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File 151546865175.jpg - (77.76KB , 1920x1080 , fate.jpg )
30267 No. 30267 [Edit]
Movies, OVA, and TV series are being pumped out like there's no tomorrow so it might be a good idea to have single dedicated thread to keep it all together.
Also, multiple threads across different boards for the different types of media (games/LN) would be a little silly so if you want to post it here too knock yourself out.
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>> No. 30268 [Edit]
>every post on tc should be a reply to my thread

ok, but maybe gaymers should stay on the gaymer board?
>> No. 30269 [Edit]
I wasn't aware every post on TC was a fate post.
>> No. 30270 [Edit]
OP here. If you're going to get that asshurt and assume this is some sort of ego trip just make the same thread yourself and I'll delete this one.
>> No. 30273 [Edit]
some people will never forgive gamers for the fallout from gamergate and will always blame every gamer for it
sorry to bring up that shit here
please don't reply to this post
>> No. 30277 [Edit]
Don't worry, this thread was already ruined the moment >>30268 decided to use the very first post to take a shit in it.
>> No. 30278 [Edit]
File 151558508847.png - (403.75KB , 722x720 , smugdog.png )
>please don't reply to this post
I do what I want.

Anyway, what's the deal with the HF movies? Why didn't they just make a 22-episode anime instead of releasing it over 3 years?
>> No. 30283 [Edit]
My guess is now that Fate has as much mainstream appeal as it does they can do more theatrical releases to better squeeze more money out of the franchise. After all, $10 for a movie ticket is nothing to most people compared to $500 for BDs.
>> No. 30285 [Edit]
You ever thought that they maybe want to make a film?
>> No. 30287 [Edit]
If they didn't want to they wouldn't be, the question is why they want to.
>> No. 30289 [Edit]
File 151561089486.jpg - (39.54KB , 720x480 , [Sandwich-anime]_Zan_Sayonara_Zetsubou_Sensei_Bang.jpg )
Because they want expand their creativity through film and create a work of art.

Only in the U.S.A (and other shitholes) is everybody's actions dictated by dollars. Don't assume your culture is the world's culture.
>> No. 30290 [Edit]
Film can be a more restrictive format though. You've got higher budgets but less run time to work with. Films tend to follow a very rigid story structure and can be very formulaic due to this.
>> No. 30291 [Edit]
>and create a work of art
Have you seen the first HF film? That was obviously not their goal.
>> No. 30294 [Edit]
File 151563963636.jpg - (50.81KB , 848x480 , [gg]_Zan_Sayonara_Zetsubou_sensei_-_10_[16A00748]_.jpg )
Exactly the point; it's a challange. A film requires a single, flowing pace as opposed to televisions episodic pace.
A test of creative skill. Film also has to ability to captivate much stronger than episodes, high risk-reward deal.

If you've read Heaven's Feel, and think about it, it wouldn't suit episodes as much as it would film.
HF is also quite a bit longer than Fate and Unlimited Blade Works, owing to the fact it was supposed to be it's own seperate game.

Because you don't want it to be. You have your assumptions and instead of testing your mind, you're accepting whatever is easy for it.
>> No. 30295 [Edit]
Television need not be episodic. For a time tv was even more restrictive than film due to needing to tell a story over the course of half and hour to an hour at best. Creators would have to write for the possibility people have not seen the previous ep or many before that, or even forgot what happened one or two weeks ago, and as such cards tend to get played in the same ep they're given out on. Anime however has been disregarding that issue and doing cereal releases for decades with countless examples, and in recent years live tv has also proven it can work well in this same format with each ep essentially being a chapter in the overall book that is the season. This is thanks to the current culture of streaming and binge watching tv.

Sure film will test their skills, but I'm not sure if that necessarily means it will spark creativity. The formula means there's less room to play around in. In a proper film not a single frame is wasted, everything shown has a meaning or will be used latter on, and paragraphs of information will need to be conveyed with just a few spoken lines or images. Although there's certainly some creativity in deciding what's okay to cut from the source material while maintaining a cohesive product. I think a good example is indie films that are brimming with creativity and interesting ideas vs big budget films made with executives hovering over them at every turn and as such feel very much like cookie cutter movies to the viewer (I think it's fair to assume which side the owners of the fate ip will be leaning on here). Higher budgets (film) allow you to do bigger and better looking things, but that money comes with pressure, control, and restrictions. Not the sort of setting one usually expects to see creativity come from.

and I do agree with the sentiment of >>30291
You say "Only in the U.S.A (and other shitholes) is everybody's actions dictated by dollars." but one need only look at fate/go to see it's not as crazy as you might think.
>> No. 30296 [Edit]
Japan's logic is: 'if you don't want it, don't buy it; if you're buying it then you want it'.
It's that fucking simple; there's no bullshit whining that others are buying things they don't like.

