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File 146938058387.jpg - (140.27KB , 900x1120 , 01still1.jpg )
6067 No. 6067 [Edit]
A couple months ago, I was banned from /mai/ on 8chan because the guys there are failed normie fucks, and my posts were a little too strange for them to handle, but nonetheless on-topic and not against the rules.
After that happened, I made a return to this place. I wrote a five paragraph long post for the waifu introductory thread that I worked really hard on. It took me an hour and a half to write it and do some editing to the structure and content.
Not ten minutes later, I'm banned because my waifu is a furry. I hadn't read the rules; I used to be an active poster here years ago, and furries were allowed at the time. I didn't think that would've changed. (also for the record, my waifu back in those days was a furry too, and I never had any encounters with mods because my posts were always decent enough and on-topic.)

I didn't say anything at the time because it was the second time in one day that I was banned over nothing, and I was so upset that I just gave up. I was really excited to become an active member on /mai/ again with newfound enthusiasm, and was planning to post several times a day. And I got shit on twice.
I was reminded of what had happened that day just now, and I'm finally here to ask: What the fuck is with this new rule? Your site gets four posts a day, why would you blanket ban thousands of potential users on sight, regardless of their post quality or level of dedication to waifuism? Is your hatred of furries worth it?

I was never ostracized, no one seemed to care what my waifu looked like, or what anyone's waifu looked like. There was even a guy who was in love with an anthropomorphic lemon. And that's fine. No one can choose who they fall in love with. I was treated no different than anyone else here back before this stupid rule was created. And that's the way it should have stayed. Why should anybody's waifu be excluded?
There was many things people disagreed with about my approach to waifuism, and they vocalized their opinions regularly, but their criticisms never once said anything regarding furries. This new rule is a complete blindside to me. Someone explain.
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>> No. 6069 [Edit]
>Your site gets four posts a day, why would you blanket ban thousands of potential users on sight

My memory is a little fuzzys (no pun intended) but I think this was largely the result of some people here getting really upset over joke waifus on the board and wanting us to be more strict with moderating it. At the time we had live action movie characters, comic book characters, cereal mascots, and some borderline 3dpd videogame characters. It was hard to tell who was serious about it at times, one of our own mods repididly posted about captain crunch just to fuck with people. I think people were also rather scared at the time of a furry take over. That fear and prejudice is what let 8chan successfully take from us the one thing this place had going for it.
although I should point out the rule
>• Anything related to 'furry' fandom, be it pornographic or not. (No Holo is not furry, stfu)
has been on here for as long as I can remember.

It's like you said though, this place is dying and I think it's because I made the mistake of listening to these people and trying to appease them, which is not only impossible but was what lead to the current state of TC.
These same people would gladly watch the site die and continue to complain that I'm doing too much or too little or who knows what while doing fuck all to help. Well I'm done with that. I'm done bending over backwards for people that want to kick me down. I'm done trying too appease people who don't contribute anything yet demand everything. I've got half a mind to just delete /fb/ after all the good it's done. TC is in need of some huge changes so I'm gonna run this place how I want from now on, and with that said you're welcome on /mai/. I'll be honest, I'm no fan of furrys (which is why that rule from before was added) but this place could use all the help it can get right now, and the regulars here don't give two shits about this site so go nuts dude. I'm sure they'd complain about this, but as far as I'm concerned we did things their way and it lead us to ruin so their opinions mean shit to me now.
>> No. 6070 [Edit]
File 146938798855.jpg - (149.56KB , 278x555 , 02_1.jpg )
Huh. Well, this is sort of awkward. I had no idea the site had such a huge fallout since I had been gone. I wasn't around for any of the joke waifus I guess, or at least it wasn't bad enough for me to have noticed.
>[that rule] has been on here for as long as I can remember.
My mistake then, perhaps it had been, but I surely was an exception to the rule if it was, as I posted at least a hundred times. And I appreciate that you gave me the opportunity to, like you're giving me the opportunity now, as I had learned a lot from my time here.
Anyway, I will definitely take you up on your invitation to post again, and I hope the site gets better, for everyone's sake.
I think you should give everybody a chance no matter how ridiculous their waifu may look if they're writing constructive posts. Guys with joke waifus might even take the joke too far and start contributing things worth reading, so for that reason, I'd personally let the fucking cereal box mascots stick around, so long as they aren't posting garbage that's inflammatory or goes against waifuism.

