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File 160219344823.png - (928.04KB , 1280x720 , [Ohys-Raws] Adachi to Shimamura - 01 (TBS 1280x720.png )
34828 No. 34828 [Edit]
Cute girls being dorks.
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>> No. 34829 [Edit]
Are they dorkier than shamiko?
>> No. 34831 [Edit]
File 160221222279.webm - (577.29KB , [Erai-raws] Machikado Mazoku - 01 [1080p]-[05_14_3.webm )
Pretty sure that's impossible.
>> No. 34834 [Edit]
The designs look like encouragement of climb characters drawn in Love Live style.
>> No. 34835 [Edit]
File 160222017097.png - (1.93MB , 1920x1080 , [Erai-raws] Adachi to Shimamura - 01 [1080p]_mkv_s.png )
It's a pretty anime but there is an uneasiness I can't quite put my finger on though it's not necessarily a bad thing.
>> No. 34864 [Edit]
The cinematography was beautiful – I like the use of aspect ratio. By uneasiness do you mean with the pacing, art-style, or the characters?

I have not read the manga so I'm watching this blind, but I appreciate that (unlike some other shoujo-ai anime) the characters are immediately shown to be capable of understanding nuance. It's clearly going to be a slow-paced show, but unlike YagaKimi – which I disliked since it derived its "slowness" from drawn out drama and archetypical dense characters – I hope that it will instead be more like an iyashikei in focusing on small character interactions and demonstrating their relationship in that way.
>> No. 34878 [Edit]
Yes, the visual aspect of it is certainly nice. Maybe a combination of those? I can't really say. I don't really watch romance anime so maybe it has to do with that as well, the romantic tension or something like that. I'm definitely hoping that it will be more iyashikei than drama, romantic dramas put me off.
>> No. 34950 [Edit]
File 160308114325.jpg - (67.84KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 01 (720p) [1AD9.jpg )
I really loved the whole vibe this was giving off. I can see how someone might find it uneasy, but to me the colors, the tone, the atmosphere, the pacing, it all felt inviting and relaxing, almost dreamy. I think one of the things that really drew me into this was being able to relate to much to Adachi. Maybe I'm projecting, but I almost instantly felt like I could understand her and relate to her. She's clearly not good around people, and not in the cliché trope way of some typical shy moe anime girl. I think this series made it clear they want people to try and see past over used anime tropes by pointing them out with the statement about rooftops, and the glasses wearing friend who they acknowledge is a walking cliché. Adachi is obviously skipping class because they don't feel committable being around people. If I understand them like I think I do, being around one person wouldn't be a problem but the moment you add more she starts to feel uneasy. I notice she barely said a word to Shimamura's friends, and stopped going back to that spot because she didn't want to deal with that many people, even if it wasn't 'that many'. I've been there myself. I feel like the moment you add another person, it turns into a sort of competition for attention, where in the person's "real" friends usually win out. It makes me feel like an uninvited stranger, a third wheel if you will. Dare I say, like the person I've just started to get to know doesn't really need/want me, not when they have these other people around. This is why like her I don't have friends, and why I cut class as much as I did. People probably assumed I was up to no good, a delinquent, when really I just wanted to be alone. Again I could just be projecting, but it does seem to fit.
I can also tell the creators seemed to put a lot of thought into the meaning of human relationships and what drives them. I think the space suit kid might be meant to be a metaphor for this but we'll see. I think it's a bit misleading to label this as just cute girls being dorks, sure it has that, but it feels like so much more.

