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File 141891936973.png - (387.25KB , 480x640 , 18 - 1.png )
3491 No. 3491 [Edit]
Rather late but can we have a Tani thread?

Her funny character is always entertaining, but the more honest and extremely vulnerable side that she tries to hide at all cost is just disarming.

Also she's legitimately beautiful.
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>> No. 3492 [Edit]
File 141891946676.png - (128.29KB , 320x320 , 11 - 1.png )
>> No. 3493 [Edit]
File 141891949458.jpg - (51.48KB , 1280x720 , 1416520644116.jpg )
>> No. 3494 [Edit]
File 141891959985.png - (123.10KB , 320x320 , 1416785404441.png )
>> No. 3495 [Edit]
File 141892014927.jpg - (117.09KB , 800x600 , 10411111_338578726312183_3216577107349188593_n.jpg )
>> No. 3496 [Edit]
File 141892023027.jpg - (71.48KB , 800x600 , 10613022_325512930952096_1320958597642909519_n.jpg )
>> No. 3497 [Edit]
Honestly, I'm very glad she joined SKE
>> No. 3498 [Edit]
File 141892329764.jpg - (332.19KB , 847x950 , support tani.jpg )
It's been hard but I also think it was for the best.
She might have a chance to really shine now.
>> No. 3499 [Edit]
File 14189325204.jpg - (86.25KB , 1024x768 , tani-shashinkai-peropero.jpg )
>> No. 3500 [Edit]
File 141893306655.jpg - (37.27KB , 480x480 , o0480048013147630918.jpg )
>> No. 3501 [Edit]
File 141893309986.jpg - (89.37KB , 480x480 , o0480048013124532007.jpg )
>> No. 3502 [Edit]
File 141893312878.jpg - (46.81KB , 360x480 , o0360048013136196932.jpg )
>> No. 3503 [Edit]
File 141893315077.jpg - (68.48KB , 480x640 , o0480064013138758568.jpg )
>> No. 3504 [Edit]
File 141893316866.jpg - (86.08KB , 480x640 , o0480064013138758560.jpg )
>> No. 3505 [Edit]
File 141893321976.jpg - (85.69KB , 480x640 , o0480064013138758601.jpg )
>> No. 3506 [Edit]
File 141893323948.jpg - (96.00KB , 480x640 , o0480064013141432544.jpg )
>> No. 3521 [Edit]
File 141910951135.jpg - (805.50KB , 960x1280 , 21 - 1.jpg )
Hanging out with the big girls.
>> No. 3542 [Edit]
File 141925453767.jpg - (75.73KB , 1280x720 , AKB48 リアクション女王決定戦!! ※AKB.jpg )
>> No. 3567 [Edit]
File 141940993573.jpg - (81.57KB , 599x798 , B5DLlnYCAAAbTy9.jpg )
Fucking Hell.
>> No. 3568 [Edit]
On the bright side, maybe another new ske series?
Doing the hitchhiking in the winter seems like it could suck though
>> No. 3578 [Edit]
File 141944107884.jpg - (63.45KB , 476x638 , tani04.jpg )
>> No. 3580 [Edit]
File 141944115843.jpg - (97.40KB , 720x1280 , 1419422368620.jpg )
>> No. 3588 [Edit]
When would they even have done it? On the 13th they had a handshake event, on the 16th they had the Kouhaku, and on the 17th that picture was first uploaded. It was probably just a one or two day trip.
>> No. 3589 [Edit]
Wait. I just realized they might have started their trip on the 17th. But even then, Tani had a tour concert on the 21st, so it's not like they were hitchhiking for more than a few days.
>> No. 3631 [Edit]
File ainomuchi.webm - (3.92MB )
>> No. 3656 [Edit]
File 142022663240.jpg - (189.47KB , 1440x810 , tani-ky.jpg )
Tani confirmed for Majisuka 4!

>> No. 3657 [Edit]
Pretty much the only exciting thing about it.
>> No. 3658 [Edit]
Akarin and Kaotan might be cool too though.
>> No. 3659 [Edit]
File 142030083585.jpg - (712.16KB , 2048x1536 , majisuka4-ske-gang.jpg )
>> No. 3667 [Edit]
File 142044330259.jpg - (70.56KB , 765x765 , 05 - 1.jpg )
The feeling of not being able to handshake Tani on her 19 birthday.


