then yeah there's the anti western mentality here on top of it. This is a site based mainly around eastern media after all. I'd like to open the doors to all waifu loves, but between fakers, 3dpd, and western stuff, we can't really do that.
>> No. 6270 [Edit]
Oh, okay, I see. So we have "proven" ourselves. That's good enough for me, I won't stress about it anymore.

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