This is just after seeing ep1 mind you.
>> No. 34952 [Edit]
File 160312101876.png - (543.49KB , 900x1280 , spd.png )
Yeah I think Adachi has schizoid personality disorder.
>> No. 34955 [Edit]
>I notice she barely said a word to Shimamura's friends, and stopped going back to that spot because she didn't want to deal with that many people
>I've just started to get to know doesn't really need/want me, not when they have these other people around
Indeed – add onto that initial slight feeling of "betrayal" (for lack of a better word). Adachi has slowly started to open up to Shimamura, and then suddenly there's something that overturns that entire dynamic. It's completely natural (if I were in her place at least) to want to distance yourself from this uncertainty, and I think that Adachi understood this as well since she took the time to explicitly go out of her way in reassuring Shimamura.
>> No. 34956 [Edit]
Absolutely. I didn't blame Shimamura for thinking she might not see Adachi again for a while, but Adachi was clearly becoming attached and while she didn't want to deal with their spot being ruined, she wasn't willing to give up on Shimamura so easily. If I was in her place I probably would have done the same thing, to circumvent the problem and reach out to Shimamura once they can have some alone time.
>> No. 34982 [Edit]
After revealing the appearance of the mysterious girl and seeing that the author is the same as Denpa Onna, I can't help but wonder if it's just pure author's preferences in his writing or the two have some kind of broad connection.
>> No. 35002 [Edit]
File 160367689568.jpg - (58.44KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 02 (720p) [2251.jpg )
ep2 felt like a real let down compared to ep1. It felt like there was something really special about all this, Adachi came across as being someone I thought I could relate to more than any other character I've ever seen. I guess I was projecting way too much while getting my hopes up. Ep2 went hard in the Yuri direction and made everything feel a bit like a generic romance story while doing so. I love yuri and all, but I think I was hopping for something a bit more.. meaningful, seeing Adachi suddenly becoming a huge lezbo pervert would have been fantastic in any other series but here it felt a little disheartening. Putting aside hopes and expectations, I think things progressed waaaaay too fast in this ep. How do you go from forming a friendship in ep1 to wanting to face fuck in one ep2?
>> No. 35030 [Edit]
File 160412322640.jpg - (107.72KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 03 (720p) [7404.jpg )
That dat- "hanging out", couldn't have possibly been more awkward.
>> No. 35061 [Edit]
File 160436676666.jpg - (89.00KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 03 (720p) [7404.jpg )
What an adorable little cock blocking piece of shit.
>> No. 35062 [Edit]
She's here to eat donuts and ruin dates. And Shimamura's all out of donuts.
>> No. 35063 [Edit]
File 160437199197.jpg - (118.34KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 03 (720p) [7404.jpg )
When Shimamura saw how uncomfortable Adachi was, I'm amazed they didn't run away together. It's not like Shimamura and that girl are good friends. Shimamura actually seemed a bit troubled that this girl wanted to go with them. Really, why let this random kid ruin their day?
>> No. 35066 [Edit]
It's mentioned at the end of the episode (spoilered just in case), but
from the end segment I got the impression that Shimamura is aware of Adachi's feelings and is intentionally not reciprocating them. Hence the stuff about wanting to maintain the status quo or whatever. Allowing that random kid to join in thus works towards that goal.
>> No. 35067 [Edit]
File 160437936271.jpg - (86.98KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Oh, I took that last line to mean she had concerns but was willing to go along with it. But I see how it can be interpreted that way too.
>> No. 35071 [Edit]
I think more telling than that line is the following two events from that episode (or the one before, I don't remember exactly):
1) Shimamura mentions that if Adachi were gone, after a few days she wouldn't really feel anything. 2) At the end of the episode (around the same time as your screencap), Shimamura states that she's being worn down.

Putting those together along with the general context and setting, my best guess is that Shimamura really prefers keeping things the way they are, and doesn't want to invite the uncertainty in interpersonal relations that would happen were she to accept Adachi's feelings.

Or in other words, she's more comfortable keeping a measured distance which is a stance I think many people here might be able to relate to.

>> No. 35112 [Edit]
File 160491220641.gif - (908.34KB , 512x288 , smile.gif )
The last episode (ep5) corroborates this, and we get a hint as to why she's afraid to get closer – namely her passivity associated with the fact that she does not trust herself to play an active role in interpersonal relations. Or in other words, if the other party were to "drift away," she would not really make an effort to stop it. This explains the remarks about how she "wouldn't feel anything in a few days." Hence since she knows that she's not the type of person to go around actively fixing things, she tries her best to avoid breaking/straining the relation in the first place – which in this case means an effort to maintain the status quo.