Quick, go tell her something nice at G+, at least:
>> No. 3668 [Edit]
File 142044343181.png - (126.00KB , 427x240 , 1420442636355.png )
>> No. 3669 [Edit]
File 142047176665.jpg - (175.88KB , 1280x960 , tani-19.jpg )
Tani fans look expectedly rough compared to other members' fans.
>> No. 3675 [Edit]
I'm now imagining their dark, gloomy rooms (mine had rats, recently).

Life is hard, man.
>> No. 3676 [Edit]
File 142050752634.jpg - (162.21KB , 1218x682 , not this shit again.jpg )
It sure is.
>> No. 3723 [Edit]
File 142074643077.jpg - (63.10KB , 480x579 , o0480057913183924487.jpg )
From Miyamae's Ameblo. No idea why it showed up in my feed only today.

>> No. 3724 [Edit]
File 142074652416.jpg - (72.74KB , 480x640 , o0480064013183924469.jpg )
>> No. 3725 [Edit]
File 142074654022.jpg - (46.66KB , 480x468 , o0480046813183924508.jpg )
>> No. 3731 [Edit]
File 142075244229.png - (196.79KB , 320x426 , 02 - 1.png )
She's always pretty.
>> No. 3749 [Edit]
File 142080687043.png - (106.79KB , 340x425 , 1420588564294.png )
Times are strange and I'm drinking like there's no tomorrow.

Cheers to Tani.
>> No. 3786 [Edit]
File 142102732785.jpg - (75.58KB , 831x465 , HR tani.jpg )
So radiant.

And then it clashed.
>> No. 3788 [Edit]
File 142109313568.jpg - (119.36KB , 1280x720 , safe.jpg )
Tani Rotation: https://vid.me/rhNW
>> No. 3801 [Edit]
File 142120499745.jpg - (112.58KB , 737x553 , tor_817054356_3.jpg )
Seitansai already available.
>> No. 3802 [Edit]
File 142120504777.jpg - (36.21KB , 480x640 , tor_817054356_2.jpg )
>> No. 3803 [Edit]
File 142121257221.jpg - (52.38KB , 683x384 , tani sei 0.jpg )
>> No. 3804 [Edit]
File 142121260491.jpg - (72.90KB , 903x507 , tani sei 2.jpg )
>> No. 3805 [Edit]
File 142121264690.jpg - (64.38KB , 905x508 , tani sei 5.jpg )
>> No. 3806 [Edit]
File 142121273279.jpg - (65.16KB , 907x507 , tani sei 11.jpg )
>> No. 3807 [Edit]
File 142121278911.jpg - (80.82KB , 903x505 , tani sei 15.jpg )
>> No. 3808 [Edit]
File 14212128443.jpg - (76.92KB , 904x497 , tani sei 17.jpg )
>> No. 3809 [Edit]
File 142121287078.jpg - (75.08KB , 903x506 , tani sei 16.jpg )
>> No. 3810 [Edit]
File 142121291925.jpg - (96.41KB , 900x499 , tani sei 19.jpg )
>> No. 3811 [Edit]
File 142121295914.jpg - (79.51KB , 899x506 , tani sei 21.jpg )
>> No. 3812 [Edit]
File 142121299510.jpg - (96.82KB , 905x507 , tani sei 22.jpg )
>> No. 3813 [Edit]
File 142121311140.jpg - (60.79KB , 869x483 , tani sei 25.jpg )
>> No. 3814 [Edit]
File 142121322691.jpg - (78.94KB , 863x494 , tani sei 26.jpg )
>> No. 3816 [Edit]
File 142121374136.jpg - (60.03KB , 896x508 , tani sei 23.jpg )
>> No. 3817 [Edit]
File 142121386119.jpg - (50.94KB , 909x508 , tani sei 24.jpg )
>> No. 3818 [Edit]
File 142121465071.png - (1.02MB , 870x870 , 13 - 1.png )
>> No. 3820 [Edit]
>puffy lower eyelids
hhhnnnnnggggg I know it's not that rare but still
>> No. 3826 [Edit]
File taniarigatogozaimazu.webm - (1.74MB )
>> No. 3835 [Edit]
File tani-delicious.webm - (518.78KB )
>> No. 3954 [Edit]
>44位 恋よりもDream
Not too bad I guess.
>> No. 3955 [Edit]
And this is even better:
>33位 上からマリカマリコ
>> No. 3964 [Edit]
File 142238444561.webm - (622.09KB , tani-fabulous.webm )
I found this Tani gem from over a year ago:
>> No. 3965 [Edit]
File 142238459368.webm - (1.88MB , senpai-wo-mushi.webm )
Yo, are these webm preview thumbnail I'm seeing?
>> No. 3966 [Edit]
File 142238466893.webm - (4.14MB , tanis-wish-rocket.webm )
>> No. 3967 [Edit]
File 142238476135.webm - (4.22MB , heliumgoe-appeal.webm )
They are without a doubt.
>> No. 3968 [Edit]
omg, she can pull out the act all by herself.
>> No. 3985 [Edit]
File 142273531943.jpg - (240.86KB , 1656x1191 , tani-arms-sample.jpg )
Scans where?
>> No. 4062 [Edit]
File 142451496836.jpg - (468.80KB , 1920x1080 , shot0001.jpg )
Tani's position in the new single
>> No. 4065 [Edit]
>kisses monitor
>> No. 4066 [Edit]
Went to an SKE theater live for the first time today. Eyes were on Tani pretty much the whole time she was on stage. Also surprising lack of Tani goods in the ske store
>> No. 4067 [Edit]
prettier, uglier or pretty much the same in person?
>> No. 4068 [Edit]
Look's wise pretty much the same, was taller than I thought since id never looked up her height before
>> No. 4079 [Edit]
File 142487123576.webm - (4.46MB , tani-koinu.webm )
>> No. 4118 [Edit]
File 14258820934.jpg - (56.93KB , 637x459 , Tani 1+1 debut0.jpg )
Just for the thread resources...