Again, don't assume American culture is world culture.
You really can't, can you? Money is embedded into your brains. It is the meaning to your very existence as a nation.
>> No. 30297 [Edit]
You can't be this naive and believe money does not affect production in of media in Japan. Alternatively, you can't be this ignorant about economy in General. Money, investment, profit affect schedules, planning, releases, etc. A majority of anime nowadays have committees made solely to oversee the investment and proper winnings of the anime being made. They don't do it because they want to maximize the work's quality, but to maximize the money that returns to the investors' pockets.

You can pretend anime as a medium is not a product all you want, but that doesn't meant you're right. And there is a mountain of evidence you'd need to ignore to arrive to that conclusion. This becomes even worse with franchises like Fate when milking them for all their worth (e.g. the nothing-but-fanservice Illya non-canonical spin-off) is the current modus operandi.
>> No. 30301 [Edit]
Like I said, Fate/go. Most of it's players could tell you how jew mode the devs went on it.

Outside of japan but while still in the anime industry we recently had the smash hit low budget anime Kemono friends. The very Japanese owners of that IP (kadokawa) went full corporate on it, kicking out the director and with him the the whole studio with their official stance being it was because the director shared a couple minute long ova for free online. All while ignoring the angry protests of the fans who made it a hit to begin with. Now they're looking to pass it off onto big name studios. Does that sound like the actions of people who want to create art or give fans what they want? or dose it sound more like the actions of selfish people motivated by money?

Konami did something very similar to the creator of the metal gear series, and even banned him from a game award show that his game was going to be shown at. Konami is keeping the series going without him though, with their latest installment in the long running stealth action games now being a generic zombie shooter. This from a company that has been drifting away from games over the past decade to focus on pachinko and other gambling machines. Why do you suppose they would do that?

As a people the Japanese might not be nearly as money obsessed as americans, but money can be corruptive and very addictive once you get a bit of it.
>> No. 30302 [Edit]
>Konami did something very similar to the creator of the metal gear series
You could use the much better example: Castlevania. They stopped making it because it didn't net them -enough- money in comparison to pachinko ventures.
>> No. 30305 [Edit]
Konami stopped making a lot of games for that reason. That's what I meant by "This from a company that has been drifting away from games over the past decade to focus on pachinko and other gambling machines" Castlevania sadly just being the tip of the ice burg.
>> No. 30309 [Edit]
>e.g. the nothing-but-fanservice Illya non-canonical spin-off
I-Illya is fun though... as with carnival phantasm I don't think there's really anything wrong with having a fun little side project to play around with, as long as it doesn't interferer with the main project.

I think apocalyptica is a better example. It's complete moronic low brow garbage that gives the fate series a bad name (get it, apocalyptica is a bad name). It's not cannon but comes a little too close for comfort where as Illya is very very far removed. They went from having a mostly logical and thought out story about why king Arther was actually a woman, to making making historical figures into traps and lolis for the l0lz.