I'm guessing here but I guess the above stems from a larger issue of being unable to connect with people (despite the fact that she appears "converse" normally, several moments in the show seem to indicate that this is more of a facade that she puts on – albeit more comfortably than Adachi does – and internally she still feels nothing). There was nonetheless a contrast between her (lack of) reaction to the guy leering at the swimsuit JCs and the way she confronted Adachi's mother, which I suppose highlights some progress in this area.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2020, 12:57am
>> No. 35123 [Edit]
File 160497527928.jpg - (107.11KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 04 (720p) [F0E9.jpg )
Bit weird to show a bunch of kids right before a scene about how Shimamura is the youngest person there.
>> No. 35151 [Edit]
File 160584715822.jpg - (108.20KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 05 (720p) [6EA8.jpg )
After finally getting around to ep5 I see what you mean. The feelings here 'seem' painfully one sided, but I do wonder if like you said it's not a trust issue. Maybe she cares more for adachi than she herself knows but doesn't want to put herself out there and expose herself to all the issues that come with relationships. If the feelings aren't there deep down, with enough time they might form, who knows. Maybe she's comfortable with the status quo, but it can't go on like that and I think she knows it. I like to think she'll eventually drop her guard and let Adachi in, but I can't help but feel things might get a little ugly before that happens.
>> No. 35170 [Edit]
What a lewd girl Adachi is, undressing her friend in her mind like that.
>> No. 35171 [Edit]
From ep2 on she really did turn into a huge pervert.
>> No. 35194 [Edit]
File 160694895469.jpg - (94.35KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 06 (720p) [5BC2.jpg )
Do you like apples?
>> No. 35196 [Edit]
It's a shame that Funishit is the only source for this anime. They even sub itadakimasu as "thanks for the grub."
>> No. 35199 [Edit]
File 160696095157.jpg - (101.65KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 07 (720p) [05A9.jpg )
That's one extreme case of dandruff.
>> No. 35209 [Edit]
File 160706366267.jpg - (123.53KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 06 (720p) [5BC2.jpg )
It's weird seeing Christmas themed episodes air around Christmas time. I wonder if this is because of 'you know what' pushing things back?
>> No. 35230 [Edit]
File 160756298358.jpg - (96.86KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 08 (720p) [C1E2.jpg )
Why does Shimamura still treat her like another delusional kid after seeing what she can do?
>> No. 35251 [Edit]
I'm still not sure what role Yashiro is supposed to play. Is there any meaning behind her relationship with Shimamura or is it just comedic relief? If I strain I guess you could handwave something about Yashiro being some sort of neutral third party with whom Shimamura can mull things over. Being inconsequential, their relation also carries little emotional baggage for Shimamura.

Ep 10 states the following point-blank in case there was still any doubt:

I don't keep up with people.
I don't really hold onto relationships\Nand that might make me coldhearted.
But here's how I see it.
There are so very few strong relationships
that flow along with you down this river of life.
The longer you stay in this river of fate,
the more bonds weaken, and eventually break.

Also grr I feel the translator missed the nuance of the thing. The original dialogue is

Doko made mo tomo ni nagarete-iku hodo tsuyoi kankei wa metta ni nai.
Unmei no kawa ni nagaku hitareba kizuna mo fuyakete chigirete-iku

The emphasis should be on the lack of relationships that will incessantly flow along with you. Something like "Relationships that will flow together indefinitely are few and far-between" would have been better.

Post edited on 14th Dec 2020, 11:53pm
>> No. 35295 [Edit]
File 160947491729.png - (3.58MB , 2896x1630 , adachi_shimamura2.png )
Cute season finale. I think somewhere after the first half the show became noticeably weaker though; there started to be less focus on the nature of human interaction as viewed through an introverted, socially anxious MC (as >>34950 poignantly described). Instead it gradually shifted towards a more conventional yuri romance, focusing primarily on Adachi's attempt to confess her feelings.

That is to say I don't mind yuri at all, but a large of my initial draw towards this series was that their romance was but one thread in a larger tapestry of exploring that nature of interpersonal interaction. And it seems to me at least that the rest of that picture never fully materialized.
>> No. 35298 [Edit]
File 160971418572.jpg - (112.54KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Adachi to Shimamura - 11 (720p) [8677.jpg )
Is this a reference to what I think it is?
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