There's more than enough depressive Tani around so a bit of full manic Tani won't hurt.
>> No. 4122 [Edit]
I actually came across that subbed version too some time ago. Props to the guy for subbing it.

Here's some unsubbed Tani videos:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExpSKHrK3Qs 140602 tani yuuna
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LESTi7ysrM 140603 tani naru
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW3HeTHHOFo 140604 tani koami
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmWlAYh0uSs 140605 tani miyamae
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVYXg4II-sI 140606 tani yukari
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F81H9C_LEic 140814 tani koami
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4zToXh0i4k 140820 tani kumiko
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2WT6YD6XTg 141106 tani kuma

(Yes, I collect links in text files. I'm oldschool like that.)
>> No. 4124 [Edit]
I love watching Tani in these videos

thanks for that list
>> No. 4125 [Edit]
File 142600285814.webm - (4.75MB , koiyorimodream1.webm )
>> No. 4126 [Edit]
File 142600293636.webm - (4.85MB , koiyorimodream2.webm )
>> No. 4129 [Edit]
File 142619248798.jpg - (164.83KB , 1280x960 , 11 - 1.jpg )
Keeps getting prettier.
>> No. 4148 [Edit]
File 142672625862.jpg - (128.02KB , 1920x1080 , shot0036.jpg )
Too much definition.
>> No. 4150 [Edit]
Watching SKE's most recent Request Hour, broken shoe Tani is pretty great
Also that "sit down, sit down" was cute af
>> No. 4151 [Edit]
It's OK. Serves to balance a bit the insane amount of gaussian filter in all their G+ pics.
>> No. 4152 [Edit]
File 142674910049.jpg - (348.09KB , 1280x960 , 18 - d.jpg )
>> No. 4160 [Edit]
Thanks again.
>> No. 4181 [Edit]
File 142722893030.jpg - (305.16KB , 1280x720 , tani-legs.jpg )
Would somebody please feed her...
>> No. 4182 [Edit]
No. I love such skinny legs and girls.
>> No. 4207 [Edit]
File 142776875087.jpg - (178.84KB , 960x1280 , 31 - 1 tani.jpg )
Here we go.
>> No. 4208 [Edit]
File 142777090522.jpg - (84.42KB , 480x640 , o0480064013254266939.jpg )
Wow. Her handwriting looks even uglier for Western letters and numbers. That birth date, man.
>> No. 4209 [Edit]
File 142779584083.jpg - (60.50KB , 453x680 , tani-coquettish-sign.jpg )
>> No. 4214 [Edit]
File 142786345542.jpg - (437.72KB , 1040x1764 , Tani on Bingo.jpg )
Good job, girl.
>> No. 4216 [Edit]
Has she been on any other dodgeball segments? I don't remember her being on bingo that often
>> No. 4217 [Edit]
I don't think so. Non-AKB girls generally only rarely appear on AKBingo. Usually only if they're AKB senbatsu members or for special occasions like this double single release of SKE and NMB I guess.
>> No. 4260 [Edit]
File 142852540525.png - (362.85KB , 720x405 , tani-sousenkyo-poster.png )
>> No. 4262 [Edit]
That's nice.
>> No. 4263 [Edit]
File 142868297350.webm - (0.98MB , tani-sakura.webm )
>> No. 4315 [Edit]
File 14306542863.jpg - (226.83KB , 1920x1280 , tani-hatsuhoushutsu.jpg )
>> No. 4323 [Edit]

