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File 142869180220.jpg - (100.74KB , 1358x764 , tatakawanai.jpg )
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Helpful links:
AKB shows masterlist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B1HFVF5iQBgvjDrPnmwfbq0Iz6VvaOmDep0C2x8yoMo/
AKB Taiwan Club livestreams: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JnKp_AEeGUNTNePfY3C3AO4veiVi7frza82lRo44ejQ/
AKB Google+ archive: http://akbp48.com/archive/

Upcoming events:
04/10 - Start of NGT48 1st Gen Audition: http://ngt48.jp/
05/10 - 2nd Draft Meeting: http://www.akb48.co.jp/akbdraft2nd/memberlist.php
06/06 - General Election: http://sousenkyo.akb48.co.jp/

TPE48 is happening (again?): http://www.akb48.co.jp/page/taiwan_audition_tw/

Previous generals:
3: http://tohno-chan.com/akb/res/2595.html
2: http://tohno-chan.com/akb/res/1672.html
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>> No. 4626 [Edit]
File 153851017844.webm - (2.76MB , jossdo.webm )
>> No. 4628 [Edit]
File 15385128248.jpg - (139.76KB , 750x1334 , DoeK2UMXsAAehH8_jpg orig.jpg )
>I like corm
>> No. 4629 [Edit]
File 153851342250.jpg - (432.75KB , 1600x1200 , _IMG_6785.jpg )

File 14072341645.jpg - (269.80KB , 838x1405 , Yuko's honesty.jpg )
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Just a thread in the spirit of /ot/ Ponderings general, to share your thoughts about idols and idoling.
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>> No. 4631 [Edit]
Based Komifag
>> No. 4634 [Edit]
He just keeps rolling. That's his destiny.
>> No. 4639 [Edit]
File 156935932186.jpg - (429.00KB , 679x941 , Komi 21+.jpg )
Hopefully last update. I'd only dare saying this here.

She's kept ignoring my posts of her ever since. Say, on a certain date a few months ago, she said she'd like every tweet with a specific tag and she did, everyone's but mine (which including some drawings of her). That kept going and I really, really don't know why. I just very rarely comment anything on her posts and it's always short nice things. It kept hurting very badly so I decided not to make another drawing for her birthday, since I was also very bussy. But heck, I did it anyway and the result was crystal clear: she once again liked every post around tagging her, but mine. Today, she also not just liked but reposted (as an instastory) someone else's drawing of her, and a very bad one for any standard I could hold. And it wasn't just her, say, having bad taste but also a lot more people liking that drawing, far more than for any of what I've done. Something similar happened on an international contest I participated lately: far inferior works, technically and conceptually, made it to the finals while mine was utterly ignored...

I got not just very depressed and angry, but also very puzzled. It's like the world around me is upside down, or I myself am beyond deluded and gone. At any rate, it made me not want to draw any more, other than for work (and one more for Asuka, on December). I've cooled down enough already, but I'd still like to understand what's been going on.
>> No. 4640 [Edit]
I remember some weird algorithm shadowbanning me on Google+ back in the day. I wouldn't even have found it out if it hadn't been for one of those "idol liking every single comment" situation. Mine wasn't liked, but that was only because it didn't even show up for other people. When I made a new account, the algo quickly figured it out and banned that one too. Barely any of my comments on G+ went through and eventually I just stopped posting them.

File 142188694613.jpg - (245.17KB , 736x1104 , 4b079190723e5adc566a04abfa919fcf ikuchan ikuta eri.jpg )
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Cause it's opprobrious not to have one and to commemorate her birthday today: child prodigy überidol Ikuchan thread.
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>> No. 4561 [Edit]
File 14531317795.jpg - (835.72KB , 630x903 , ikuchan-dom.jpg )
>> No. 4563 [Edit]
File 145341857034.jpg - (109.66KB , 800x1114 , o0800111413545951804.jpg )
. . .