Besides, Mordrid is a cunt who's story went nowhere (like most others), Ruler is a marry sue from start to finish, and everyone else was lacking of any depth or personality, or was flat and stale. Watching paint dry would be more fun. It's only memorable quality was addressing the moral implication of using thinking and feeling homunculus as disposable soldiers.
>> No. 30314 [Edit]
File 151573445249.jpg - (75.22KB , 860x485 , WReBe0d.jpg )
Fate/extra is right around the corner, but if (extra)caster is gonna get sidelined I have very little interest in it.
>> No. 30316 [Edit]
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed...
>> No. 30321 [Edit]
File 15157650896.jpg - (51.95KB , 530x400 , ohys_Fate_Kaleid_Liner_Prisma_Illya_07_NICO.jpg )
To be honest with you, I replied before I finished reading that post and realized later you sort of mentioned it.
Come on, the Illyia spin-off is nothing but lolicon fan-service. Pic related.
They're referring to the upcoming anime, you bitter baka.
>> No. 30331 [Edit]
>Come on, the Illyia spin-off is nothing but lolicon fan-service.
Yeah, and it's fun. What's wrong about that? It might not be your idea of 'art' but it's a nice break from the rest of the series. I'm sure they had more fun making that than the team behind apocalyptica had on it.
>> No. 30332 [Edit]
The point was that the Illyia spin-off was milking of the franchise when you still have plenty of room to grow within the canon storyline, not whether it's fun or not. They keep making it solely because it nets them more money than the alternative. It's the same principle as Konami and Pachinko.
>> No. 30334 [Edit]
>It's the same principle as Konami and Pachinko.
Konami stopped making games to focus on a completely different market (old gamblers who don't give a shit about games)while ignoring the protest of their videogame fans.
Illyia is something fans actually enjoy, and it doesn't take away from the rest of the series. A lot of other fate material has been made in the time since Illyia's first season aired.
>> No. 30355 [Edit]
Yall looking forward to cooking with Emiya?
>> No. 30363 [Edit]
UTW says they aren't doing Extra. This makes me sad.
>> No. 30366 [Edit]
After doing Apocrypha, I don't blame them.
>> No. 30368 [Edit]
Fate/GO is bad. From a gameplay and graphical perspective. The sprites look dumb.
>> No. 30393 [Edit]
File 151601204943.jpg - (77.92KB , 859x485 , falling apart.jpg )
It's not just the gameplay and visuals, the story is a ridiculous convoluted mess too.
I'd say the gameplay is better than fate/extra's combat system at least.
>> No. 30402 [Edit]
File 15160665144.jpg - (159.47KB , 1920x1080 , [RH] Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! - 04 [77.jpg )
Currently watching prisma s2. Why does everyone think Illya and kuro look like identical twins? Different skin tone, eye color, hair color/style, and a very different personality too. They've even acknowledged the tan, so are they just retarded or what?
>> No. 30403 [Edit]
File 151608932510.jpg - (273.87KB , 800x900 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Looking at the Type Moon wiki brings
>Chloe von Einzbern (クロエ・フォン・アインツベルン, Kuroe fon Aintsuberun?), also known as Kuro (クロ, ? lit. "Black"), is a twin existence formed from Illya's original self in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.

>Ilya was born to act as the key of the Holy Grail War system of Fuyuki, but it was never actualized in the Fate/kaleid liner world. Her parents, Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern, decided to abandon the ritual by Irisviel's choice, but Ilya still had the knowledge granted to her to act out her purpose. She had been continually tuned during her first few months of life, given the ability to understand words and different types of knowledge. Irisviel believed that an eight month old existence could not outweigh the thousand year dream of the Einzberns, so she sealed Ilya's faculties, knowledge, and memories in order to allow her to live as a normal girl.
Irisviel miscalculated the process, so the sealed memories grew up inside Ilya and eventually became a second personality. Due to Ilya's ability to "grant wishes" as the vessel of the Grail leaking from the seal, this personality became powerful enough to harness the Archer Class Card and create a body for itself, becoming Kuro. She refers to herself as Illyasviel von Einzbern even after being separated, but has her name changed to avoid confusion.
TLDR: Illya had to do a thing but the plans were canceled, memories wiped but not really, memories became strong enough to be their own body so they took the form of Kuro.

Post edited on 16th Jan 2018, 1:23am
>> No. 30404 [Edit]
Sorry, I meant characters in the anime.
>> No. 30405 [Edit]
This faggot is just going to shit on Fate until end times, like it's his duty to fucking God.
This type of shitposting is covered up as 'my special opinion', but really is just shitposting.

'For they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land.'
>> No. 30407 [Edit]
I know you're probably in love with all things fate, but Jesus be reasonable. There's a lot of Fate/ games, anime, books, and VNs from all number of different creators in many different genre. Quality is going to very greatly, that's just a given. Any long running series is going to have it's share of bad apples. Just because someone says something bad about one entry in the franchise doesn't mean they're some troll who's obsessed with shitting on the franchise, it just means that particular entry wasn't very good in their opinion, and it certainly doesn't mean it's some personal attack on you, so why act as if it was? You can be a fan of something without liking all parts of it you know, I think you're confusing fandom for blind obsessive devotion.