Everyone reading the Tani Ameblo.

Whenever! Wherever!
I'm going to put a smile on your face!!!!!!

From Fukuoka-ken, 19 years old,
it's Tani Marika, nickname Marika.

Today's blog will be a little, no, just a little??
(if you believe it or not depends on you)

It might be kind of heavy, so sorry!

My own words and thoughts.
I want to make them heard, but they haven't come across yet, so let me write them down.

If you can, I'd be happy if you would read them.

A few days ago!
At the Zero Position "60 Minute Emergency Discussion Special"
just before the Sousenkyo.

It was Suda Akari-san, Matsumura Kaori-san,
Shibata Aya-san, Ooba Mina-san,
the commentator Uno-san, Andare producer Takenaka-san
and then me, Tani Marika, us seven!!!!!

60 minutes about the 7th Senbatsu Sousenkyo
that will take place at the Yahoo Dome in my hometown Fukuoka-ken.

I got to discuss it on a live broadcast!!!!

Is it okay if I talk about the Sousenkyo,,
I was really worried about that,
but those 60 minutes were really passionate and intense!!
It was 60 minutes with all kinds of emotions.
I was glad I could appear in front of the camera.

And, this is sudden, but
the Tani Marika you all know,
almost everyone thinks she's
"that weird loud and over-the-top girl"
(that's what it seems like to me at least!笑)

But this time it's different.
I've decided to just straight and honestly tell you my feelings.

It might sound weird,
but that's what I thought. What I came to think.

You know.
I've never seen that scenery I long for, for me as someone who's never been called on stage, talking about the Sousenkyo was a difficult subject.

I got a chance to convey my honest feelings!!!
I really believe they're going to reach their destination♪

Still, I wasn't sure if I should write this,
I was sad and frustrated talking about it.

Of course!! I was listening to my great senpai talking about their thoughts from last year clearly and seriously, and that really touched me.

I'm really glad I could hear that!!

Listening to my senpai talk I thought "They've really made a great effort all this time until now...",


At that time I felt it.

I myself could only talk about my "dreams" and "goals" to the people supporting me, and that made me so sad.

But! It's a good thing I could talk about it!!

That I got sad means something different.
That's what I thought most.

"I too wanted to rank in last year,
and tell the people supporting me how happy I am. I wanted to share that."

that's what I came to think.
But coming from that experience
only deepened the bond with the people supporting me.

It's frustrating, but I'm grateful for it.

Then, when Takenaka-san asked me that question,
I remembered the view from last year.
Because I lacked the strength, I couldn't produce any good results,, and I remembered the words from the people supporting me, "sorry we didn't manage to have you called on stage", and it made me shed a tear.

"I want to be called on stage."

I want to stand on that stage.
When I honestly thought that, the tears started to roll.

I'm really sorry,
but those tears were honest.

That's the real Tani Marika.
But after that I switched over to a smile again!!!
There's people supporting me after all!

Thinking about that made me smile again,

This year!!!!!
I believe in the people supporting me even more.
And without looking back I'm going to push forward with the people supporting me.

"As the true Tani!", that's what I decided.

I don't know if I can say it like that,
but I'm happy about having people pushing my back.

This year let's smile for sure!!!!