EDIT: Nevermind all that.
All things change. I will hope for the best,

Post edited on 22nd Jan 2016, 2:46pm
>> No. 4565 [Edit]
File 145358691065.jpg - (407.23KB , 1200x1600 , ikuchan-dom-2.jpg )
Did you leave a purity rant again?
>> No. 4633 [Edit]
File 154565259549.jpg - (387.84KB , 582x900 , Erika (o18).jpg )

File 153485636391.jpg - (41.39KB , 637x357 , 5f2ea4f4.jpg )
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Let's say something nice about Ouchan!
>> No. 4630 [Edit]
File 153851465251.png - (3.95MB , 2000x1250 , slider_1 - Copy.png )

File 140489912961.jpg - (569.21KB , 720x960 , mio-peace.jpg )
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Imouto thread is back and here to say.
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>> No. 4595 [Edit]
File 146678604254.jpg - (325.36KB , 2048x1536 , Clt0KDgUsAA71xK_jpg orig.jpg )
>> No. 4607 [Edit]
File 149909522183.jpg - (98.87KB , 450x600 , ami-ske-fan-01.jpg )
>> No. 4608 [Edit]
File 149909528637.jpg - (73.53KB , 640x480 , ami-maria-01.jpg )
>> No. 4609 [Edit]
File 149909530628.jpg - (161.31KB , 600x800 , ami-risako-01.jpg )

File 149313777534.jpg - (859.70KB , 1920x2700 , 1489142664699.jpg )
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I'm really wishing this is all just for keks and giggles, because this "drama" shit would be stressful during SSK.
>> No. 4605 [Edit]
File 149314618064.jpg - (104.02KB , 1000x750 , 👌👌.jpg )

File 140254677878.jpg - (396.14KB , 1689x1675 , 夏のFree&Easy初回A.jpg )
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Thought it would be nice if Nogizaka46 had their own general.

9th Single 「夏のFree&Easy」 Release Date: July 09, 2014

Official Site
Official Blog

Helpful links:
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>> No. 4158 [Edit]
Totally, yeah.
>> No. 4257 [Edit]
File 142836001247.jpg - (210.39KB , 1216x680 , new MC.jpg )
the end is the beginning is the end is the beginning is the end is the beginning is the end is the beginning is the end
>> No. 4599 [Edit]
Anyone still alive here ?
Got banned for posting Keyakizaka pic on 4chan's /akbg/.
>> No. 4600 [Edit]
nope, we're all dead

File 141317263415.jpg - (147.22KB , 1280x850 , brother sleep.jpg )
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Another thread in the spirit of /ot/.

Have you got any AKB related dreams lately? share them here. Go wild.
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>> No. 4536 [Edit]
File 144592008313.gif - (1.82MB , 390x220 , n9jbxvjwa61s3gugyo1_400.gif )
I had 2 dreams about Komi (not something I'm proud of).

In the first one, I just saw her from afar hanging around with other members. Her acne was much, much worst and one girl cruelly remarked on it. Komi just bitterly said: "I know." — Then I woke up.

The second one was was far longer and complex. I casually found her on the street all by herself, greeted her and we started walking together. I asked about her trip with Saho; she said Saho cancelled cause she'd rather spend that time with her boyfriend; I said:
—"Well, why don't you go with your own boyfriend? I mean, you have one, right?"
Komi stopped and stared at me for a second, pushed me into a dark place and kissed me passionately (not a specially good kiss). I got both of us out from there and told her she was well known enough to have Bunshun tailoring her. I was worried, ethically concerned but also very happy. I had some of my twisty puzzles there with me in a bag; I figured it wouldn't be a suspicious thing to be seen enjoying them together, so I started showing and passionately talking about them to her. She sort of played along but people around kept glancing weirdly and I realized how much of a bore I was being. Komi said:
— Well, I gotta go now.
— Wait! don't go. No yet. Please... — I said as I desperately held her hand (déjà vu from years ago IRL).
— I really have to. It's late and I normally go straight home. Shoot! there comes my sister...
Her older sister approached. I saluted her politely but she looked at me despondently. She told Komi, right in front of me:
— That's not how you do it, sis. You first go for the A's and only if nothing works out you go for the D's.
I retorted nothing. I thought she was right: I was too ugly for the likes of her. Komi, however, said in my place:
— Well, it can't be helped anymore. Anon already stole a part of me...