Or maybe lets put it another way that might be easier to understand. What if one morning Emiya is making breakfast like he always does. Taiga like always is there and tries it, and she tells Emiya the food wasn't very good that day. Maybe he even messed up the meal the day before too in a failed attempt to try something new, or that western style food he's not good with. Does this mean Taiga hates having Emiya cook for him? Does it mean she's only showing up each morning to shit on his cooking skills? No, of course not. it means he screwed something up that day. How do you think Emiya would respond to Taiga's criticism? Do you think he'd yell at her and claim she's full of shit and should shove her 'opinions' up her ass? Or do you think he'd accept her opinion rationally and try to improve on his next meal? Imagine if Sakura agreed and said his cooking wasn't very good that day. Would emiya call both of them retarded asshole cunts who do nothing but shit on his cooking? Of course not, that would be insane. That's something more like what shinji would do. Is that what you want anon, to be like shinji?
>> No. 30408 [Edit]
This is why you never make Fate general threads. Just don't do it bro.
>> No. 30409 [Edit]
File 151609706098.jpg - (1.17MB , 1125x1687 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Actually, he's right to get mad. I was trying to be informative but I was also trying to throw out bait. I thought it would be funny but I just conducted myself poorly so I would like to apologize. I realized it was wrong so I edited out the parts in my post that were mean. I'm sorry 30405 anon, it wasn't okay and by the time I realized it somebody had already seen it.
>> No. 30412 [Edit]
That's a shit analogy
>> No. 30413 [Edit]
Better than "stop being autistic!".
>> No. 30414 [Edit]
Reminder that meta discussion is forbidden. If you have feedback, go to the IRC channel or keep it to yourself.
Stop flaming people, your opinions and tastes are not a protected right; you're not entitled to not be disagreed with. You were banned before for the same flaming before, so consider this warning an indulgence.
Stop misusing the spoiler function.
>> No. 30422 [Edit]
>your opinions and tastes are not a protected right
I'm sorry, but seriously, point out my 'opinion' within that post I made.

For breaking rule >>/r/4. Take the time out to calm down.

For breaking rule >>/r/4 Take the time out to calm down.
>> No. 30423 [Edit]
Not him but you made it pretty clear you love fate and take great offense to any criticism about any part of the series.
assuming >>30405 is you of course.
By the way, part of free speech is being able to say x thing sucks.
>> No. 30425 [Edit]
>but you made it pretty clear you love fate
Where did I say that?
This is an assumption you've made to justify your discarding of my statements.
Your entire generalisation of me is based on guesses your so 'genius' brain is assuming. Ever think you were wrong in your assumptions? Can't be, it's you, you're fucking special, right?

>part of free speech is being able to say x thing sucks.
And I say your opinion sucks.
>> No. 30426 [Edit]
>This is an assumption you've made

>your so 'genius' brain
>Can't be, it's you, you're fucking special, right?
>> No. 30538 [Edit]
So when are they going to make a cute and sexy loli version of Jesus Christ?
It's not like Type Moon is above that sort of thing after all.
>> No. 30540 [Edit]
They'll probably never touch Jesus nor Mudslime Prime.
>> No. 30541 [Edit]
Why not?
>> No. 30566 [Edit]
File 151718223339.gif - (2.84MB , 640x360 , saber_party.gif )
Because it's not profitable unless it's a cute girl or another Saber clone.
>> No. 30570 [Edit]
So then why not make Jesus into a saber clone?
>> No. 30571 [Edit]
Because that's fucking retarded.
>> No. 30572 [Edit]
And doing the same thing to Nero isn't?
>> No. 30575 [Edit]
I never said it wasn't.
>> No. 30577 [Edit]
Because it would be too much backlash. Hence why I mentioned profitable.
>> No. 30580 [Edit]
Since when does japan care about Christianity or what western pigs think?
>> No. 30701 [Edit]
So, when can we expect a live action adaptation?
>> No. 30709 [Edit]
It would actually make a lot of sense for Jesus to be a Saber clone - King Arthur's myth draws heavily from the New Testament. He's a Christ figure, you'd have to be an idiot to not see that.

Whether Type-Moon would actually touch Jesus on the other hand...
>> No. 30760 [Edit]
File 151805550415.png - (1.45MB , 1280x720 , umuendo.png )
Are you watching Fate/Extra Last Encore?

The umu awaits you.
>> No. 30762 [Edit]
File 151813613369.png - (610.53KB , 1250x711 , stats.png )
Bow to your King (female).
>> No. 30983 [Edit]
File 152080556267.jpg - (119.68KB , 1320x888 , neck.jpg )
Waiting until it finishes airing so I can marathon it. I wonder how high is the head swivel counter so far.
>> No. 30984 [Edit]
Saw the first ep and that was a big 'nope' for me. I'm not watching edgy gore porn.
>> No. 31079 [Edit]
File 152250994799.jpg - (138.65KB , 1440x810 , ED.jpg )
Broadcast ends with episode 10 and episodes 11-13 will be aired at a later date. Should we congratulate Shaft for taking the first step to destroy the fate franchise?
>> No. 31080 [Edit]
Last time I checked Shaft didn't make Fate/go.
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