That's it.
These were Tani Marika's feelings♪

Thank you for reading until the end!!!!
>> No. 4339 [Edit]
File 143154308731.gif - (617.90KB , 480x270 , tani sousenkyo.gif )
>> No. 4346 [Edit]

I don't want to let it end with just imagination. Tani Marika

Everyone reading the Tani Ameblo.

Whenever! Wherever!
I'm going to put a smile on your face!!!!!

From Fukuoka-ken, 19 years old,
it's Tani Marika, nickname Marika.


Todays handshake event was a little special.
(It's always special though!♡)

There's a 『goal』 for me and the people supporting me, a great big 『wall』!!!!

On the 6th of June, the 7th Senbatsu Sousenkyo will be held in my hometown Fukuoka-ken.
On the 19th of May, the voting will start,
and on the 20th of May the preliminary results will be announced.

It was the handshake event before that day of the preliminary result announcement!!!

We talked about things like the Sousenkyo,,
and that made my heart go all pit-a-pat(>_<)(笑)!
On the other hand, I was really happy about every single 【word】 from the people supporting me!!!!!!!!!!

Even if it's just casual talk,
for Tani Marika it's something to be really happy about.

The words 『Let's do our best together』 of course.

The words 【Let's have something to smile about this year for sure.】 made me reeeaaally happy.

But even more than that.
The words from all of the people supporting me
made me so happy I could have cried!!!

To be honest, just thinking about the Sousenkyo
makes my heart tighten up and makes me remember what happened last year.

「Because I lacked the strength,,」 and so on,
I still can't forget the sad faces of my fans,,
I think about it and blame myself, and at times it's really really painful.

But I wrote about that in the previous blog.

Because of that experience,
I've decided to 『face myself』!

And then think of the fact that I've been able to come across people who support me(^_^)

No matter how often I write it,
「It's frustrating, but I'm thankful!!」
These words will always apply( ̄ー ̄)(笑)

This year for sure.
On the faces of the people supporting me!!!
『I don't want to see any sadness!!!!!』

『I want to see smiles!!!!』
That's what I think from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!


When I hear the word "Sousenkyo",
sometimes it makes my heart flutter!

And that's because.

The image of myself standing on that stage I long for so much comes to my mind,
and then when I "imagine" being happy about it with my fans...

I get all!!
Nervous and excited!!!(笑)

Because of that.
I don't want to let it end with just 『imagination』!!

I'm not going to let it end.

I already wrote my feelings in the Tani Mail (SKE Mail) today, but now I did it on the Tani Ameblo too.

If Tani's feelings go out to the people reading,
and reach them, that makes me happy!!!

Sorry for being so frantic.
Sorry for being so passionate.
I'm really sorry for putting a burden on you.


This year.

I don't want to have a single regret.

Let's regret it if we have regrets.

That's what I've decided.

I can talk about the feelings I feel uncomfortable about!
But there's also things I don't know how to talk about( ̄ー ̄)
That's what I learned this year.

I want to write even more!
But it's getting longer and longer...

So let me say one last thing!

Tani believes in the people supporting her from the bottom of her heart!!!!!!

So, for the sake of seeing smiles,
I'm going do the things I can do with all my might!!

Thanks for reading up to here!!!

In the next blog I'll write about
the TOS Matsuri and about Ooita-ken.

So! Your comments and likes!
I'm looking forward to theeem.

Good night☆
>> No. 4347 [Edit]
Tomorrow's the day the preliminary results will be announced. Tani Marika (2015-05-19)

Everyone reading the Tani Ameblo.

Whenever! Wherever!
I’m going to put a smile on your face!!!!!

From Fukuoka-ken, 19 years old,
it’s Tani Marika, nickname Marika.


Maybe it’s greedy, but..
I want to smile starting from the 【Preliminary Result Day】.

That something’s announced after just one day,,
makes me really nervous, but
as long as I’m with the people supporting me,
I feel like I want to climb over any 【wall】, no matter how big it is.

the reason why I’m so obsessive about 【smiles】.

Last year when I couldn’t have my name called,
I still can’t forget the 「words」 and 「sad faces」 of my fans.

And I also remember the scenery I saw.

While it was raining,
while so many other girls’ names were being called.

All I could do was sit on my chair,
and look at the backs of my douki and senpai standing on the stage I long for.