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4552 [Edit]
File 144882893883.jpg - (65.54KB , 480x362 , o0480036213496880093.jpg )
I had a dream I was cuddling with Saitou Makiko, and it was cute and fully clothed and not sexual at all. So yeah, apparently I have the idol dreams of an innocent teenage girl I guess.
>> No. 4560 [Edit]
File 145212025070.jpg - (235.62KB , 1024x766 , CXCGKf4UAAA5NdY_orig.jpg )
I dreamt that Churi was Raiden from Metal Gear Rising. She was fighting robots and cutting stuff in half.
>> No. 4587 [Edit]
File 146145039449.jpg - (57.07KB , 540x720 , CetX1YEWwAEJW0U.jpg )
After a week since I restarted drinking absinthe, I dreamed with Komi once again.

For some reason she was staying at my place, in the living room. She was rather gloomy and kept ignoring me, until I made the effort of gently talking to her a bit in japanese, trying to cheer her up. She listened, her mood improved and then became quite friendly. It was late at night so I went to my room to let her rest; but I changed my mind and called her to join me in, hinting we could use the laptop and a translator to try and talk some more. She came in cheerfully and got into the bed with me, holding me from behind and letting me hold her arm. I said to her: "Thank you very much for this" ---she smiled and said "You're welcome" but in my own language, which caught me by surprise; she tried talking a bit more in my language, saying what seemed to be a confession of her honest thoughts and feelings...

Then I woke up.

File 141891936973.png - (387.25KB , 480x640 , 18 - 1.png )
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Rather late but can we have a Tani thread?

Her funny character is always entertaining, but the more honest and extremely vulnerable side that she tries to hide at all cost is just disarming.

Also she's legitimately beautiful.
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>> No. 4555 [Edit]
I love seeing Tani with the younger members.
>> No. 4557 [Edit]
If only I could be assaulted by her like that...
>> No. 4559 [Edit]
>> No. 4584 [Edit]
The dirty idol saga continues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzkM_JMtKRE

File 140269805296.jpg - (83.24KB , 732x1024 , Kojima-Haruna jphip65479.jpg )
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Because Nyan.
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>> No. 4496 [Edit]
File 143992255212.jpg - (186.02KB , 1120x620 , kojima famiri.jpg )
Best family.
>> No. 4499 [Edit]
File 144073432574.jpg - (290.36KB , 782x990 , ted gravure kojima d.jpg )
>> No. 4558 [Edit]
File 145022572798.jpg - (131.24KB , 725x410 , kojima team.jpg )
Best Kojimas.
>> No. 4575 [Edit]
File 145782186849.jpg - (51.25KB , 658x588 , masana-kojiharu.jpg )

File 143290514971.jpg - (80.51KB , 1024x683 , graduates.jpg )
4363 No. 4363 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
They're not gone. They just went somewhere else.
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>> No. 4477 [Edit]
File 143832086669.jpg - (60.41KB , 686x686 , CLDWdNwUsAAKJ5V.jpg )
>> No. 4478 [Edit]
I have to admit I actually unfollowed her on Instagram because I got tired of her photoshoots. I'd love to see her as a TV show host though. Same with Yuuko. They're wasting their potential in my opinion.
>> No. 4510 [Edit]
File 144140121599.jpg - (28.19KB , 512x384 , 秦佐和子が『白猫プロジェクト』の.jpg )
Watching her play games is pretty fun even though I didn't follow her much even when she was still in SKE. I hope after my oshimen graduate in 16 days she will one day be able to do stuff like this if not already having her dream jobs.
>> No. 4523 [Edit]
File 144269567852.jpg - (178.29KB , 640x360 , 150918 「VENUS PROJECT」スペシャル番組!.jpg )

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