Would it be worth posting a thread on 8chan's /mai/ that states you have decided to allow waifus to be posted that were previously against the rules? I don't know how good or bad it is over there, or what the board's opinions of each other are, so I wouldn't want to open a Pandora's box without inquiring first.

Image related, it's my man. Thanks.
>> No. 6071 [Edit]
You can read up a bit more on it here if interested.

You're welcome to tell them about us if you want, Heck their users should know we're the ones with the original waifu board anyways.
>> No. 6072 [Edit]
>I've got half a mind to just delete /fb/ after all the good it's done.
See, I've been saying this all along. >>3755
>> No. 6073 [Edit]
Yup I know... you're not the first. I naively wanted people to have a voice, a place where they could have their thoughts and opinions about the site be heard. Boy that sure turned out well...
I dunno, it's something I gotta think more about.
>> No. 6074 [Edit]

As long as ponies and Western characters are still banned, at least the most cartoony-bizarre ones.

This is Tohnochan not Californiachan!
>> No. 6075 [Edit]

About the joke "waifus" I remember a few, Jeff Goldblum (aka Jeff golden bum), some cyclops cartoon thing, the spastic pink pony, and one of those StarCraft aliens, the bad ones.
>> No. 6076 [Edit]
I just want to say I really appreciate your new mindset Tohno & hope /mai/ can improve from this!! I'll try my best to post more after years of being too shy!
>> No. 6080 [Edit]
Just out of curiosity, could you link to some of your old posts in the archive? As far as the furry rule goes, everyone knows that the vast majority of furries and MLP fans only pretend to be interested in those genres as a way to mock otakus for enjoying the company of 2D women. Real furries are few and far between and those that do exist tend to gather on their own furry specialty sites like TGFB rather than hanging around with the non-furry 2D crowd. Another reason you don't see a lot of furries posting here is that furries love cosplay and 3D. Sometime it seems to me that most furries are in it for the deranged IRL furry sex orgies than anything else (not that I know too much about furry) and I'd have to guess that those type of people wouldn't like TC at all.
>> No. 6081 [Edit]
I was the Egyptian cats guy.
>> No. 6082 [Edit]
>Jeff Goldblum
Wasn't it the character Ian Malcolm that they liked not the actor?
>> No. 6083 [Edit]

Ah, I don't remember very well. But now that I think off, I guess you are correct.
>> No. 6084 [Edit]
i searched the archive for "egypt" and "cat" without any results
>> No. 6085 [Edit]
I did some searches myself and I guess none of my posts were archived for some reason. Well, whatever. I didn't write anything worth remembering anyway, and I'd rather move on. I was literally off my pills back then, and needed to lurk more.
>> No. 6086 [Edit]
Did you remember to search via millenum? I tried some searching and couldn't find anything myself. If those post were deleted I imagine one of our former phyco mods did an ip based deletion of all posts, or something like that.
>> No. 6091 [Edit]
I'm not really concerned about it.

Anyway, just thought I'd give you the heads up that I'm making it my mission to bring some traffic to this site. I really hate 8chan and I'm happy to be here. But it's been tough being the only person posting on /mai/, so I aim to change that.
I'm personally inviting anyone in the furfag community I know of that displays symptoms of waifuism. Some of them have silly looking characters (one is an anthro wolf caricature of Adolf Hitler from The Looney Toons). Most, if not all of them, have never been on an image board ever.
But I think at this point, it'll be better than nothing. And I can assure you that the guys I'm inviting take their love real seriously despite how it may look.

Also going to see about advertising it to various generals on /trash/. Some of them have some really autistic individuals among them that might be perfect for /mai/.

Let's hope for the best.
>> No. 6092 [Edit]
>I'm personally inviting anyone in the furfag community I know
I really do want to be more open and lenient in light of our recent problems with elitism and nazi mods, I really do, but This morning someone posted an image of a nude furry on /mai/ and if that's the sort of thing we can expect than I rather not.
I assumed at the time it was some passive aggressive bs from someone pissed off about me allowing OP to post again, but after seeing this post I'm not so sure anymore about that...
>> No. 6094 [Edit]

Make it "No lewds"
>> No. 6095 [Edit]
That seems like it should be a given.
>> No. 6281 [Edit]
If my opinion matters I quite like the pace this site is currently going at. This site should remain small because the quality of the posts here are extremely high, the best out of any imageboard I've seen. Increasing traffic, especially from furries who don't have a grasp of this site's culture I feel, would be detrimental to this place's overall post quality.
>> No. 6291 [Edit]
don't worry, i was just overly enthusiastic when i wrote that.

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