I saw them rank in,
and seeing them being happy made me happy too,
but it was still frustrating.

No matter how often I write it!(笑)

Because I had those 「feelings」!!!!
I could find people supporting me.
If it hadn’t been for those feelings, I wouldn’t be who I am now.

So, this past year.

Tani Marika.
Got support from a lot of people,
she got support from the people cheering her on.
Senpai, douki, staff.
She met a lot of people this past year.

Of course there were fun times too.
And a lot of happy times too.

Things to be thankful for.
And a lot of valuable experiences..
I got selected to be a senbatsu member too.
I still really think it’s a miracle.

But all of that.
It’s because I had people supporting me,
that I could see and taste that many miracles.

That I got more slots at the handshake events,
was because I had the people supporting me making their way to them.

There were painful times too.
And sad times too.

But, that I could still do my best,
and overcome those times, was thanks to everyone.

Because there were people supporting me.
This year I want to stand on that stage
and have the name 【SKE48 Team E Tani Marika】 called in my hometown Fukuoka-ken.

To the people supporting me.
I want to tell this year’s feelings of gratitude with all my might!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to tell them with words!!!!

I’m not good at telling people my feelings…

I want to tell them with words.
This year I don’t want to have regrets.

To be able to show not a sad face but a smile!!!!

That is my wish!!!

Thank you very much for reading until here😭💓!
Let’s hope I was able to express myself to the people reading.

Well. What kind of day will tomorrow be??

I don’t know what to expect.
Of course, my fans don’t either, right?(>_<)fufufu

This year, without holding back!!!
Let’s only face forward and push on!!!!!

Let’s hope we’ll have something to smile about tomorrow!!

I’m excited!
Good night!!!☆
>> No. 4348 [Edit]
File 143208528964.jpg - (135.74KB , 500x707 , 19 - 1 tani.jpg )
>> No. 4350 [Edit]
File 143213264476.webm - (3.22MB , tani-11th.webm )
>> No. 4351 [Edit]
File 143220542645.jpg - (245.41KB , 1280x960 , 21 - 1.jpg )

It's SKE48 Team E's Tani Marika!!!!!
I'm still digesting my feelings of joy and surprise.

I haven't calmed down from the excitement and couldnt sleep(笑)
What happened yesterday still seems like a dream to me even today!!
Let me write my feelings now.

The 20th of May has become a day I won't forget.

For me it was the third preliminary result announcement
and honestly, I was pretty anxious.

While my nakama's names were being called, and mine wasn't,
I thought 『It didn't work out this year either...』 and became anxious.

But. I remembered the reassuring 「words」 from the people supporting me.

Also, 「that little one」 was next to me,
so I didn't feel lonely( ̄ー ̄)!!!!!

By 「that little one」 I mean...
The kangaroo plush toy on this pic that I got from my fans for my seitansai(笑)

I was holding it tight and believing in my fans.
I was waiting for my name to be called.

And then the "miracle" happened.

⚫️【Rank 11】 Tani Marika 『14324 votes』

I was really surprised. I was shaking. I thought it was a dream,
but I thought if it's a dream, I don't want to wake up!

The "power" of the people supporting Tani is amazing!!!!!!
Everyone's power really is amazing..

I got such a great rank as a present,
Everyone supporting Tani.
Really! Really! Thank you very much for it.

I'm thankful, but I can't manage this feeling yet.
This is the most shocking thing that happened in the 19 years of my life!

And then.
The joy of having my own 『name』 called for the first time.
"I won't forget it for the rest of my life."

The time I broke the 【wall】 "in front of my eyes" together with the people supporting me.
That you could demonstrate your combined power made me really happy.

That's how the vote tally works.
Even if it was just one day,,

For Tani's sake.
You gave out that many votes..
Really, thank you so much(涙)
I'm a really lucky person.

You went as far as cutting down on your own time,,,
When I think of how the people supporting me must have been casting votes,
my chest tightens up.
Take care of your health, everyone(T_T)

I won't forget this 「favor」 for the rest of my life.
And I won't forget this great amount of 「love」 either!

Let's hope I'll be able to give it back in an even bigger amount some day.
SKE48 Tani Marika, with all my might I will push on!!!!

If it's for the sake of seeing smiles,
I won't hold back!!!!!!

