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File 156655785561.jpg - (104.69KB , 424x600 , 101060l.jpg )
33235 No. 33235 [Edit]
Has anyone here seen this?
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>> No. 33236 [Edit]
It’s okay. The designs are a bit eh in my opinion.
>> No. 33237 [Edit]
What is this meathead propaganda?
>> No. 33238 [Edit]
An excuse for tits and off topic threads, mostly.
>> No. 33239 [Edit]
Its pretty fun and the opening is super catchy
>> No. 33240 [Edit]
It's all part of Abe's grand keikaku to breed an army of super otaku to retake the mainland.
>> No. 33242 [Edit]
It's meh. I loved it at first and the 2 main girls are waifu material, but the workout shit got old fast. Haven't watched the last 3 episodes.
>> No. 33248 [Edit]
Hinako did it better.
>> No. 33278 [Edit]
Best thread on TC.
>> No. 33279 [Edit]
Backseat moderation is the best part of small imageboards.
>> No. 33281 [Edit]
Rather the worst.
>> No. 33283 [Edit]
God forbid anyone here talk about anime.
>> No. 33284 [Edit]
Or talk about anything, really. I've been waiting for a new post for 4 hours.
>> No. 33285 [Edit]
File 156676705892.jpg - (460.48KB , 1200x675 , DSC_0120.jpg )
During a recent trip to japan we left the tv on NHK and this came up. Looked like a fun show, I keep telling myself to give it a proper shot but just never got around to it.
>> No. 33292 [Edit]
>> No. 33321 [Edit]
It's mostly boring garbage full of broscience, and I rarely even watch anime.
>> No. 33325 [Edit]
I watched all the available episodes.
While I think its fun and I appreciate the amount of work the studio put on it to make it look good, I think its also kind of repetitive. Maybe it would work better if the episodes were 10 minutes ones instead of full length.
>> No. 33347 [Edit]
Do you even lift?
>> No. 33361 [Edit]
I had high hopes until they hit the weights for the first time. Forget squat depth, they're doing Lenny reps on chest day. Pitiful performance. And it's all the more insulting that their bodies are well animated whenever it's about jiggling and not lifting. Also the girls keep their shapes really well compared to some factually shit animation out there.
So why can't the animation be good when they lift? It's like no one in the studio even thought of watching a gym video, or better yet, asking some girl to do the lifts so they can tape it and learn to animate it. Yeah, most of "let's start a new hobby and get friends" style anime is made by basement dwellers for basement dwellers and everyone knows that, but it's an entirely different thing when I get slapped in the face with the fact that the animators either can't talk to 3d women or would rather work on their doujins. Either way, there's no passion for animation in this "anime".
>> No. 33362 [Edit]
Fucking who cares, Jesus Christ.
This is what happens when they base anime off turbonormie shit.
You get dudebros coming out of the woodwork to complain about "basement dwellers" on a fucking NEET board.
>> No. 33363 [Edit]
>Maybe it would work better if the episodes were 10 minutes ones instead of full length.
Therein lies the problem: the manga's chapters are short and easy to digest, not so much for the adaptation. That and the ecchi scenes are much better in the manga.
>> No. 33370 [Edit]
File 156761785137.jpg - (129.40KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 01 [720p.jpg )
Working out is a "normie" activity? I mean, I'm a bit of martial arts nerd and enjoy training/exercising, but I'm about as far from a "normie" as you can get. I would say going to a gym to socialize and flex with a bunch of other people is a extroverted, "normie" activity, but simply exercising and taking up a discipline/martial art is not. You don't even need to go a gym to get into shape anyway.

That said, the show is good for some laughs.
>> No. 33373 [Edit]
This is a show about a bunch of young woman going to the gym to lose a bit of weight. It's not a high-intensity sports show about obsessively commiting yourself to a single pursuit. Either way, there's no good reason to complain about minute details like how they animate weight lifting not being accurate to real life, and on top of that complaining about anime as a whole, creators making doujin instead of "talking to real woman"(???) and "basement dwellers".
>> No. 33374 [Edit]
I agree, those kind of complaints are silly. This show is a comedy, which they would know if they watched beyond the first episode.
>> No. 33403 [Edit]
Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru has better muscle. Heh.
>> No. 33405 [Edit]
You could’ve just posted the ED.
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