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File 150502188383.jpg - (80.63KB , 1280x720 , Haiji.jpg )
29370 No. 29370 [Edit]
I have a question, to gauge interest if you will. Would anybody be interested in once more doing a series watch-together? Using Syncplay with a downloaded show at a set time. All that would be required is to show up on syncplay at whatever hour, and maybe post in the according thread if you feel like it. If anybody interested would throw out a show that would be cool too. If not, thanks for looking anyway.
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>> No. 29371 [Edit]
File 150503308594.gif - (1.69MB , 360x360 , squid.gif )
I'm up for it. How does Kemono Friends sound?
>> No. 29373 [Edit]
You could also use something like cytube
>> No. 29395 [Edit]
Whatever works. I'd be fine with most things.

Post edited on 11th Sep 2017, 5:18pm
>> No. 29416 [Edit]
That sounds like fun. I'll watch just about anything, but something light would probably be best.
>> No. 29557 [Edit]
Just an update. This will be done (whenever it starts) on Tuesdays. What are some suggestions on the number of episodes to do per week? Would 3-4 be ideal, or less/more? Also throw out some times and we'll work out one that is common. 23:00 UTC, just to throw one in. If nobody opposes Kemono Friends should that be fine?

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