Without becoming complacent.
I want to face forward and march on together,

And then, even if it's greedy,,,

Together with the people supporting me!!
I want to aim even 【higher】!(笑)
If it's possible, I want to keep up this pace!(笑)

With the power of just one person it would be impossible.
But a single person's power will turn into a bigger power!
I want to turn 【impossibility】 into 【possibility】.

I want to rewrite everyone's "memory".

And then.
The day of the final result will come.

The 6th of June in my hometown Fukuoka-ken.
At the 7th 【AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo】,
in the 『Yahoo Dome』, let's.

Smile for sure!!!!!!

It's a promise.

So! From now on.
I'd be glad if I could continue to get this much support(^o^)

From the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!!

SKE48 Team E Tani Marika

Post edited on 21st May 2015, 3:54am
>> No. 4356 [Edit]
File 143241980223.webm - (4.13MB , tani-attack-on-nao.webm )
>> No. 4358 [Edit]
File 143256154236.jpg - (288.66KB , 960x640 , o0480064013317062904.jpg )
The preliminary result announcement. Tani Marika (2015-05-24)

Everyone reading the Tani Ameblo.

Whenever! Wherever!
I'm going to put a smile on your face!!!!!

From Fukuoka-ken, 19 years old,
it's Tani Marika, nickname Marika!

Today's Tani Ameblo!!!
Will be about my goal for the 『7th Senbatsu Sousenkyo』.
Taking place on the 6th of June in my hometown Fukuoka-ken.

And then there was the preliminary result announcement on the 20th of May.
Let me write about my "feelings" regarding the 【preliminary result announcement】 tooヽ(´□`。)ノ・゚ !!!!

(I wrote about it before on the 「Tani Google+」
and I'm glad about people having read it☆
The Tani Ameblo will be a bit longer, but I'd be happy if you read it!!!!!!!)

It's just like the people supporting me know it is.

I, Tani Marika,
had never had my name called.

That's why I, without forgetting my feelings from last year.
Have used my feelings of frustration as a spring,
and marched on this past year.

When the preliminary results were announced,
I felt abnormally nervous.
It's not usual for me to break out in cold sweat,, (笑)

And. To be honest.
I was worried about whether my name would be called.

I was watching the preliminary result announcement alone at my place in Nagoya
and I was watching it from the start, but my name just wasn't being called,,
『This year it won't be called either,,』
『This year it won't work out either...』

That's what I thought.
『Again, I won't be able
to answer to the voices of the people supporting me.』
And I became all negative.

But, in the corner of my heart.
This year for sure!!!!!!
There was a part of me that just didn't want to give up.

Also, this year, I wanted to believe
in the combined power of the people supporting me.

I thought so from my heart
and even though I was nervous, I believed in my name being called and waited.

And then the "miracle" happened.

⚫️【Rank 11】 Tani Marika 『14324 votes』

I saw my preliminary rank and my eyes widened,
In the 19 years I've been alive, I've never been more surprised.
I was surprised and shaking(笑)

I think everyone at the venues where the preliminary results were announced,
members and staff,
they all were surprised.

That big, commotion at the venues.
I won't forget that for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!

To be that happy...
It was a feeling I'd never felt before.

And then, despite the joy of having my name called,
I was so surprised, that
the tears just started rolling from my eyes and I my voice cut out.

The 20th of May,
has become a day I won't forget.
I was so happy I had something I could smile about.

And then, I already wrote it on Google+, but
The "power" of the people supporting Tani is amazing!!!!!!
Everyone's power is really amazing.

I got such a great rank as a present,
Everyone supporting Tani.
Really! Really! Thank you very much for it.

Thanks to the 『spotlight』 the people supporting Tani Marika put on her,
I could meet everyone at yesterday's theater performance and handshake event
and today's live in Tochigi-ken with a big smile.
I'm full of feelings of gratitude I can't express with words.

Thank you very much.

I really like this picture☆
There's two Tanis!!!!!!(笑)

Just kidding!( ̄ー ̄)It's a mirror(笑)
But let's get back to topic.

This time. I got a rank so undeservingly and terribly wonderful!!

Among the people supporting the 48Group,
I think they might have been a few who went 「What??Tani??」 or 「Tani, really www」.

I think so too.

But!!! I got a
【big opportunity】 from everyone!
And there's a part of me that wants to get fired up "even more".

This year I want to be called on stage for sure.
I don't want to let it end with just the preliminary results!!!!
This year I want to 【smile】 for sure.
That's the promise I made to the people supporting me,,

I don't want to let it end with the joy about just the preliminary results!!!

To those bigger than expected 「expectations」.
I want to "answer" to them with all my power!!!!!!

This time, even if it's a luxury
for someone like me who had their name called for the first time,

I won't be satisfied!
I want to aim higher and higher.
"Together" with the people supporting me

But I don't want to become careless and shed tears of frustration.
Without forgetting my feelings from last year,
I'm going to face forward and do my best

And then. If Tani says it,
it might get made light of, but!

With the power to aim for 【senbatsu】.
I'm going to tackle this year's senbatsu sousenkyo.

And to say it even cooler,,,

That 48Group's most historic 【senbatsu sousenkyo】,
I want to rewrite its records.

That name SKE48 Tani Marika.
I want to, deeply!! Carve it into everyone's memory!!!!!!

And then, this sports newspaper article.
has become a memento for me too!!!!!!(笑)
Thanks for reading it.

On the 6th of June, let's smile.


On the 6th of June. At my hometown Fukuoka-ken's Yahoo Auction Dome,

As SKE48 Tani Marika.
Together with the people supporting me!!!
Let's go win ourselves this smile for sure.

I want to burn the 【underdog spirit】 and the 【new generation taking over spirit】.
And without forgetting my feelings of modesty and gratitude.

Together with everyone.

I want to march on towards that legendary road.

Let's go see that legendary road's 【scenery】!!

And then, what I feel most,
is that I want to be remembered as SKE48.

I want to write even more, but
if I start now, I won't stop!(笑)
Let's keep it at this☆

Thank you very much for reading until here!!!
And sorry if my writing's sloppy!

I think telling my current feelings of gratitude
is at least a bit of a requital of the favor I got from the people supporting me.

Tomorrow, I'll be off to a certain special place☆
I'll write about it in another Tani Ameblo!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!!!

Your comments and likes!
I'm looking forward to them.

Good night!!
Let's meet in our dreams( ̄ー ̄)にやり

Let's hope at least a bit of Tani's feeling
have reached the people reading☆
>> No. 4370 [Edit]
File 14336157354.jpg - (128.58KB , 1065x566 , tani rank.jpg )
>> No. 4371 [Edit]
File 143372637042.webm - (3.01MB , tani-23.webm )
>> No. 4380 [Edit]
File 143405067154.webm - (1.78MB , tani-kokuhaku.webm )
>> No. 4411 [Edit]
File 143582586393.jpg - (60.20KB , 1920x1080 , tani-perf-008.jpg )
Tani vs. Naruchan:
>> No. 4449 [Edit]
File 143767796592.jpg - (46.71KB , 800x600 , CKg2dzIVEAAZ7Gr.jpg )
>> No. 4450 [Edit]
File 143768223228.jpg - (32.23KB , 480x854 , 08ba7a29.jpg )
>> No. 4476 [Edit]
File 143816790261.jpg - (105.51KB , 1280x960 , tani-rena-maenomeri-02.jpg )
>> No. 4485 [Edit]
File 143890276969.jpg - (827.68KB , 1280x1843 , AKB48 Sousenkyo! Mizugi Surprise 2015 (63).jpg )
She's definitely trying to turn this tongue thing into some kind of trademark.
>> No. 4488 [Edit]
Tani High Tension Radio Ep 1:
>> No. 4505 [Edit]
File 144120001932.png - (103.40KB , 613x361 , Screenshot from 2015-09-02 15:18:28.png )
>only 3000 views for the second episode
Tani really needs to remind her fans of the fact that this show exists.
>> No. 4514 [Edit]
Full speech:
>> No. 4516 [Edit]
Thanks a lot.
>> No. 4538 [Edit]
File 144666292988.webm - (1.47MB , tani-mic.webm )
>> No. 4540 [Edit]
lol. adorable.
>> No. 4555 [Edit]
I love seeing Tani with the younger members.
>> No. 4557 [Edit]
If only I could be assaulted by her like that...
>> No. 4559 [Edit]
>> No. 4584 [Edit]
The dirty idol saga continues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzkM_JMtKRE
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